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  Dec 2020 A
All alone in my room,
Without anyone that cares
So I sit in solemn silence,
Amongst my world of squares.

I feel like I'm in control,
As I spiral further down,
Clenching my pieces tightly,
Begging to be found,
Knowing it's hopeless,
I lay my king on the ground.
Lately I've been staying till late at night just playing chess, it's a nice distraction from the silence. No one is here, admittedly that sounds like a stupid thing to complain about at 1 in the morning but I just mean in general
  Dec 2020 A
there's happiness
and there's sorrow.

there's life
and there's regret.

there's sin
and there's confession.

there's me
and there's poetry.
poetry is not an escape anymore
it's the way I live now
A Dec 2020
Take this mason jar and rose
Think about this instead of your foes
Remember now, it was not you he chose
Surprising, how your rants seem to flow
But there’s no point
Just watch the rose grow

Remember when you told me
even the darkest rose
can be found in heaven
Well, today I hold this rose
Just staring at each unique fold
Wondering if this is the day I
let it go
Instead I watch it grow.
A Nov 2020
Focusing on me
for the first time
of my life
A Nov 2020
I lost a friend
In the land of broken dreams
We can’t lie
And say we didn’t try

But today I stride in alone
To the land of the forgotten
Hoping to make it out alive
In one piece, to the other side

It may take an hour or year
but we have one last chance
To mend our souls  
And lives
And our GCSEs

But if we fail
Then we failed together
We may not be friends
But we gave it ago
And I regret nothing

I had fun.
I enjoyed the hidden pain
All the laughs and jokes
And the nasty remarks.
We were different
And that’s what made it special
We were special
And no one can change that

Till next time,
Good bye my ‘good friend’
I’ll see you in English and science
And lunch and break.
Because we can’t be avoided.

Yesterday we stood together and
Today I  stand alone
Onto my next journey
I turn back to the past before stepping to the future
While you watch me from the distance
Wondering where did it all go wrong,
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