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Glenn Currier Aug 2017
[Ambiance: the atmosphere of an environment; a surrounding influence]

The smoke drifts over the audience,
the piano, the throaty singer and the sax
permeate the room with a jazzy ambiance.
My nerves vanish in the vibe, and I relax.

I enter the parlor to a flower-scent rush
there’s solemn gloom in the room for the viewing
I hear sniffles and mourners speak in a hush,
the ambiance here shaded with blueing.

The senses soak up the atmosphere.
Smells, sounds, touches, and sights
on the outside penetrate like a spear
take us down or ****** us to the heights.

Every day every inch of the way
is a new journey.  I can choose my stance,
embrace the unexpected and pray
for openness and grace in my internal ambiance.

“Internal Ambiance,” Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Un-relentlessly beaconing to us with the ebb and flow of passing time,
Lake Winnipeg crashed against her rocky shoreline.
Creating harmonious ambiance for the star struck budding lovers lost in each others eyes.
Oh contingency, lock your hands with fate.
Make this moment surpass even time.
Lambert Mark Mj Feb 2015
I can't shake it off,
The smudge and smog
That entire field of orange, yellow, and red dots
Around my my pulse strapped tight knots

A mirage of wondrous fabrics
Fabricated dense goose bumps
Or this instant of brief flicks
of putting myself in a stagnant lump

Yet I grow unsettling and raving hands
To move and continue
and wield that feeling
into times' ceaseless sands

When balmy ending waves to past
All that's left is to shower tears
To the azure day and star-bright dusk
and peer back,
into old harmonious muted years
Peer back into peaceful cascades, find serenity and be grateful.

— The End —