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2aftermidnight Jul 2014
The world of sadness consuming my body, entring the relam of my soul, gards of my soul is tired, out of wepones, thier been in many battels, a blood bath became me.
2aftermidnight Jun 2014
My finger tips is as cold as the heat of hell,
Inhaling and Exhaling chemicals that is running through my veins into my brain, i call it anchor, heavy as it is.
a secret i share… "i write when i'm choking.." Shhh.. , the word of silence and a verb of order to keep the darkest secrets.
     **welcome to wonderland.
2aftermidnight May 2014
Contradiction that is my soul name,
strong but weak,
good but bad,
can be controlled but out of control,
happy but depressed,

2aftermidnight May 2014
Condotti, Setting in a street named after someone mysterious in this century, or what more no one cares, filled with history, cared by the worst and the best hidden stories, those streets are filled with voices of the past mixed with noises of the future, siting here in the steps of *Condotti staring at the people that about to become from the past, at the people that will be the study of the most mysterious and un-logic humanity, even me i'll be one of those lost voices that been lost in the streets of Condotti.
2aftermidnight May 2014
A ribbon of darkness covers the heart of a prudent man.
2aftermidnight May 2014
Trying to find your lost soul is like chasing those final words from a dying man.
2aftermidnight May 2014
Easily loved, and easily hated. LIFE.
2aftermidnight Apr 2014
I’m turning to an ugly beast..A servant for the devil..A black slave with a lost heart.. who are tortured by his lord.. A torture have never been seen or heard.. a lord who let his servants choose a path between light and darkness.. servants are blind enough to dig in darkness to find light .. but is the servants are truly blind.. searching for Hop,promises.. But manipulated by the devil..
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