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RN Nov 2018
You're Gwen Stacy, I'm Spidey
Don't leave me, I'll make you happy
I don't need anybody or money
Just the two of us, you and me

To others, I'm cold as ice
To you, my heart always melts, Oh nice!
Now, I'm going to roll those dice
To unfold what the future lies

My love for you is absolute
You're my boss, I salute
If I love you means I am Groot
Then I am Groot, I am Groot
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
I can still see it clearly here in my head
The way you walk towards me, I'm not prepared
Like two phones being paired
The connections between us are being shared

You're slowly walking towards me baby
Oh crap, You're such a beautiful lady
This memory keeps driving me crazy
Like the one finger push up of Bruce Lee

Step by step you're getting closer
My heart beats are getting stronger  
You just pass me by, I'm such a loser
I look back and saw you hug him tight like a bear
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
I choose you like my favorite Pokemon
Baby, I will give you even the sun and moon
I will love you from morning to noon
Please Just don't leave me too soon

Don't worry darling, it's my choice
My heart! Yes, my heart is still yours
With all these noises, all I hear is your voice
I'm not playing around, like most of these boys

I'm sorry, my heart still chooses you
For hoping that you can love me too
It's fine with me being your number two
I can't just afford to lose you
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
You're not Cecilia but you're breaking my heart
Lady, you're hitting my heart badly like a dart
You're my world but now it's falling apart
This is the end, I don't know where to start

All my dreams for us are gone
All our memories, Is it just for fun?
Baby, come back, this is not our plan
Big day tomorrow, we're not done

I'm half dead and half alive
I don't know if I'm going to survive
All I want is you, forever, by my side
But you leave a note,

You said you don't want to be my bride. .
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
These past few days are fast
I want to be as fast as Flash
Travel back in time and change our past
So I can meet you first before he does

Gonna break the rhymes in these few lines. .

I don't want you to forget him
Just move on, and say your goodbyes
Live your life and make it nice
Date, drink, travel, wink, sleep, lick, ****

Let's go back. .

Past is past, focus on your present
Almost done, will give it to you as a present
In my mind, babe you're always present
You're the teacher, I'm your student
You're my doctor and I'm your patient

Time flies very fast, man
I'm the victim and you're the gunman
You shoot my head and chest, ****
Now I'm dead to you, what a successful plan
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
Can you please examine my blood?
You'll see that I'm not that bad
I'll give you everything I've got
Will love you from the stars and back

Stick with me when I'm sick
You're the medicine that reacts so quick
You're the O and I'm the Stik
The only flower I wanna pick

Give me some medicine lady boss
I'll pay it with love, you'll overdose
In this love game, that we can't pause
You'll be mine and I'll be yours

You're the disease also the cure
You're the pain I'll need to endure
For me, one thing is for sure
My love, my love for you is pure
Rhymes in my Mind
RN Nov 2018
I'm trying to be a bad man
Literally a bad man, man
Dating and hurting other girls for fun
Just to forget my life's wonder woman

I got my hair dyed tonight
It's my first time I tried
Wanting to look bad outside
But still have a good heart inside

I want to be a bad man to forget you
Play with every girl like uncle drew
Do crazy ****ts to myself and others too
I'm a bad man now, so F.U. Wooh!
Rhymes in my Mind
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