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Jan 2019
When I walked to your car
Never did I imagine this would happen
When we kissed
When you took the diamond
And revealed it
Gently, softly, and so very sweet
I would never treat you like them
Never hurt you
You are too good for me completely
I called you when I was coming home
Fell into the lonely dark
Cold, bitter, home for me
I told you I would never hurt you
I am no good for you
Not when I so carelessly fell into his arms when I was bored and lonely
You called me friend but kept me closer
I’ll call you when I’m coming home
When I pass the vacant towns
And the long stretches of land
When I'm on my own
I am sorry that I did it
I will never hurt you
Never on purpose

Quiet, my dear this ice-cold glass box wasn't made for tampering
For hiding when it’s only but us two
For when a boy decides he doesn't want her anymore
For when a girl decided her friend is better than her boyfriend on prom
My dear don't let the little birds peck your diamonds
Please don't let them hurt you
Don't let me let you go
I could lie and say
I’d never hurt you
I learn to lose but
I don't want to
You call me friend
But I will lie and say I like it like that
inspired by when the partys over by Billie Eilish
Alexis Desire Martinez
Written by
Alexis Desire Martinez  19/F/Texas
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