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You want space
Or time
That what he said
So I gave him space and time
He took that time and space
And found someone else
I never know what do when someone ask for space from me
How long to wait
Before I accept the hint
If during this time its worth only speaking to you
Only thinking of you
And only dreaming of you
Cause it been only a day and I've cried enough tears to drown myself in a tub
I slept enough hours to call it a coma
And I've been out my room twice all day
I keep thinking of the last time we hugged is it going to be the last time I see your perfect face
If the last time I spent the night Is the last time i'll be able to kiss you
And that night was perfect to me
I was just so happy to be there with you
We drank and watched tangled
We smoked ****
I remember how good you look when smoke comes out your mouth
You taught me how to play pool and let me win twice
Then you let me fall asleep in your arms and sleep past 6
You are absolutely perfect to me
In everyway
I hope we can do that again
I hope we can kiss again
I hope you wont forget about the way i feel about you with all this space
Goodnight my love
Im sorry
Can I rewrite the stars
So we can end up together
Change the pictures in everyone's
Photo frames
So they can all see our future together
Should I
Have drunken ***
Go to a club
Hit rock bottom
And walk away from it
By the next month
Live my 20s in a week
So I can spend forever with you
Cause I'd do it
I'd do the impossible
Just so I can grow old with you
I mean it when I say I love you
But I cant
I have to rely on fate
And that is scarier then spiders or snakes
Scarier then falling off a cliff, or riding a plane
The scariest thing is relying on fate
The best thing is knowing it is fate
This ones because at the moment I feel exactly how I felt in September
I loved you
Enough to let you repeatedly break my heart
To push me away and ignore my cries
To treat me like I mean nothing
After all the time we spent lying in your dormitory watching movies on my tablet or your phone
When youd dance on your cold tile floor
While making pasta
Knock three times on the bathroom door
To make sure you werent walking in on your neighbor pooping again
The walk you do to the mirror every morning to appreciate your own beauty
The hours we spent making out
On your bathroom counter
On your bed
In my dreams
Such significant moments that we shared were I'd get so sad to leave
The time we ordered $60 worth of dominoes and binged aytipical
We always talked about going to the planetarium in alamogordo
Taking trips to Santa fe
We even talked about having children
And getting married
But we always stayed on base
And I loved you
Oh I love you
I love you
Enough To do it all over again
This ones about a boy named erasto
we said we would have one last time
one last kiss
one last touching moment where we stared at each other
one last time where we lie bare
but it never happened
I never got to kiss you one last time
I never got to stare at you one last time
I never got to tell you I love you
at least not in person

I feel so alone without you
but we were not meant to be
and you weren't made for me  
and I was not made for you
you made my heart collapse
I have all these memories of you
we were a fairy tale
a dream come true
I love you
I love you
I love you
cómo me duele
mi amor  cómo me duele
cómo me duele is how it hurts
mi amor my love
I was your number 28
that was eight numbers
eight people
eight individual girls
after the twenty who
felt you
touch you
went in your bed and got wrapped in your sheets
kissed you
laid with you
I was 28
2 numbers before you hit thirty
thirty notches in your belt
thirty knots on your rope
I had the privilege
the honor
you had the audacity  
the courage
the stride
the confidence to tell me I was number 28
Like hearing a number and waiting for your turn
waiting for hours in a line
filled with
girls who probably had you number 50  
after number
after ******* number
until you met me
with the chubby cheeks
and small hands
the round glasses always on the bridge of my nose
who you crowned a recycled crown number 28
swapped from 27
placed on 29
so insignificant
a mindless ****
a ***** squeeze
and when you got bored you got closer to thirty
when you ran away after the first sign of trouble
you coward
and you crawled
tippy toe around bushes and forest
ate popcorn as you watched me walk on eggshells
you hid in shadows that were casted by your ego
never wanted to talk
never wanted to admit
just there to use
to tell me how good of a **** I am
to spit in my face a mouth full of lies
to ignore me endlessly till i took off my crown and walked away
empty handed
you were my number four
i was seven time more than that
you were fourth in a short line
were i cherished the moments we spent together
cried many tears at the thought of losing you  
I would've named you a king
but a number is all ill ever be
a notch on your belt
a knot in your rope
an insignificant number
for an insignificant girl.
Tell me you love me
When I leave the warmth of your bed

Tell me you love me
When I carefully pack my clothes in my bag

Tell me you love me
When I drive for endless hours to my home away from home

Tell me you love me
When it's been months without seeing you

Tell me you love me
When you pull her in for kisses that should be mine

Tell me you love me
When you meet your number 9 and give her the affection I crave

Tell me you love me
When you hold her in your warm embrace the first time she stays the night

Tell me you love me
When you see your first movie together and you wrap an arm around her as she holds the large bucket of popcorn you two share

Tell me you love me
When you tell her, "I love you." And she smiles and says it back

Tell me you love me
When you forget about me by the taste of her lips and the way she laughs

Tell me you love me
When I'm still here falling in love with you every second that past and your falling into her

Tell me you love me
When I call you the sun but you shine on just the moon
I thought I wouldnt care...then i did
Everything I will ever
Read will always be about you
Anything I see will always be
Similar to you
The boys after you will
Only pale in comparison

Before I met you  
Real feelings were a myth
Obviously, these could be faux
Whatever the case might be
Nobody will ever make me feel
       the way you do.
hopefully everyone gets this. this is the last poem in my sunshine collection so heres a short summary, This is a collection of poems wrote over the period of time a loved one was away. This is meant to show them my appreciation of them, I really hope they enjoy.
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