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Carl Miller Feb 2021
Evening coffee grows cold on my old oak desk
While my phone sits silently
As acquaintances grow distant
In mockery of a social life turned burlesque

So I lie, in apathy, on my twin-sized bed
And make no effort to stir
While the glowing globe in the evening portrait
Falls silently as I rest my head
Carl Miller Feb 2021
She's something else
She's got that magical way about her
That can make me cry or smile
On my darkest of days

But I'm someone else
And I've been hurting forever
I've been waiting a nice long while
For her to make her way

Back into my arms

But she's a wonderful young woman
With all of the dignity
And none of the indignation
And she makes my heart soar

And I'm just a man
With all of the sincerity
And heartfelt elation
I ask myself

What was I waiting for?
Carl Miller Feb 2021
Is what I feel for you

And that will never change

In my heart made new
Carl Miller Feb 2021
Just a crosswalk away
My phone chimes with an "I see you"
It's been a long day
I type out playfully, "I see you too"

Are You okay with me?
Was I sweet enough to keep close?
I'm trying, can't you see?
New year, new you, that's usually how it goes

I guess
Carl Miller Jan 2021
I am bound eternally
Not by the ties of guilt and sin
But to his righteous name
Bright shining as the sun, within

Above the boiling roads
Where hatred brews and spits
I know my nature, loathing
Baal, and his blasphemous wits

This side of eternity
I will strive and fall, headfirst
Bloodied knees rise again
Christ, redeemer, quench my thirst

For life
Keep me far from this world.
Carl Miller Jan 2021
Tearing up and down the paths
Leaves and pecan shells on the old concrete
We thought it would last awhile
But while it did, it was sweet

Now I can’t drive over the old river bridge
Without breaking down

Nineteen years and I couldn’t have been less prepared
But I’m joyful over the memories we shared
Because in the end
I made a friend

I Love You
Thank You for everything.
Carl Miller Jan 2021
We met up at our old spot
To exchange gifts long overdue
And I’ve never been so scared
Yet so relieved, to see you
It's been a minute.
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