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I have a thing or two
on my mind
one is you,
the other to find

a safe place
a refuge
a place to
let truth

be itself
but not known
left unsaid
and alone

Maybe I'll share it
when I'm desperate
I'll sadly pair it
with you
I have a hard time letting people in. It did not always used to be like that, and I swore to my mother I would always be a free, fun-loving soul. But that has changed, inevitably I am told.
i think somethings wrong with me
i cant stop thinking of how good your body looks on top of me
do you wanna get on top of me
slip off my shirt - slip off my insecurities
bring down my jeans - bring down my anxieties
your locks are so soft on my face
but your lips softer on my neck
everytime we argue
my soul tantrums with a “please, not yet.”
so come on over baby
and get on top of me again
so our souls may whisper back and forth
until we reach our end
i guess its just more than you being on top of me
i guess i like your soul being so close to mine
Laura Feb 5
You left me again
For good this time
On a December day
That was icy and cold
Sweet and snowy
Shortly after Christmas
As I clutched your hand
And tried to ask
For your heart
For you to stay
For another chance

I still wait
For a text
Or a call
Every day
I pray
That you'll want me
Again one day
But I don't think
You're coming back
Like you did before
I don't think
You love me
Like you once did
If you do
At all

Because on that day
That December day
The weather wasn't
The only thing
Cold and icy
Your heart
Gave the weather
A run for its money
As you
Ripped mine
Out of my chest
Lily Feb 4
~You’re so so so special to me, and now that I know you, I can't imagine going forward without you~
Lily Feb 3
~I can't decide which I love more; our fingers intertwined or your two hands enveloping one of mine, saying “I will protect all of you, you are mine"~
katie Feb 3
the chance to see you smile
again and again,
i’ve travelled through world lines
though it feels like it never ends

tragic, they may call it
as i realized i failed to save you at first
but it was unlike me to give in,
as i’ve already gone through the worst

you said i suffered so much for you
though i never found it to be tedious
was it me you were always looking to?
in this timeline, and the previous?

now i have finally found you once more,
i have protected you from what would be inevitable
what i wouldn’t give to always be yours
it was always you, didn’t you know?
i finished steins;gate and wrote this on the fly
Lily Feb 2
He was the one who had
The reds of love in a halo around his head,
The one who had the oranges swirling in his cheeks,
And yellow sunshine spilling out of his mouth as he talked.
New green buds sprouted wherever his hands touched,
As if he was making everything beautiful and new.
His legs were a bright blue sky,
And his indigo ankles never stumbled.
His purple feet sang wherever he went,
And when he opened up his arms to hug me,
His body turned pink,
The pink of Easter eggs and innocence.
I knew I would never see black again.
I tried another painting prompt! Please tell me what meaning you find. :)
Lauren Faith Feb 1
Every second away from you hurts more than the last,
When your name appears on my screen
There is a moment of excitement,
Then hours of pain

I don’t know when I will see you next,
My birthday?
Valentines Day?
Our 8 months together?

Not knowing is what’s killing me,
Before I could count down and it was keeping me going
But now I have nothing
No idea when I get to see you

If I get to see you.
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