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helena alexis Oct 2021
this desire took over everything
she worked so hard to prevent
interrupted from working on herself

instead she found herself back in
the place she promised she would
never go back to

she tried so hard to be better
but the temptation failed her
this has now become
a problem yet again
going back to that dark place
helena alexis Oct 2020
his eyes contemplated the way she introduced herself, sultry and seductive
never breaking eye contact with him

this young woman wanted him
in ways he could never imagine
vivid dreams filled her mind
the passion, the roughness, the danger,
it all excited her

she pictured him in a way that
one day without warning he would
break her, ravage her like
no other man has before
thinking ab my crush
helena alexis May 2020
i always fall for the bad ones

the ones who arrived from the shadow
the ones who lurk in the darkness and
flirt with danger
the ones who allow reality to slip
through their finger tips
the one whose pale face shone
in the golden sun

you see the bad ones aren’t
afraid of sampling death
they are risk takers

the bottom line is
when a good one comes along
i push them away because
the bad one still needs fixing

the bad ones do have
a way with my heart
and it gets broken
over and over

guess who comes running back?
i can still fix them if they’d let me
the bad ones have my heart
helena alexis May 2020
i met this girl once
she was different
“wanna have some fun?”
she whispered

this feeling of euphoria
courses through my veins
when i’m with her

she created stars in my eyes
so full of light
she makes me feel ecstatic
she opened my eyes to a new world
a world where i’m happy

she makes everything so bright
and vibrant, full of color
she heightens my senses

i’ve fallen in love with her
dancing and laughing
under the moonlight
i never want to be
alone without her again
a poem about my favorite drug
helena alexis Mar 2019
i felt you exit through my chest,
you were a part of me but i guess
i wasn’t enough
with each weeping breath i felt
fragments of you leave
releasing themselves from my tightly
clenched throat
carbon dioxide flavored lies expelled through my lips
your soul slowly lifted its way out of me
what i fool i was to believe i could keep you
with me no matter what
you were made solely for drifting away
helena alexis Feb 2019
i watch the sunlight drown
it dives down full of despair
i see you closely behind me
in the shadows of the dark
tears streaming like rivers down your
beautiful face
i reach out to caress you
but as soon as i touch your face
i am burned, you are made of fire

you ignited a fire inside my bones
i am now a part of you
i’m too close to the flame
my heart is now scorched ashes
thanks to you, i’m melting into you
“i’m sorry” you say as our souls fuse together as one again

burn me once, shame on you
burn me twice, i am yours once again
helena alexis Nov 2018
her tongue is a serpent
slithering slowly into my mouth
careful not to let the poison touch me

she tastes dangerous like smoke
and breath mints

i can feel her pumping through my veins,
coursing through my heart

she is now a part of me
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