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DxMarzz Nov 5
Psychological warfare
been there
been square
ain't fair
but you gotta run with it
listen, i know it is hard to be different
But we s'posed to be
this the life that we livin
livin, Are you really living?
Are you really listening to the words i say
take it day by day child

And it ain't breezy to be bold
to be the type that will speak up loud without the choke
And it ain't easy to be the punch line that can't be told
an absent cough preceding a milky ****
Dearly departin'
I'm not a g but i move how the move with a head full of smarts man(j.s.)

Just remember that when your self care gets put on hold
you leave your own fire out in the cold.
And what a shame you're always learning
opposed what you were told

dear child don't let them steal the light emitting from your soul- you can't even put down the shovel to realize you diggin' yourself deep ina hole
Before you heal it's gonna be a while
I know it's gonna be a while child

chin up child don't let em win
protect yourself, love yourself and nurture what stirs within
and man ignore the knocking- don't open the door
in the fifth dimension you still rocking the crown that your ancestors wore
but with it comes the blood sweat 'nd tears that they hoard
don't get it twisted you're simply a new vessel that your family bore
Don't explain anymore.
watch your company mama they clouding up your aura

too many people claiming to be woke whilst walkin' in they sleep
sometimes all you gotta do is close your eyes
to unmask the wolves disguised as sheep

we livin' it up  but when the street lights be flashin'
we dashin' we ain't be lookin' back to notice who is or isn't laggin'
Ya son's been running the streets
then runnin' the sheets with loose babies makin cursed babies
Dear child

Sometimes i try not to make the song cry
Jay Z
my own mama hate me
But i don't sweat a drop
cause I grew into the cream of the crop
Destined to find the path that will lead my flesh to the top

and with each day that passes by i'll laugh i'll cry i'll learn
became the flame- now watch me burn
AHG mama we made it!
AHG you really hate it!
you n your mans can get up, get down
AHG wait
ya'll way too faded
Dear child
and when the song starts to cry I don't hold back
in fact
i let it seep into your souls
only my art can fill these holes
despite ya'll moles
im out
Erykah Badu
Big Pooh
Little brother
My brother
My sisters
Sasha Raven Mar 19
With every day, your Sundown, maybe is the last,
your life story will end, one day, in which you cast ...
Everything has its uprising and it is so sad — downfall,
sometimes you feel so tall, then again so small ...
With seven hundred and seventy-seven ways I love,
my angel, I send prayers for you, to the God above ...
With your deeds you will be closer to h**l or to heaven,
her sacred number is seven hundred and seventy-seven ...
She is always talking about that — her sacred number,
I would love to listen, all the time, but I have to slumber ...
But, before I fall into asleep, give me your — the sweetest kiss,
just want to be dreaming my dreams with blessing — bliss ...
Aaron LaLux Dec 2018
Backpack strapped back to my back packed up ready for the next destination,
got a train then caught a plane from Lisbon to Budapest but got no rest,
now it's time to go again & I’m all out of answers but I do have a question,
if I’ve been awake in this American Dream for so long then when do I rest?

people on the outside say my life is great & they say it with a hint of envy,
they say that I’m who they want to be or at least that’s what they say to me,
& honestly I'm too tired to thank them nor have the patience to engage them,
because I'm racin' to the next destination on a spaceship with a window seat,

daydreaming awake & gazin' out the window wow this view is amazin',
see it's more about what you leave in than it is about what you came in,

but honestly,
I’m depressed,
& honestly,
now that I've got everything else I'd like to finally get some rest,

I'm upset,
still having a good time though I must admit,
because I'm blessed with the rest of the best of the Jet Set clique yes,
but must confess I'd like to find a nice nest where I can get some night rest,

because I’m tired of going whichever direction I'm pulled,
tired of going wherever the wind blows,
& I know it's an honor to receive all these invitations,
to all these events all over the world,

but it's as exhausting as it is awesome,
so I'm searching,
for redemption & as God's son,
through my sins I am praying,

please take me home,
if life Itself is a prayer,
& we bless everywhere that we roam,
then it shouldn't matter that I never made it to church,
it should only matter that I'm a Believer that believes in redeeming his soul,

oh no here we go,
I wanted to take the time to marinate & elaborate,
but I'm writing this at a fast pace with haste because I’ve got a flight to catch,
& if I stay here any longer to take the time to elaborate I’ll be very late,

& once again I put down the pen in order to make my next date,

so I’m back packing,
I’m backpacking as backpacker not a back tracker,
so I'm moving forward because I've got a feeling that I can’t ignore anymore,
which is that there's more in store to explore & everything's still exciting,

& I want to share all of these experiences with you,

but I can't take you with me so instead of inviting you I’m writing cues,
to help you find the clues in all these experiences I'm going through,
as I live it up to the limit of the sky no gimmicks I'll admit to you why,
it's because I’m only living this life & visiting these towns for you,

so come spend some time with me,
so we can be together before we both go away,
because we all know what They all say,
baby tomorrow isn’t promised today,

tomorrow isn't promised today,

& that’s why I’m back packing,
getting ready for the next destination & always ready for action,

backpack strapped back to my back packed up ready for the next destination,
got a train then caught a plane from Lisbon to Budapest but got no rest,
now it's time to go again & I’m all out of answers but I do have a question,
if I’ve been awake in this American Dream for so long then when do I rest?

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

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Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
You were just a dream,
I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50.
but I knew the risk when I took that leap,

& it's not your fault nor is it mine,
it's just The Fault In Our Stars shout out to John Green,
Blame It On The Rain feeling as silly as Milli Vanilli,
feeling like everything's fake like you're only a screen,

& maybe that's why I feel so detached,
& why when you spill your heart out I don't say a thing,
you overreact & I don't even react,
because like they say life is but a dream,

though to be fair I'd say it's more of a nightmare,
because we get to see it all but can't keep a thing,
sleepwalking through this waking life,
where the loudest noises are mute & the silence screams,

& the truth is you seemed so lucid,
that I felt stupid for not being able keep you here,
& I'm not making excuses but the truth is,
I choose to lose everything including you that I hold dear,

which makes sense since you were just a dream,
that I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50,
but I knew the risk when I took that leap...

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

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A Simillacrum Jun 2018
What surprise?
The model is tied
To our constructions,
But it sends the smoke
Screen away to reveal
A pattern and form.
The modern man
With a ***** seeks to find
Purpose in his *******,
But the finding may be done
In an abject lack
And sitting in place.
What surprise?
The (alpha) man
Who rapes control
Will prostrate
To the systems
Ensuring access
To unrestricted
Greed and Lust.
That ******!
It's not about you
At the bottom --
Deep and down, we
Share this problem:
Models up above, on
Pedestals take
Both testosterone
And estrogen to
Oppressive absolutes.
Fire burning in the sky,
Caught us all by surprise,
They storm in, hard boots hitting the stairs,
Foreign-language screaming with their guns,
As we hold onto those who we love,
All that was, is gone.
A new law was placed, which they won,
Take caution for a new world order,
You can't run anywhere, they closed the borders,
All will choose their two choices left,
Imprisonment or death.
This is a poem I published on July 6th of 2013. It predicts the downing of a 777 airplane, which was caused by a country invading another country. On July 17th of 2014, yhis poem became a reality. Exactly a year and 11 days after I published the poem, a 777 plane blows up over Ukraine, due to Russia invading Ukraine.
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
Everytime we makes moves
There always a critic to prove
Keep us down we violate
My peeps can even create
Our own money militia and business
Instead we recreate
More problems
Its too **** deep to resolve em
Wish i wasnt born in the first place
Eradicate my race
Cuz i gotta brown face
So i gotta slow pace
And jealousy aint never leavin' this place
Earth is hell hell is on earth
Why you think women give pain at birth?
Cuz the sin is brought in
Unconscious to conscious
Being hypnotize by the societies eyes
Learn the game and get wise
Kick the wickedness good bye
Enticing adversaries they die
In vain through much pang
No sympathy from me
**** the haterd police and the grand jury
The courts is mad
Since we got emancipated from slavery
50 years later we still aint free?
Fools singing same ol
***** hymns
Aint going no where
We shall overcome
By dumpin' rounds in the heart of city
Make all them politics feel ******
Since i ****** all the milk
Out my mothers tittie
I gain knowledge from being fed healthy
We my moves we aint playin' no more
Knows it's time to even the score
**** peace we want war
And let this dumb muthaphukkas have it
We aint takin no more! !!!!!!
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
You are so
that I have a sense of
to filter out all the
thoughts in my head.

Otherwise, some spiteful
might befall you for the
things you've accursed what little
I've managed to accrue from this Slot Machine.

— The End —