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The worst thing about being a poet
Is that you're drawn to pain
The pain and fear inspire
Great works and wonders
For those of us good with words

Some who are lucky
Can write well of all things happy
Those rare few

Most everyone I know
Write of pain
Pain and fear
Or we compare, criticize
This crap society of ours

Emotions fill us
We feel to the fullest
We might get scared
But it's not the pain we fear
We realize that pain leads us
Leads is to discover great rhymes
A nice flow of words
Words that help ease our minds
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Disguised in your own skin
   Overwhelming thrive to be seen
~ What to prove, what to win?
   Acceptance from unimportant faces
~ The faces criticize, they believe what they want o
   Unreasonable explanations, blinded by tragedy
~ Unaware of the value of someone like you
   Strong, brave, a high head with high hopes
~ Let them underestimate, let them laugh
   They'll soon come to realize, they're the ones who must cope
~ You've come so far, and with so little fear
   The ones who care are sure to linger near
~ Continue to express your radiance and love
   Until the end of your journey, you'll continue to shine
~ Set your mind free, don't listen to those faded faces
   Undermining stress comes with too much of a shove
~ No matter where I go, I'll remember your spirit forever
   I'll carry on what you've taught me, to different worlds and places
~ Different ways you've impacted my life
   These things I'm sure not to forget, ever
~ Each day our friendship grows stronger
   With fights, laughs, even some irrelevant drama
~ Our memories, our thrills, everything in between
   If you believe in our friendship, it'll last even longer
      ~Meagan Williams
What I see in you, and what I see in our friendship. The good and the bad.
Janessa Jul 2014
I'm not that optimistic, but doesn't mean I can't do what's right
I'm a rebel, but doesn't mean I can't follow
putting me in a box where I don't belong..
why keep me? avoid any trouble?
try to cover all the sins but it won't work
can't accept me?, don't need you to...
I am alone, but it doesn't mean nobody watch for me
all my moves, all my words... been carefully observed
criticized, judged, pointing your hypocrite fingers
for you this is life, for me this is trash
you can play with the rules by means of the power given by you
but the rules you hold, is only the rules made by you
not the rules everybody follows

— The End —