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ummily Sep 27
you can remember someone  
you never knew
you can carry them  
without you
in your blood,  
in your scar tissue
a ghostly memory  
someone whispering  
outside of me  
haunted, happily.
ummily Sep 26
It's the little things that count for me
the door knocker,
the pattern in the rug,
the freckles
recklessly scattered
across your nose,
the one that's nearly in your eye for God sakes!
those sapphires
looking back at me
and the way things could have been.
ummily May 4
As we grow up,
we become less afraid
of being haunted
and more afraid
of being heart broken.
I heard a ghost in my house today,
I told it to go away.
I guess this
is growing up.
ummily May 4
a tug at the end of the line -
there's something here,
she squeaks,
as her skin turns
sea-foam green.
silence drowns her,
"do it afraid",
whispers the sea.
ummily Feb 14
On scraps of paper
strewn about the house,
I catch a glimpse of your handwriting  
and it resurrects you from the dead.

Amongst the living,
I can hear your whistle  
as it echos in the hall  
and I remember how I thought that,
'one day, you would make a good dad'.

Amongst the living,
I forget for a moment
that you’re thirsty  
for my blood.  
and that dust now gathers
in the spaces  
where the blood used to flow.

Amongst the living,
I forget for a moment
that you’re haunting me.  
That you’re still here  
but I can’t speak to you.  

That your corpse still lies  
in the next room
Tv blaring,
The smell lingers  
and it’s getting bad.  
my phone lights up with your name  

and I jump.

Amongst the living,
I remember  
that you’re only broken.  
I can see your smile
in my mind’s eye,  
Your freckles  
and how I used to count them.  
I wonder now
how much time I’ve spent  
staring at your face  
and how I knew our baby
would have those eyes too.
primal, astral, ancestral,

I loved you once
and for a moment,  
I remember.
ummily Nov 2022
There was a time when I
Was so in love with
The sound of your voice
That I could not hear
What you said.
ummily Oct 2021
Blue lights beaming
Red eyes gleaming
Forbidden obsession
Haunting and dreaming
The longing for freedom
The feeling on my tongue
Twisting and writhing
Scattered and fighting
The memories biting
You struck me like lightning.
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