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Absent Minded is a poet and thinker from the sprawls of New York City. His work bears the personal reflection and the imagination of a ...
Absent Smile
16/F/Australia    I seek to create poetics that transcend human emotion and embodies an identity that those dream to have but never could secure. Also, I'm bored.


Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
Absent are the people
I truly believed were there.
Absent is my sympathy,
To truly love and care.
Absent is the one,
Whom directly I talk to.
Absent is the name,
I rather just call 'you.'
Absent is your presence
In a friendship that you played a part.
Absent is the love
You claim is within your heart.
Absent are the words,
I long to let pour off of my tongue.
Absent is our future,
Though, we are still young.
Absent are the reasons
For all of the swift ends.
Absent are the people,
I once had called my friends.
Absent are my thoughts,
That figures this all out.
Absent is my voice,
To whisper, talk or shout.
Absent is my courage,
To tell you about my pain.
Absent are the benefits
I would ever wish to gain.
Absent is the trust,
In whom I grew to know.
Absent is your reluctancy,
That wanted me to go.
Absent are the smiles,
That once sat upon my face.
Absent are my memories,
Of the times you showed no grace.
Absent is the understanding,
I hope we'll come to, yet.
Absent are the days
I never want to forget.
Absent is the truth,
That solves all of this mess.
Absent are my mistakes,
You could forgive no less.
Absent is the happiness,
I once felt deep inside.
Absent is you,
Right here by my side.
Absent is the person,
I could never quite love more.
Absent is his existence,
For he's not who he was before.
Absent is my knowledge,
To explain all in one poem..
Absent is my ability
To climb right up to Heaven,
And bring you safely home..
30 August 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Rochelle R  Jun 2014
Rochelle R Jun 2014
Absent body, absent form.
Absent absolutely,
As if you were ne'er born.

Absent voice, absent deeds.
Absent frames,
Of histories ne'er seen.

Absent opinion, absent feeling.
Absent choice,
There's nothing left to be.

Absent, me.
On fathers, some fathers, but not my father.
Courtney O Dec 2017
I am the absent mother waiting in your living room
Away for long, I pop after being so gone
Battling on her own
I fought dragons in my brain and wandered around
I needed this time off
to pick up my pieces from the floor
(And I might go back anytime if I'm not careful enough!)

I am the absent mother - no one quite understands
I danced with souls and recovered my name
But this was my fate
I am the absent mother - I can't ask for love
Although something pushes me forward to
I've been places, you cannot even imagine

And we've developed from each other far
You can't come and claim love like a tax!
But biology is a bind - the biology of the times we spent together in the dark
How we fed each other when no one was
No matter how different, distant, we are.

And now I ring your bell coming home
And now you're surprised and a bit shocked
Glad, but still froze
Because I am the absent mother, the absent one
Because she couldn't live with a head - with wounds - now scars