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Ashwin Kumar Jan 13
My tongue is on fire
And stuck am I, in a mire
Dangling like a carrot
And waiting to be devoured
Is some rather delicious food
Unfortunately, I am not in the mood
Because, every time I take a bite
My ******* tongue puts up a humungous fight
Locking me up in a torture chamber
And thus filling me with loads of anger
How dare you do this to me, O darned tongue?
Do you think I am a piece of dung?

My tongue is on fire
And it does not care
How hungry I am
Serious, it gives not a ****
Set before me, is a mouthwatering meal
However, becoming am I, rather dull
As I struggle and struggle
My tongue pulling me into deep trouble
Slowly, do I begin to think
That, desperately do I need a drink
Thus, do I consume an entire bottle of water
However, just as I begin to feel better
That infernal tongue throws tantrum after tantrum
Thus spelling my doom
Predictably, coming to my rescue is a sweet
Dear Diabetes, soon we may meet!

My tongue is on fire
However, beginning am I, to fight
Because, I give up not, so easily
And I DO take the doctor's advice seriously
However, my tongue ends up having the last laugh
Since all those medicines are apparently not enough
To prevent me from being forced
To make a few sacrifices
When it cometh to food
Which again spoils my mood
Moreover, just when the situation seems to be getting back to normal
Dinner turns out to be quite the ordeal
Not for the first time
And definitely not the last
I even wonder if I should fast!!

My tongue is on fire
However, as mentioned before
Never do I give up easily
Dear tongue, for now you may smile nastily
However, soon will the tables be turned
And then YOU are gonna be doomed
Enjoy your time while it lasts
And NO, I will NOT fast
No matter how many tricks you may have up your sleeve
Victory you are not gonna achieve
Never again!!
Poem I decided to write after developing an extremely bothersome tongue ulcer.
Àŧùl Jan 2018
I am the best.
I Am Not An Avatar

Aiming for immortality I am not,
Mortal I am happy and content.

Traveling I met with an accident,
Hoping to reach home I was,
Expecting the mishap not.

But I still fought my life back,
Except I have been surely fitter,
Still I have never been more alive,
The Angels of death were left craving.
Assurance by a nearly immortal lover for his dear lover, Pooh Bear.

My HP Poem #1702
©Atul Kaushal
Ma Cherie Jun 2016
I'm a fighter by my trade
a bed of pain you will be laid
my referee has made the call
this fight won't bother me at all
I crick my my neck

Who are you to not be afraid of me?
If I were you I would be
seen some fights more than a few
My gloves are laced and ready
my hands at side are steady
as sweat drips past my brow

Who are you do not know my strength?
I'll kick that feeling
break that ceiling
I am unstoppable

You can make me sick
you can make me cry
keep me guessing
and wondering why
I might give you a little sigh
as I hear them calling

I'll punch you back
knock you out
change my gear
of fear and doubt
I know it'll be alright

My gloves are tightened
my eyes are brightened
footsteps lightened
you don't stand a chance

Better you stay down
then go another round
I'm a fighter
I overcome
this battle has been won
I'm ready

two hits from me
the stars you'll see
me hitting you
you hitting the ground
that will be the only sound
and I am unfraid

you might try and you will fail
I'll take the wind out of your sails
Drop you like a bad habit

I'm a fighter so you know
you'll go down when toe to toe
I can take you with one blow
with the other hand tied behind my back

I'm a fighter
step in this ring
On count when that bell sings
your no match for hands my of steel
I am a fighter
soon you'll feel
the pounding of my fists

Stay down don't get up
My fists held tight against deaths cup
A fighter I was made
a fighter my Father's trade
he's in my corner

I ain't no dope
your pushed back on the ropes
you hit below the belt
I barely even felt
the sting

Step inside this ring
I'm a fighter
an out boxer
step in...or step off.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Loosely translated means my darling my blood.... my pulse a fighter. For Lady RF...and anyone struggling in any way :)

— The End —