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liakey 3d
testing the waters,
I let him every time.

I don’t know why...
it’s like I have no control over my own mind.

weak sense of self, so he takes advantage

it’s like i know i shouldnt,
yet i don’t want to leave him stranded.
excerpt from my poem “control”
liakey 4d
don’t you dare try to come back,
a haunting memory is all you’ll ever be.
liakey 6d
i would rather be perceived for an eternity as a fool than for a single moment as a cold soul.
call me a fool.
liakey 7d
I am not an open book;
I am not an easy read.

you pried open my cover,
and engraved your name on the sleeve.

ink bleeding through the layers,  
pure white pages made unclean.

you wrote down a story,
and I let myself believe.
liakey Feb 11
dear happiness,
please stay with me.

used to think you were out of my reach-
been feeling lately like I just couldn’t see.
used to think you were illusive; an impalpable, unattainable dream-
forged by most, and truly felt only by a few elite.

now, you’re here, revealing that you were always hiding beneath.
into the depths of the ocean, I explored to bring you back from the dark, daunting sea.

so I beg of you now, please don’t flee.
I will cherish each moment that you choose to spend with me;
thank you for finally setting me free.
liakey Feb 9
monsters, monsters everywhere
hold my hand and lead me out of here

eyes, their eyes like you and I,
faces normal, unable to dehumanize

every bit an equal to you or I,
they’re not hiding under some scary disguise

evil is not an exclusive trait,
evil grows inside of all,
blame it on fate

it’s targets are not set in stone,
the only safety is all alone

water it and show it the sun,
blossoms brightly, overgrown

to destroy it now, seems impossible
monsters, monsters
where to run?
liakey May 2019
I call him the devil because he makes me wanna sin
Every time he knocks on the door,
I can’t help but let him in

I know it’s wrong to appease his call,
Though in the end, I know I will fall

Save me from this place,
As though I will amount to more than a mere disgrace

He’s here, though not really
Comes and goes in phases,
Leading me on and hooking me in
So this cycle will yet again spin

Breaks me but makes me;
Every antithesis

Falling apart; holds me together
Leave him, yet I stay
Love him, but hate it
Despise him, lost in this high

Coming down is painful
the hurt and sadness ensues,
Bringing back the mundane,
Meaningless life I see ahead;
The reality I am destined to pursue
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