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preston Jun 8

On the edge of giving in,
there is a message,  she never stops hearing..

the one that tells her that she is '*****'
that everything done, was all her fault
that she is not worth my time
nor of the love  that I have for her--

a love,  for her well-being
not,  of one for her demise
yet still, she is reluctant
and the fault of it all, is my own..

I am from the family of man
and carry within me,  also
a fallen kind of love
yet, still.. I believe
and it sets me apart..  
though, still  down here

to things more apt
to be from above

Yet, still.. she is reluctant;
the message within her--
               it runs so deep

and I pray to the lord:
oh please, lay me down-
but her beautiful soul, here
please  do  keep.

And  I, myself.. am angry at the lord's
to mercifully allow mine
to go to sleep.

Qui diceris Paraclitus a iaculis pretium,
Mitte unitatis et pacis in mundo;
Contentiones sint in ultima posse de nobis putabis

Et a morte ad vitam.
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2018
When love was young and bore an immigrant
Soul, how fresh and adventurous the years
And brinkmanship, my rite, was took for grant,
Aye, in my flotsam and jetsam, I spent no tears
Which by and by a greedy sea of beginnings
Has left no bounty, but cargo delivered or turned
To wood adrift, which built but useless things,
Children love tossing in fires bonny burned.
Here I lie, on the waters edge, searching—
For something to contain my emptiness,
My wanderlust, but like shy waves lurching,
I wrestle now, toward land, not loneliness.
Though I spent my life as a flag unfurled,
A disembodied soul is without this world.
Simon Monahan Nov 2017
O Fortitude! Strength of the wav’ring heart!
Steadfastness summoned when the blood runs cold!
When allies flee and none will take our part,
Where honor and friendship are cheaply sold,
Thine aid divine makes the trembling soul bold!
When terror would invade our feeble frame,
Thy subtle power puts the foe to shame!

O Fortitude! O encouraging voice!
When darkness attempts to blot out the sun,
And slav’ry’s law to deprive us of choice,
You brace the nerves of the poor frightened one,
Reminding that the vict’ry can be won:
If to perseverance we should hold fast,
We shall the adversaries all outlast!

O Fortitude! Come, and run in our veins,
Fire our tepidity and make us brave!
As long ages pass, ‘tis thee who remains,
Long suff’ring Patience, who never shall cave!
Come, Resolution, from all weakness save -
Where the frail man falls, and in despair lies,
You reach out your hand, and bid him to rise!
Christian Bixler Apr 2017
perhaps after
four or five winters it will come
splitting raindrops
Striving for focus, and a clear eye, in order to mark the Herald's approach.
Gracie Knoll Dec 2015
It holds me up
It keeps me on my feet
It is steadfast and sturdy
It keeps my head above the
Waves of doubt that wash over
It bears me up on its strong shoulders
And when all else is lost I find my faith
It is imoveable and capable of much
Once developed my faith can never flee
It flies on wings of fire that can never let me down
But is not just any faith, but the faith in the one who made me
The one who knows my name
The one who loves me dearly
That can withstand the trails.

— The End —