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Julio Nov 2020
Leave your body in my arms
Let yourself feel the warm heat of me
Trust a hope without promises
My arms are an extension of my soul
And your body of mine
Josh Jul 2019
Today I feel left to the sun, dried and warn
Yesterday I was someone in search of danger
I found it
I lost a friend and gained a skewed vector
Potentially dangerous to paradise
So I clean my soul
Maria Etre Apr 2019
I feel like
I have lost
the battle
in a one-warrior
Sammie Sep 2018
Like a flame so high
all I will do is make you burn,
Think before you walk down my path of love
cause you might never be able to turn!
Like a sudden rush of adrenaline
all I will do is pump you up for the fall,
Think before you fall in my love
cause you might never be able to take my all!!
Like a broken dream so bad
all I will do is make you walk away,
Think before you join me for a walk
cause with heavy winds you might sway!
Like a thorn admist the roses
all I will do is leave you bruised,
Think twice before you hop on a ride
cause you might even be left all alone on the cruise!!
vanessa ann Mar 2018
i’ve always known
you were a danger
Rae Sep 2017
We've been warned of bad people
ever since we were little.
We've all learned that we shouldn't trust
a creepy man who offers candy if you'll only get into his truck.

But nobody's ever warned us of

The boys with dangerously glittering eyes,
who will pepper you with affection only to
put a bullet in your heart.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The girls wearing mean smirks like armour,
who will laugh at you when you walk by and
make you feel so insecure.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The wounds that were bound to open in our chests,
which won't disappear in an instant
if at all.

Nobody's ever warned us of

- there are some things people will never tell you -
you held my hand,
and, with that, my heart skipped a beat.
don't fall in love with me
i whispered.

you showed me the world,
and, with that, my lungs gasped for more air.
don't fall in love with me
again, i whispered.

you took the stars and gave them to me,
and, with that, my knees felt weak.
don't fall in love with me.

i warned you- a lot of times, yes.
but i forgot to warn myself;
i forgot that i am but naive.

and after all my precautions,
it was i who fell.
i fell in love with you.
Kalia Eden May 2014
she was wearing soft red lips
and blue eyes as deep as the ocean
and a shirt that read “THIS WILL DESTROY YOU”
and you should’ve known then but it was already too late
too late
too late
and you were already moving, already in motion
she made her darkness shine like gold.    

she was wrapped in silk and satin
that would have burned you if you tried to touch
and she was sitting by a window
waiting for you.
she wanted to keep her sadness close
and her vastness open.
she didn’t understand what it meant to be the moon
and you should’ve known then but it was already too late
and you were already moving.
she was a wolf, she said
and her knowledge could eat you
you, on the other hand
have always been a deer.

                        she spoke with a voice of lush and luxury
and wore her jacket over her shoulders
on the first day of spring.
her enigma was thrilling
and she scared you
almost to death
but not enough to make you leave.
she had hands of ice
and the breath of heartbreak.
she still remembered how to laugh
however cynical.
she was just as lost and dismembered as anyone else
but knew how to hide it
among sharpened knives
and glasses of red wine.
she loved the thought of drowning
but yearned to be saved
and asked you for help.
she let you in
but she was a self-proclaimed goddess
with secrets deeper
than your lungs.
she was water
and you have always been air
and you should’ve known then but it was already too late
and you were already moving.
the whole time you moved within one word
and that word carried you to places she never could:
she tried to warn you
she knew she couldn’t be the person you loved
yet somehow you still did
somehow you still did
(she) did still you, somehow
somehow you still did.
it was already too late
late too, already, was it?
it was already too late.
before you even met her
before you even saw her turn around in that coffee shop
before her smile
before her accent reached your ears
before your arms touched
before she read her writing to you
before she opened
before she placed her hand on your back
before you watched her walk away down the dark city street for the first and last time
before you met the body behind the screen, you did
you loved the words.

— The End —