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Tell me you love me
When I leave the warmth of your bed

Tell me you love me
When I carefully pack my clothes in my bag

Tell me you love me
When I drive for endless hours to my home away from home

Tell me you love me
When it's been months without seeing you

Tell me you love me
When you pull her in for kisses that should be mine

Tell me you love me
When you meet your number 9 and give her the affection I crave

Tell me you love me
When you hold her in your warm embrace the first time she stays the night

Tell me you love me
When you see your first movie together and you wrap an arm around her as she holds the large bucket of popcorn you two share

Tell me you love me
When you tell her, "I love you." And she smiles and says it back

Tell me you love me
When you forget about me by the taste of her lips, the feel of her hips, the way she laughs

Tell me you love me
When I'm still here falling in love with you every second that past and your falling into her

Tell me you love me
When I call you the sun but you shine on just the moon
I thought I wouldnt care...then i did
Everything I will ever
Read will always be about you
Anything I see will always be
Similar to you
The boys after you will
Only pale in comparison

Before I met you  
Real feelings were a myth
Obviously, these could be faux
Whatever the case might be
Nobody will ever make me feel
       the way you do.
hopefully everyone gets this. this is the last poem in my sunshine collection so heres a short summary, This is a collection of poems wrote over the period of time a loved one was away. This is meant to show them my appreciation of them, I really hope they enjoy.
I guess not hate
It's more like a guilty pleasure
Do you remember the scene were?
Edward gets frustrated with Bella
Because he can't read her mind
Like words with 14 letters that I don't feel like looking up
Authors should really include footnotes
Anyway, he couldn't read her mind or tell what she was feeling in that moment
The woods surrounding them
Sometimes I feel like Edward
And you're Bella
I can't read your mind
I don't know how you feel
What you’re thinking
it absolutely frustrates me
Don't get scared
When I say these things
Just like I'm not scared
When I feel these things.
I think it was when you made me hot chocolate with ice cream in it
Or when you kicked my sprained ankle
Held me so tight my brain short circuited

That I realized I could really fall for you.
this is the title of the first book i wrote i never got it published so i titled it a poem
How are you not with someone?
You're so beautiful and gentle
Funny and charismatic
Caring and unbelievably understanding
You’re like a singular sunflower in a field of roses
People always go for roses
Because they think red is the most
Love Filled color
A dozen roses does not compare to a single sunflower
Yellow means caution
This could hurt
But go for it
Yellow is how I feel about a sunflower

Do you feel it when you’re flying, or does that come naturally to you?
I swear I feel like I’m floating when we hold hands or kiss
How does it feel to be so precious and light?
That gravity can't hold you down to Earth
Such a genuine person
Really what's the catch

How does it feel when you walk into a room and time stops?
When you get in my car and my heart stops
A man who walks into a room and the walls collapse at the very sight of him

How has such an amazing person been hurt?
Who was in charge of that
I’ll never do it again

Have you ever met someone and just thought?
Is it you?
It must be because the walls have collapsed
“Hello,” I look up at you
i was reading ill give you the sun by Jandy Nelson 10/10
That is what I am doing right now
I feel brain dead
My mind has turned into overcooked pasta
I have no taste in my mouth
My eyes are halfway open
Fighting the intense need to pass out
The coffee has worn off
I am essentially sleep walking
Except I’m not asleep
And I’m not walking
I am a zombie who is writing complete nonsense
Its 5’o clock in the morning
November 13, 2018
A Tuesday
I am simply
At this point
Sleep writing
Is this even about you?
Well it's to you so there's that
You're cute as a button
Are you from Tennessee
Cause you're the only 10 I see
What are you ******* Adonis?
It should be illegal to be that ******* beautiful
**** I want to draw you
Carve you from stone
Build you out of clay
But I can only write
So, there's that

I'm tired as ****
But you probably look cute as **** right now so last thing
I ******* miss you dood
Alright goodnight
i was ranting thats all, not worth the read
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