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Oct 2015
Strangers creep and float through the streets
Spirits filled with experiences
Weighted by regrets
Or elevated by happiness
Each one with a past,
They are close, but their thought seem afar
There´s one who catches your eye
Her hair is badly dyed,
Many would take time to criticize
But maybe something happened one day
Hopeful at the saloon for a change
When a call about a soul ´s demise
Took her out of the place
Forgetting about everything else
Not prepared for a loss
A mom dying with no cause
Who would stop to think about hair?
Would you see her in the same way again?
Now that you´ve opened your brain,
Now that you´ve dared to wonder?
Maybe presently, the deep blue curls
Match better with the sense
She might have felt that cold and dismal day
Maybe she should change to a red
Strong scarlet implying the anger
The feels she may get at night
Expecting mom back when she just won’t.
But I might be wrong,
My mind can have floated way too far
Trying to answer something I will never know
The history of the unknown.

Maybe I am just wrong with my guess
And she just has the worst tincture taste.
When I´m in the streets I like observing people and guessing their past, creating conjectures about their history. This popped in my mind when I was on the bus and I felt the need to write it down. Hope you enjoy it.
Flor Boetsch
Written by
Flor Boetsch  Argentina
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