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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
don’t forget ...
by michael r. burch

for Beth

don’t forget to remember
that Space is curved
(like your Heart)
and that even Light is bent
by your Gravity.

The opening lines of my poem were inspired by a famous love poem written by e. e. cummings. Keywords/Tags: cummings, space, curved, forget, remember, heart, light, bent, gravity, space-time
amme Jul 2019
Do I look fat in this?
Only if your perspective is curved.

Do you really like to kiss my thin lips?
More than anything on this earth.

Do my wrinkles bother you?
That's something I never even observed.
Besides, the mark of a face lift would be something you don't deserve.

Understand that
I wouldn't trade one of your fingertips for the whole wide world.
Eiler Jun 2016
This is why the world is curved;
So we cannot see too far down our path -
enabling us to discover our surroundings,
and enjoy it's flowers.
i May 2014
i like the way
he smokes his cigarettes,
a puff of smoke
coming out of
his curved lips,
lips that
give me a wicked
smile before
walking away
without a word,
and i am left once
again, imagining
of seeing him again,
and gathering some
courage to tell him
but that courage
disappears everytime
he appears in front
of me, with another
lit cigarette, and
another wicked smile.
i love him no matter what.

— The End —