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Gonzalitu Jan 29
In this unversal world, each shall have their place.
There's small and big, close and distant people. Ones are solid and hard, while others gaseous and malleable.
Some have enough energy to shine and give warmth to those who orbit them.
Others, are fugitives: the endeavouring errants.
There's those which will fill their surroundings of colourful dust, as well as those which will brightly shine for just a night waiting to be seen by the awake ones.

Blinding with a flash is a way to go, however, getting lost in the dark or dying in the lonely company of the ring is equally valid.

When in groups, stellar bodies behave on a particular manner.
We' ll find closed clusters, whose members are slowly turning off unnoticed.

On the other hand of infinity, there are open clusters, populated with the youngest and most brilliant generations.

As a galaxy we have a shared destiny.
Regardless of our spacial fauna, we all come from the same chaos and death remainings.
Even more mutual will be our entropic ending.

These bodies atract and orbit each other in order to always have their backs. On couples, the exchange energy, warmth and light.

It will be one day when a human finally sees them aligned.
A mixture of my two passions.
Hope you don't get annoyed by some scientific misassumptions
Daniel Magner Jan 20
It's velvety here on the fringes
way out in the darkness
absorbing light, tugging photons
down with this immense

Space dust, starlight, no matter can singe
nor emotions depress,
darker than night, a siren song
making all past tense

but I am not full and cannot find
a cure for emptiness.
Heed me no mind. Your galaxy
will crackle and smolder
long enough.
Daniel Magner 2020
Carlo C Gomez Jan 10
The Event Horizon takes
Its coffee black

The Milky Way takes
It with cream and sugar
We are astronouts of mind
landing on each others’ moon
just to discover the beauty
behind those distinct craters.

We are astronouts of soul
reaching to each others’ star
to divulge the perfect imperfection
lying from those twinkle.

After attaining in the new dimension
Your eyes are locked on mine
So that I can perceive vast galaxy
instead of just pupils.

And when you smile at me
every ounce of my breath
floats like midnight smoke
that refuses to vanish.
A little throwback with some sense of feeling.
else Dec 2019
Time’s fabric rips and shreds with you here.
I block my ears, let me get away from here!

History needs time to wind and unwind
But the clock accelerates, ticks amplify–
Dissonance of chronology’s concussion
And the beckoning of the space station

NASA, take me to the ISS—
I’ll major in astrophysics—
Just get me away from earth—
Take me to a field of solitude.
ATILA Dec 2019
He often rejects to talk passionately
when he insecures I won’t anticipate
about his plain day
or his current read
or the cosplay he dreams to wear
or the animé figure he recently bought
or just
his absurd thought two seconds ago.
Little did he know
I’d negotiate every inch of mine
just to forever listen to his chatters
that actually send electricity to my bloodstream.
I wonder
what had the universe conspired
to create this worthy man—
my one stable force
and make me fall in love to him
even deeper.
Megan Joseph Dec 2019
i sit in profound silence
in my own presence.
no one is here,
but there are many
beside me.
i am alone.
even the stars
have their own
planets as
i, among billions,
am left alone,
but i am not
m h John Nov 2019
maybe you couldn’t sleep
because the moons
were trying to talk
to you
Megan Joseph Nov 2019
you are my
and I your
day and night,
yet the same
celestial glow
emanates within us.
our dance lights
the sky
both day and night,
and though we
are not always
we meet in harmony
at the
Megan Joseph Oct 2019
the moon,
so bright and full,
fills the blue black sky.
it is all one can see,
not the stars
in their glory.
she casts her light
and love
onto the world,
we relish it
and discard her.
her loving face
radiates on us,
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