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  Mar 2016 Flor Boetsch
i like to write in metaphors
but you're the one
i can't grasp
i just can't seem to find anything good enough to compare to you
my words fail me
and it occurs to me that all that is left
are my emotions swimming inside
Flor Boetsch Feb 2016
I´m back in this silly town,
where everything reminds me of you.
All these songs only get me down
as they bring little glimpses of you.
But if you only knew
how you take my inspiration away,
just like my self love runs dry,
and how many nights
my dreams carry your face;
you would surely think I´m mad,
cause I´m missing someone who´s never been mine.
Maybe I´m mad, maybe my hopes were too high
Flor Boetsch Jan 2016
He was all shades of blue and gold,
like the depths of the sea and the sun rays
that light up every day.

I was all greyish hues of brown,
like the abundant and common dirt.

He brought up aquatic creatures
and the most breathtaking rainbows,
while I was meant to stain and spoil.

Nevertheless, someday I realised
that differet perspectives were what I needed to find.
The sun could burn as much as the ocean could drown,
while the dirt could also be the seed´s cozy home.

Those seeds that,
being burried in the warm brown dirt,
showering in the blue water
and staring at the bright sun;
would soon raise as a strong sunflower.
When I get a crush on a guy, I have an oddly habit of lowering my self esteem, and seeing my crush as a perfect and distant person. So in this piece, I try to remind myself that nobody is perfect, not even the guy that I like, and that I have my own bright sides too. Finally I state that the thing of relations is that they are a complementation game, people in couples fill each other´s blanks. Unluckily, I´m still on the distant-sight step.
Flor Boetsch Jan 2016
I´m so thankful to God,
I got the chance to meet your beautiful eyes,
I´m so thankful to God,
As you fit all my heart desires,
I just can not thank God enough,
Because it seems like you are
my other half.

You used to look untouchable to me,
like a bright star in the dark night,
but somehow you turn to be
finally in my reach.
Flor Boetsch Dec 2015
The pass of the time, a simple excuse that pretended to manifest an evolution, freed her conscience from the embarrassment she had felt for her own naive past-self.
  Dec 2015 Flor Boetsch
Come and be my bright light
To illuminate my dark way
Grab my hand and run off with me
Tell me that you need me to stay.
Flor Boetsch Nov 2015
She exclaimed an internal squeak,
feeling like nervous wreck,
surrounded by the tainted air
from the class of the juveniles
I wrote this few lines in chemistry class, it was originally in Spanish.
"exclamo un llanto interno rodeada en el viciado aire de una habitación rebosante de pubertad"
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