lynnia hans Mar 27

tearing shreds into my tiny heart like a ravenous wolf, how could you?
you have no love or compassion for the atrocity that you have  endowed onto me
you have no soul, no concern to turn yourself around instead standing there like a smug hoodlum proud of your obscene work
having no care in the world that you have shattered the last ounce of hope and dream that i once had

lynnia hans Mar 20

it's like a neverending battle swirling inside my heart, onforegoing and unwilling to stop. tears and pain explode inside me as i sit there numb with confusion.

lynnia hans Mar 13

combing my fingers through your silken raven hair
laying my head on your toned beautiful porcelain chest
hearing your steady heartbeat to make me feel complete with my soul & life
happy & grateful to have you with me for the years coming on

lynnia hans Mar 12

let this heart be ripped and shattered
it doesnt even matter
shedding salty stinging tears everyday
doesnt make the pain go away
trembling with anguish & disgust
it's incredible for you to do this as you must
my soul will never heal from the hell you did
so karma will do as i will bid

lynnia hans Feb 28

Frenzied swirls of royal purple, glittering gold, & shimmering green dance about the long marbled corridors, soft echoing laughter & clinks of champagne flutes melody throughout the room, muffled soft moans drone from a secret chamber, shielded from prying eyes. merriment & glee will continue to perfume this place for hours even after the drunken frolicking revelry.

lynnia hans Feb 24

Kissing your sultry sensual lips
brings me to heaven every time
paradise is being in your arms
looking deeply into your hazel browns
of that gorgeous soul
Swirling erratically like mood rings
Making my breath quiver and my heart skip a beat

lynnia hans Feb 22

spiked crimson flames of passion, deep pools of emerald green , a glistening smile of delicious delight, and fiery compulsion that never leaves the mind's eye. How sweet your wonderful forbidden love is, that you have kept it in so deep that you don't let others see how it pangs u to have undying tenderness for another. clasping deep into your kingdom heart.

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