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lynnia hans Jul 2018
dancing in the smokey veils of frankincense, myrrh & sandalwood, glimmers of sunshine gold, crimson ruby & dazzling silver cascade in curtains around me. my love watches me from afar on a plush violet couch with a snifter of brandy in hand with his brimming ebony eyes sending out admiration. his raven hair glows with the warmth of the fire from the hearthside.
lynnia hans Jun 2018
fairies dancing in the midsummer night
flying to the nearest height
making magic and beautiful giggles
shimmering their love in beautiful sprinkles
live to the breath of mother earth
giving her new life forever first
lynnia hans May 2018
whispering delicious thoughts into my head
laying together languidly in bed
cuddling and melting into each other's skin
is our own personal and ****** sin
lynnia hans Mar 2018
teardrops of heaven
song of pain
life is forever changing in this lane
pick up the pieces and start over time
the guilt & sorrow is not worth a dime
let your heart soar free into eternity
and be happy where ever you are going to be
lynnia hans Mar 2018
your licentious pouty lips
your gorgeous flowing ebony hair
the dimples that are carved into that alabaster skin with your beauty marks just at the corner of your left cheek splayed in a intricate row
makes my spirit soar & heart sing
those brimming fluctuating hazel brown eyes everchanging like gorgeous phases of mother nature
your droning melodic voice that sparks command and attention of divine carnal pleasures secretly hidden in your soul
lynnia hans Jan 2018
such a pretty little damsel with those rosey cheeks
hair that dances like flames in the night sky
oceanic blues that warms even the most coldest heart
voice of wind chimes, fairy giggles and of a playful child
lynnia hans Jan 2018
i kissed you as your lips were stone cold
your hair soft as silk
still a lively hint of rose dwelled in your cheeks
let me slumber forever with you my love for our passion and pledge is eternal
let not the sunrise break us from this embrace
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