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Ryan Flanagan Dec 2021
That month again where it all goes wrong
Sitting here with only a sad song
Words of encouragement like just stay strong
While my thoughts keep screaming move along
The pain of the past creap more this time
Looking at pictures of families drink wine
But I don't have that I don't have fun
I wake up alone just another lonly one
Merry Christmas and Happy New year
Every one happy full if cheer
But I sit and wait for the months end to draw near
Ryan Flanagan Jul 2020
I'm done
you finally won
Ill not try again
Its not worth the pain
Your just not the same
Am I to blame
Was it me
Did I try to much
Why did we lose touch
I missed you to much
Ryan Flanagan Jul 2020
I need  you to see me for who I am
I'm a monster full of regret
I'm the devils favourite ******* pet
I'm a soul lost at sea
I'm the essence of evil
I caged demon who wants pain
In life I have nothing more to gain
So I sit here alone waiting more and more for you to see the real me
Ryan Flanagan Jun 2020
I'm breaking daily
My minds in overdrive
I have to have a pill to keep my self alive
I'm trying my hardest not to hurt myself
I just want to put my hopes ambitions and dreams upon a high shelf
I will never open up about my demons I will never tell my thoughts I will never let you see my darkest dreams of hearing the ones I care abouts screams i sit alone at night watching the most horrible thoughts play out infront of my eyes so I grab the knife and take out the pain on my skin feeling the warm liquid wash away my sin
Depression is a demon I'm finding the fight hard
Ryan Flanagan Jun 2020
There a light in her that shines so bright
She will lighten up the darkest night
She will not go dim
She will not let the voices win
She has seen hell
She has a story to tell
She has her back to the wall
She still stands so tall
She helps the worthless
She gives people hope
She has had it hard
She has been dealt every card
But in her mind she can win because when she tries she lights up the world with her grin
For my best friend  you saved me from the dark
Ryan Flanagan Jun 2020
Beads off sweat rolling down your face from the pleasure your getting makeing my heart race your skin smooth as silk rubbing against me screaming please baby please be mine the ecstasy the passion there is *** in the air as I start to RIP off your underwear kissing lower and lower until your grab the sheet you let out a moan it sounds so sweet you scratch my back as I go deeper in time the room starts to spin I look into your eyes and give you the cheeky grin I come in close to your ear whispering get ready my dear I grab your arms tie them to the bed and start kissing down your body not missing a bit as I get lower I look up to your eyes while kissing your inner thighs I'm in charge now baby remember you whisper yes sir as I start to use my toung it starts to stir you scream out my name as I get faster  begging please let me ****** master I give you permisssion as you moan so loud
You make master very proud
Ryan Flanagan Jun 2020
What's this feeling comeing over me
Draining pulling burrying me
Thoughts of dread swimming around my head
Thoughts of pain my life is circling the drain
Life is tough I just know I'm not strong enough
Nightmares of demons is a scary thing
But knowing deep in you ones existing
That my friend that is frightening
So what's this feeling comeing over me
I guess you call it anxiety
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