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Dee Cee Jun 2016
the smooth stay hard shape
brings pleasure so deep
vibrating emotions letting me escape
relaxing, soothing, enabling me to sleep

but how I miss that weight on my thighs
skin on skin, irregular motion, then sudden explosion
deep breathes of emotion that is my prize
poor old bob is heading for demotion.
battery operated boyfriend!
Dee Cee May 2016
tingling spraying head
hitting, engorging zones
nothing like morning showers
I thought I would try a 10 word poem - on the delights of that early morning shower..... I love the invigorating sensation of that water on my skin.
Dee Cee May 2016
Delve deep into my inner sanctum
express your desire for my love
show me how you tease and please
enlighten the inner beast in me!

Watch how I rage with uncontrollable fire
see how the demons alight to the surface
believe I am not the person you thought me to be
thrill as I envelope your every ******!
Dee Cee May 2016
oh! to love again.
Nervous anticipation
of what is to come!
that feeling we all get, nervous anticipation of what lies ahead!
Dee Cee May 2016
Alone and rebuffed
tears stain into my pillow
alarmingly sane
Dee Cee May 2016
My satisfaction
requires excitement of
nothing but my mind
Dee Cee May 2016
Two bodies entwined
in a warm slippery knot
perspiration glow
in the afterglow of two consensual lovers afternoon bliss
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