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Hunter Sep 12
I take three long hits.
For a moment my lungs fill up,
The nicotine hits my brain,
And for a moment.
I forget how to breathe,
Like I’m suffocating.
Do It every night
Anastasia Jun 5
is it love
if you pull me aside
to a room
to be alone
and play your song
on your phone
and ask me to help you
write a poem
and you show me
all the stupid
you can do
with your
is this love or am i just lying to myself
Anastasia Jun 4
in the air
as he breathed out
and i breathed in
the taste of watermelon
lingering on my tongue
mjad Nov 2018
Of all the fun Ive ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From vaping in the car
To drinking in my friends basement bar
Almost all I've never told you
Nearly crashing a car
Kissing strangers just for fun
Smelling like **** a ton
Sneaking out to a friend's wedding
To seeing the cops pull up and dreading
You hearing about all the fun I've had that I've never told you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 2 to "Fun"
Hg Aug 2018
from the rose under her nose
a cloud of smoke made its escape

**** girl where you from, i asked
planet of the vapes?

a slow and hateful eye roll
traveled across the room

your jokes are the worst you know
you’re lucky that you’re cute
Ron Gavalik Mar 2018
A young woman stands on the sidewalk
in front of a vape shop.
Her long red hair is the dream
of desperate men
that flutters in the cool spring breeze.
She fiddles with her smartphone,
her thumb quickly scrolls screens
in an attempt to fight boredom.
She's waiting, waiting, waiting
for her next adventure,
but those skin tight yoga pants
and her filthy sneakers tell me
she has a long wait.
a Norwegian
fjord did
cut their
axel's hairpin
in the
row of
tundra that
Lapland was
their arcane
balloon on
Aegean shore
if Barents
Sea burgeoned
dialect herd
yelp in
Mike Pence
with accord.
Harlie Oct 2017
The smoke fades the pst
Short hit
Long hit
Your lungs burn, your mind goes numb
The smoke fills the car
Short hit
Long hit
***** the past, that pain won't last
Smoke it up and burn the past
Bad habits have made me
Bad habits will break me
I will eventually learn
But for now I smoke to feel the burn
I vape haha
Ron Gavalik Jul 2017
In a building recess
between a whiskey bar and a vape shop
an old man sat on a rolled blanket.
He held a simple sign on a torn sheet of cardboard
that read "HONGRY."
The old man's face contained hundreds of deep crevices,
a lifetime of memories permanently imprinted,
much like the etchings found on old vinyl records..

A young man in a while golf shirt
Stumbled out of the whiskey bar.
He stopped in front of the old *** to regain his balance.
"Get a job," he said in slurred contempt.
"Do something with your life."

The old man stared through the drunkard,
In total silence,
the old man's worn face filled the sidewalk with the music
of his wisdom, his pain, his experiences.
The drunkard stumbled along,
deaf to that solemn gift of truth.

— The End —