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David P Carroll Apr 2020
I love you each and every single day I cherish you
Every day,
I'd wrap my arms around
You and keep you
Safe and warm
In our little cocoon
I can’t help but smile and remember our first embrace
Forever and always I'll remember your
Beautiful face..
Beautiful Women
David P Carroll Jan 2020
Your delicate lips so
Soft and tasty,
So sweet and pure
My heart feels your love
Your a true beauty of life
Your a work of art
A women I truly Adore
A gentle kiss on your lips
As I breathe slowly
Inhaling your perfume
Gazing into your eyes

Whispeing Softly to you,

I've Falling In Love.....
She's Beautiful
Kenzi Lee Dec 2019
Those beautiful doe-eyes,
sparkling yellow with the sun
capture my heart
and ignite my fire;
filling my entire being
with the strongest desire...

The desire to see that twinkle,
that gorgeous hazel glow,
gives me a reason, a purpose;
a will to live and grow...

For those brightly shining eyes,
which smile by themselves,
light up my world
and make me feel complete;
knowing that all will be revealed
the moment our eyes meet...

The expressions of joy,
peace, and content,
make those doe-eyes glisten;
a beauty which is heaven-sent...

I cherish every moment
spent in the presence
of my glowy, doey,
sparkly eyed king;
and I strive to be the joy and light
which he sees through all things...
David P Carroll Sep 2019
I have never seen,
A woman more beautiful than you in life,
Your beauty so true
Your perfect inside and out,
Your beauty is so true,

I've fallen in love with you.....
So Beautiful
David P Carroll Jan 2017
As I rise in the
Morning sun
Seen your bright smile
Next to me makes my
Heart smile seen
You smile makes
Me whole holding you
Close to me
Is a perfect moment
For my heart to remember
Seen your perfect bright
Smile makes my day
Having you inside my
Heart forever is a magical dream
Come true having you
In my life is perfection
No other women could
Never put a smile on my
Heart no other women
Is everything as beautiful as you.
David P Carroll
Beauitful As You
David P Carroll Nov 2016
As we hold hands together I touch your warm gentle face as I hold you I sweetheart I cuddle hug you and see your bright smile I hold your head against my chest and gently kiss your soft lips and our hearts besting together in pure harmony our hearts smile together we are truly in love I would then whisper into your ear your truly beautiful I truly love you my true love.
David P Carroll
She Is Truly Beauitful
David P Carroll Nov 2016
O my baby if I could
If I could I truly would
Baby I'd give you my whole heart
Open up the love for you
Everything is truly waiting for you
Only you I'll give my true love to
Your the true girl for me I'm truly in love with the perfect girl I truly love.
David P Carroll
O My Beauitful Baby
David P Carroll Nov 2016
Your so beautiful every man would dream of a perfect blonde princess like you to seen your perfect smile on the morning would truly utterly make my heart skip a beat a smile right back at you beautiful princess.
David P Carroll
Beauitful Women
David P Carroll Nov 2016
If every man had a beautiful woman like you to love the world would be so perfect no violence only love happiness true love in everyone's beating hearts knowing a beautiful pretty blonde princess like you could melt any man's beating heart into loving Your beauty so much your truly beautiful only if only if every other women in the world was truly as beautiful as you.
David P Carroll
Beauitful As You
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