crying tears of passion
breathing heavenly sighs
emanating the entire room
let the billowing drapes sing their song

the sultry purrs of your voice
the imminent power of your striking brimming amber eyes
the silken soft texture of your ever glorious raven curls
the smoothness of your gorgeous porcelain skin that cloaks the broken shattered heart that needs tending and care
you are complete & perfect in every way for me my darling

lynnia hans Jul 12

tired bloodshot eyes panged from the eternal crying and despair
wispy voluptous lips begged to be kissed
silken porcelain skin akin to a century old doll
lost in memories and regret of damnable reincarnations

lynnia hans Jul 11

ocean mist waters churning at night
illuminated by the glimmering moonlight
tranquil moans and sighs of the abyssal air
beckons me back to home

lynnia hans Jun 28

heavenly sighs and shakes of breath
trembling in each other's embrace
rays and rivers of electricity shoot through us
wedding us in bliss for eternity

lynnia hans Jun 18

in a dark and somber midnight crushed velvet blue room, lies a delicate woman with sullen pouty ruby lips that turn into a frown
amberish honeyed hair that fans out in glory
trickling salty tears of sadness and rage
piercing stormy grey eyes that shine a kaleidscope of emotions in a instance
porcelain cloaked skin with powder blue veins draped in grace to decor defeated in life by a single prick of a venomous spindle forever in a eternal sleep

lynnia hans Jun 13

walking quietly in a mossy path as the pearled skirt of my gown dances with the leaves, i look up to the blossoming full iridescent strawberry moon glittered with forever shining diamonds in the night sky. the soft but crisp night breeze caresses my hair & soft skin as i enjoy the true fruit of beautiful nature harmonizing in unison with it.

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