lynnia hans Jan 9

Sultry is the night
The humidity cascades down my icy skin like warm silk
breathless in the darkness
my eyes glimmer with such lust.

lynnia hans Dec 2017

i can hear the whispers through the walls
the caressing touches that you give me
sending chills & exhilarating goosebumps down my spine
captivating me in a endearing trance
holding my heart and soul dear to you
as my blood runs through your veins, master as yours course through mine

lynnia hans Nov 2017

you smell like vanilla cupcakes
taste like cherry doused kisses
laced with sandalwood and honey
sprinkled with edible sugar glitter
too sweet to resist or let go

lynnia hans Oct 2017

your hair is dark as the night
your skin as pale as moonlight
your eyes shimmer with the darkest of ebony
you passion burns through with your soul
lips stained with crimson

lynnia hans Oct 2017

the heart of a lost child
in mourning for love & compassion
your beautiful kaleidoscopic greenish agate blue eyes looking up from a strain of unbridled tears
i hold you in comfort and rock you gently
smoothing your wetted raven hair from the rain
kissing your forehead gently & mother like
as we sit on a charcoal marble bench letting you rest in my arms as i caress your porcelain chiseled face as you drift off to sleep

lynnia hans Oct 2017

when you hum that sweet lullaby
casually strolling down the courtyard
drumming your slender fingers on the cream colored rail
my heart sings a beat when i meet with your brimming obsidian eyes and silken night sky hair framing your gorgeous porcelain skin
as you're dressed in arabic blue water ao dai
shining a glimmering heart melting smile as you walk by
giving me a love note of a kiss on the forehead before you go

lynnia hans Sep 2017

this poor, delicate flower
being carried away by the whispers of the wind
once blooming the the morning's basking glow
now immortalized as a lost soul

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