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aimecaesar Sep 2019
I don't know what it holds, I never did.

Although I can't traverse past the speed of light, of late I've been wondering what lies beyond this point. My journey to the west has triggered this feeling; the complement of nostalgia.

Strangely, I can hear the whispers from the other side in the chaotic and cacophony-ridden west. The beauty of a cosmopolitan.

I'm positive. The sounds are telling, like music from the Congo; Beautiful.

It's true. We live in Schrodinger's paradox.

But these sounds are telling.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
In my striving to achieve
joy and happiness,
I find it useful
to study carefully
all the hundreds of cultures
of the world
to discover
how each culture
achieves joy and happiness
in their own unique way.
For example:
What food do they eat
to achieve nutrition-joy and taste-joy?
What music do they listen to
to achieve music-joy?
How do they dance
to achieve dance-joy?
How do they govern themselves
to achieve a joyful and happy society?
How do they feel and think
to achieve joy and happiness?
Riley OHalloran Apr 2019
I look up, out of the car window,
and somehow I forget that I am here
and not there,
and it’s a momentary relief
mixed with bewilderment,
but then it ends,
and I’m crushed by where I’m not.
I don’t believe in a location called ‘home,’
but I miss certain locations
more than others,
and I’d like to feel in place.

Isn’t the world supposed to be full
of people who are also
confused and out of place?
I’m not the only one,
the only alien on this odd planet,
but when I look around,
I still feel isolated.
Jones Ayuwo Sep 2018
“Lool, maybe I could come whisk you away”
He quipped

Be serious! I’d love to
A date, on a date with you,
Nothing too serious, of course.
Maybe lunch, dinner and discourse.
I’d love to watch you laugh over a meal!


Well, if you’re serious we could fix
Something. I think I like you and it’d be nice
To meet. Let’s do something, Maybe ice cream?
Rufus and bees? Or a movie?


“Lool, big head”
... Enter.

“Hehe” – he goes.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
Before the sun rise
Before you open your eyes
Before you check your cell
I will,
be there

Before you think a while
Before you say a word
Before you write something
I will,
be there

Before the dark silent nights
Before you start to dream
Before you wish something
I will,
be there

A promise to be felt.
Genre: Love
Theme: Being Cosmopolitan
{ Note: kind words are felt]
Jenn Coke Jun 2016

Some insight into my life,
By academic "stage" and country:

British Kindergarten in England,
Swiss Elementary in Switzerland,
International MS in England,
French HS, then Int'l HS in Korea,
Undergraduate Studies in NJ, USA,
(3 month-residence in Korea),
(8-month residence in Hong Kong),
Graduate studies in QC, Canada.


I have shattered my identity.
Frequently. Involuntarily.

I have undergone assimilation.
Socially. Psychologically.

I have encountered discrimination.
Directly. Racially.

I have endured isolation.
Grievingly. Impotently.

I have ill-wished on others.
Subconsciously. Unintentionally.


I have learned to be human.
Individually. Collectively.

I have discovered empathy.
Emotionally. Compassionately.

I have gained knowledge.
Culturally. Geographically.

I have acquired expertise.
Intellectually. Linguistically.

I have become a citizen.
Locally. Globally.

Perhaps we who are born and meant to move,
Are intended to, and exist to locomote forever,
Walking lands, sailing oceans, mastering the world.
I am currently preparing my move to Montréal and, having moved around internationally so many times, for as long as I can remember, I reflected on the "formation" of "me." A good drifting experience, I must conclude.
ohjamie Sep 2014

Up against the shower walls.
We were both naive.
Encounters with Temporaries:

— The End —