helena alexis Feb 15
my heart cries
to my soul
each night
because she knows
you’ll never be mine
helena alexis Feb 15
i know i can’t have you
that’s why i console my heart 
with my own mental scenarios
sometimes we cuddle
the bed soft and comfy 
you wrap me in your sweet embrace
and kiss me tenderly

your lips are soft

i can feel your breath

steady, warm, calm
it awakens my senses
my body
 shivers crawls
down my spine
 it felt so real 

except, sadly it wasn’t the reality 
i suffer for you are not mine
let me hope
let me wish
let me imagine you were mine
happy Valentine’s Day
helena alexis Feb 12
going back to
the person who
made your life
toxic is like
re-watching your favorite movie
in hope of a different
ending each time
helena alexis Feb 12
does that kind of love exist anymore? that kind where two people and their souls become one, that kind where you don’t have eyes for anyone else, eyes that don’t wonder, where the connection and love is so strong that an eternity together isn’t enough to express the feelings you have for someone so perfect, i crave that kind of love
“you should see the way
your eyes light up when
you talk about him”
she says to her

“it’s like he put a galaxy
in the sky for you”

“that’s because he did”
she says with a glimmer in
her eyes the kind she only
gets while thinking of him
he gave me the stars
your eyes remind me
of a crystal clear
sea with waves
crashing every second
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