i imagine you
kissing me but
i know you’re
out there kissing
someone else and
it kills me

helena alexis Nov 28

it’s happening
it’s finally happening
a relationship between us
a friendship at most

long conversations as
we’re not doing anything
small smiles and cute
laughs all around

total eye contact
not turning away
for a single second

this is it
this is what I’ve wanted
for so long with you
i just hope it lasts

we talked all day at work and it was great
helena alexis Nov 26

being a poet in love
means writing down
every single emotion
you’ve ever felt on to paper

it means turning simple things
about a person into
deep details that only
you would notice

such as when the one you
love simply smiles at you
that could turn into
“his mouth turned upward into
a small smile upon his cheeks
making my stomach erupt
into tiny butterflies”

it means writing every single
interaction you’ve had with that
person and turning it into something
poetic and beautiful even if it’s as
simple as a smile

it means letting your heart
do the writing for you as the
emotions pour out of your mind

but it also means heartbreak
lots and lots of heartbreak
having your heartbroken
even helps poets write about
being in love

it’s hard being a poet in love
because we can never find
someone who truly wants
to be written about

wrote this for a contest enjoy
helena alexis Nov 20

sometimes you
just need a shot
of inspiration
and a swig of
emotion to help
write poetry

helena alexis Nov 15

i look for you in
the center of
the sun

but it sets
before i
can truly
find you

based off of “find you” by nick jonas
helena alexis Nov 13

music blaring through
the speakers as you
speed down the road
while taking a hit

smoke enters our lungs
as we look as each other
both exhaling at the same time

the nicotine taking over our
bodies as we feel relaxed
and calm letting the buzz
take over us

the smoke filled the car
making it foggy everywhere
the sweet crisp smell of mint
enters my nose

the street lights hit your face
ever so perfectly that you
illuminate the car with your
beauty making your side profile
ever so irresistible

i’d never thought you driving
me home would be so special

1.) after high school, people really do change. your best friend is no longer your best friend, the girl who intimidated you is now one of your best friends, your old friends never really liked you they just kept you around long enough until they drop you.

2.) that girl or boy you’re crushing on isn’t worth it. yes they may be cute and have an amazing smile but it’s never going anywhere. they’ll never feel the same no matter how hard you try to put yourself out there and impress them.

3.) it’s okay to be single. you’re young and you don’t need to be tied down to a relationship right now. go out with your friends and have fun, meet different guys every night. the right one will come your way soon enough, just give it time.

4.) there’s no rush to grow up. you’ve already graduated so it seems like you have to have your whole life figured out right? wrong. You just need to have some sort of plan, and if you don’t have one right away that’s perfectly fine, there’s no rush to grow up.

5.) you will find your purpose in life eventually. you will find the thing you’re most passionate about, you will have a job you absolutely love, making a decent amount of pay, and be happy. it just takes time.

my birthday was yesterday:)
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