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Pyrrha Aug 25
Fall in love with a poet; an artist
They'll capture your beauty when you can't
An artist isn't just a painter or sculptor. Art is music, words, photos, pottery, and so much more than what's limited to a colorful canvas.
Bec Aug 21
I need a break
For god’s sake
Give me a steak
Or lobster on a plate
Wanna feel elated
These necklaces are
Gold plated

Let’s search the next chorus
For a line that is wise
If it is, they say it twice
Or trice
No one tries to be nice
I don’t understand these guys
Just a quick rhyme
Kai Jul 27
Sweet as honey
lavender lattes

Those lemon walls
and chocolate locks

Voice like angels
singing sweetly

Little shy smile
and a tiny wave
what can I say, Chloe Moriondo is the best. This one is super weird, it makes me seem obsessed I think. I'll probably take it down soon?
japheth Jul 18
my cat bit my earphones

i am a person who commutes everyday with my earphones on. i listen to music and i dance to it. doing what seem to be small jerks to the public but a series of big and grand moves in my head. i was a dancer.
but my cat bit my earphones.  

i hum the tunes ever so softly only to find out the stares from the people i ignored the whole ride, could hear me. i was a singer.

a silent performer.
for the audience of none.
and yes, my cat bit my earphones.

i am a person who can’t live without it. i listen to music and i zone in. i cancel all the thoughts in my head and just be. in the midst of beats, melodies, harmonies, and lyrics i was at peace. the maximum volume became my version of quiet.
and yet my cat bit my earphones.

the cheapskate in me stops me everyday from buying a new pair even if in exchange i’d have to embrace a new kind of quiet.

the quiet shared by the people i commute with:
the roaring engines, the horns of cars following no beat at all, the shouting of the barkers and conductors rapping with no flow. i hear everything. i was a listener.

a loud performance
for the audience of one.
all because my cat bit my earphones.

i blame my cat everyday for this punishment. i love my cat but sometimes i wish she could pay for it or even apologize for that matter. but i have no choice but to continue my everyday commute without my earphones.
****. my cat bit my earphones.

the thoughts i can’t mute when i commute now screams loudly begging me to listen. begging me to write them down. begging me to finally piece together all the words i know will make sense when given time. i am a writer.
i just can’t help myself but think that my cat bit my earphones.

now i am a person who commutes everyday without my earphones on. i listen to my head and i feel it. putting together ideas and emotions that may seem unpolished to me but could be something great to the public once heard. i am an artist.

a performer.
for the audience, i’m the one.
all because my cat bit my earphones.
Shin Jul 16
The wane and ebb of the wave within my brain,
A pain ever-glowing, flowing within
Why can't I sing any longer?
Why won't these thoughts remain insane?

I bid good night to the spider,
it's been a wonderful life.
But now this too must end,
as my heart is numbed by iron.
Been thinking about Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse a lot lately.
fray narte Jul 15
i want you
the way artworks
want to be painted,
the way the poems
want to be written,
the way songs
want to be sung.
fray narte Jul 2
you are so much more than the days you can't create or write anything.

those days where you lift your pen, press it against the emptiness of the sheet. those days where you are drenched in the skies' grayest clouds and the colors and lines won't sew you a silver lining. those days where the spines of your favorite books hold no magic. those days where inaction and emptiness will swallow you whole. those days where sunsets are just a discord of colors, and the night skies are just a discord of stars, and the poems are just a discord of words and you, just a discord of vacuums — you are so much more than all of these days. and today, it's okay to not be able to create anything.

today, it's your turn to be the art — it's your turn to be the poetry.
Sphinx Jun 30
Vibrant blue, swirling above,
illuminated by clustered constellations.
Nature's boundless beauty magnified through
"crazed" eyes,
euphoria captured in a moment. The night
Bursting with life and possibilities...

Then daybreak clears The Canvas.
Inspired by Van Gogh's "A starry night"
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