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helena alexis Mar 17
i felt you exit through my chest,
you were a part of me but i guess
i wasn’t enough
with each weeping breath i felt
fragments of you leave
releasing themselves from my tightly
clenched throat
carbon dioxide flavored lies expelled through my lips
your soul slowly lifted its way out of me
what i fool i was to believe i could keep you
with me no matter what
you were made solely for drifting away
helena alexis Feb 15
i watch the sunlight drown
it dives down full of despair
i see you closely behind me
in the shadows of the dark
tears streaming like rivers down your
beautiful face
i reach out to caress you
but as soon as i touch your face
i am burned, you are made of fire

you ignited a fire inside my bones
i am now a part of you
i’m too close to the flame
my heart is now scorched ashes
thanks to you, i’m melting into you
“i’m sorry” you say as our souls fuse together as one again

burn me once, shame on you
burn me twice, i am yours once again
helena alexis Nov 2018
her tongue is a serpent
slithering slowly into my mouth
careful not to let the poison touch me

she tastes dangerous like smoke
and breath mints

i can feel her pumping through my veins,
coursing through my heart

she is now a part of me
helena alexis Aug 2018
confidence flows through
my body like a river as i
press my foot on the gas
going faster and faster

i take a deep breath as i
feel the wind in my hair
as the music blares through
the speakers

i am doing it
i am a good driver
everything is okay
i finally feel free
helena alexis Aug 2018
you drove my heart into the night
running far far away with it so that
it is never to be found again

you are a seductive devil in disguise
you acted like you wanted this but
then you lead me on

you wanted this to be an “experiment”
sorry but my body is not for scientific purposes
when ppl think they can use you for your body smh
helena alexis Aug 2018
                i really want a juicy ripe deliciously sweet pineapple on a hot summer day the way the juice drips down my chin as i devour the sweet succulent fruit

other times

                i might want a healthy green fruit to snack on such as an avocado feeling the rough interior skin only to cut it open and find the soft green buttery deliciousness inside i love the way my lips feel as the smooth flesh hits my throat with flavor

you see
                i like both of these fruits being bisexual is like
enjoying these fruits i will always like both but on some days i might want more of the other but no matter what i will always love both
a poem about bisexuality
helena alexis Jul 2018
the magic of sensual pleasure is the most simulating powerful thing that the brain can experience
a simple touch can turn the body into overdrive
heightened senses and heavy breathing
eyes rolled back as the release is soon coming
the body clenches as the ****** approaches
the brain loses consciousness it’s like a dream
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