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Liz Carlson Feb 2021
get out.

heart racing,
can't catch my breath,
hand rubbing against my thigh repeatedly,
pulling my knees up to my chest and holding my body so tight, it hurts,
i can't think logically, only fear and loss of control ensues.
my own thoughts tear me apart and scare me.

the only real danger is in my thoughts,
so how do i get out?
Jane Jul 2020
Confess, I have to confess.

Who's on the other side of my confessional?

I've thought wrong, I could've thought another, why can't I control what I think?

Confess it, lay your sin.

If I confess my thought, I fear it'll make it real. It's harmless in my head, it's abstract.

But is it?

Look at who you've hurt, the person you love. But never you, why would you care about you?

You should be perfect. Be your best self.

When my best self is deconstructed, all I am is fear.

So confess it, lay your burdens on another.

Be selfish, lay your irrationality for someone else to detangle.

Your strength is fragile, trust me.

I know you,

I know all of you, your deepest fear, your subconscious.

Trust me, you're all that I am.

So confess, give in.

I'm your religion, I'm your truth.

The truth is,
you're not worth love.
the tip of the iceberg
sushii Nov 2019
My nerves have failed me yet again.

My senses are overwhelmed again.

My body can’t handle what it’s taking

My diaphragm is twisting and turning.

                     I’m scared.
It’s always a battle with you
I try to stand up, and you’re always there to kick me down again
You beat me down and I just lie there and take it
A right swing to my body image, an uppercut to my confidence

I’m never allowed to be happy
And God forbid I feel beautiful for once
You make me out to be this obnoxious person that nobody can stand
But I don’t see you with any friends, and no one’s coming to your defense

You tell me that I annoy all my friends and they’ll all betray me
Yet you never fail to be first in line for taking a swing at me
Always whispering in my ear and telling me that nobody has ever really liked me
But you have always been the first to bash me for being who I am

Maybe I’m really not all that bad
Maybe I’m really ******* fantastic
And maybe you’re just scared that I’ll figure it out and you’ll be forgotten
Because you’re nothing but an irrelevant voice constantly fighting to keep itself heard

You are the voice of my anxiety
You exist because I do
And without me, you are nothing
But without you, I can be happy

I am all you have
I give your voice life and I give it meaning
You are nothing but what I allow you to be
You say I’m nothing, but you are nothing without me
Kai Jan 2019
Pressure around my lungs cutting off the air
Agitation and alarm shooting through my veins
Negativity surrounds my thought in a haze
Inkblots in my vision from asphyxiation
Crushed with the heavy weight of it
Part six of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Jamie Lee Nov 2018
My addiction likes to play games with me

I try to hide, but it seeks me

On every occasion, or party

I want to just stay home-

***** it out with a pillow

Till it stops breathing

As I watch too much TV,

Count the drinks on the screen

Like counting sheep

3 pints of *****

2 beers

1 shot of whiskey

I feel myself changing

Between shifts, with no breaks in between

Some work overtime, I hear my addiction breathing-

3 PINTS OF *****



I would tell you all about it

But it’s a long story,

All guts and no glory

I can only talk about it when I’m drunk

On too early of a morning

Or when my eyes are stuck

On a ceiling fan, when I spin with the room

Words are fluid- like, they used to be

Now my lips are a broken cocoon

The words die behind a prison of teeth

Just old ideas, dead memories

That no one needs to hear or see

Sorry I won’t be seeing you at any parties

Sorry I won’t spill my guts for free

Or wait for you to wave to me

Hit me with the “how are you doing?”
Its not that I want to hide from you,

But my anxiety is looking for bullet wounds

Addiction hides in the skin

Of the people across the room

They have been shooting looks at me,

Every eye blinking my direction is lightning

Its striking me; how frightening

How fragile I can be, I’m sorry

Maybe that’s why

I plug myself into a wall

I stitch my mouth shut

And scream through the keyboard

Because I don’t want you to stop reading,

Or stop listening,

Just because

You don’t see me

At parties
Jamie Lee Nov 2018
When you have your heartbroken for the first time,
It feels your world lost one of its many wonders
And you wonder how its going to spin
When you have been completely thrown off your axis
When he leaves you in the middle of the journey
And takes the map, too
But don't worry you will get there
Just not anytime soon
You'll float around like a hot air balloon
Full of hot air, not knowing what to do
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

I would be lying if I told you
That the rest of your travels would be clear,
Because, my dear, if it was love
It doesn't disappear, for love isn't a feeling
Its an atmosphere, and some clouds will move with you
One road to the next, and sometimes you will take
A huge breath and miss him all over again
When it rains it pours; and it will pour on you
You will stop in your tracks and forget where you're going
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

Please, don't forget to fall in love again,
Keep your arm extended and your eyes open
Just because your heart is broken,
Doesn't make it dead; it'll be resurrected
With every grain of sand in the hour glass
Don't be defined by what you once thought to be true
That you will never fall in love with another
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

I cannot lie and say you wont still cry some nights
Though it can subside for years at a time
Some songs will hit you in the wrong spot
Or on the wrong night, and you'll forget
You cant call or write him anymore,
Sometimes your heart with empathize with thunderstorms
When it rains it pours; and it will pour on you
You can miss someone forever
Not everyone will understand, so I will tell you
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do
Giving a little light and empathy for those who will always love their first love.
Jamie Lee Nov 2018
I have dyed my hair a lot of colors-

It has been red with anger,
A statement of rage; symbol of fire,
I spent my days with my head in the sink
Putting out my hot-headed thinking
Choking on red water
And my own way of breathing,
When I was tugged on like a false alarm
Meaningless, and loud
A vibrant call for help
And I wore it proud

It has been blue with calm dignity,
When the days were easier,
When happiness was free
I remember how quickly the blue bled to green
That was okay with me,
I loved music and breathing,
And drinking beers on city streets
I was colorful graffiti
It was more of a fleeting feeling
Of matching the sky and the sea
Back when I wanted the world
To look at me

It has been violet in the violent hours,
I remember magenta showers
And tear stained smoke breaks
When the city never slept, always awake
Humming with the traffic on the freeway
In a car with friends and a future before us
Though my skin was a tight blanket-
I felt a smile beneath a purple forest
Where happiness tugged on my cheeks
And I wanted to believe in everything
Everyone believed in me, too

It has been black on the silent days
Somewhere between indecision
And bad taste; a dark fate  
Suffocating beneath a blank sheet
While I was recollecting
The lost and bleak pieces of me
That were almost swallowing me whole
I almost fell into the black hole
I painted myself as
It is much too dark now,
For the colors I so loved
They won’t be coming back

But lately, I returned to my natural state
To see how the brown curls will fall
Like branches on my growing shoulders,
Going back to my roots,
No more drowning myself in bathroom sinks
Looking for myself at the bottom
In colors that could not define me
I am sorry to myself for hiding
Who I am supposed to be
All those colors will always exist
In some place inside of me

But I wonder what my new colors
Will be
Jamie Lee Oct 2018
I never wanted to worry,
But worry wanted me
They are in a constant hurry
and I am in the front seat
This outta drive me off a cliff
I can't take much of this
But every time, I end up on the side
Of the road
They ask me if I need a lift
**** it
I let them take the wheel
And my identity
They make a home because
They throw loud parties in my lungs
Pour alcohol into my throat
Until my stomach takes a plunge
And my anxiety leaves me
On the road in an empty car
Too many toxins in my belly
Not enough mileage to go far
And all of a sudden I am
without fear
But for some reason
I need them here
I can get better but
All I can see is their faces
I am myself because
They drove me to all these places
I am face to face with my fears,
And all the bottles,
and that wretched smell of beer
That help me understand
And know
My anxieties command and so,
I brush them with my hand
Like they are a masterpiece
A beautiful show
A masterful piece
For everyone to see
My colorful anxieties
A masterpiece indeed
A masterpiece
Of me
Jamie Lee Oct 2018
I try to loosen up the knots in my stomach
But I get caught in all the loose ends

Push it down so far, till it plummets
And here I am, ******* in it, again..

My brain is drawing conclusions
With a sharp pen, so permanent

My heart and brain dueling confusion
A very twisted one sided tournament

But I will never win against my brain
my poker face is too nervous

It calls me out, points at my doubts
and lays my cards upon the surface

So I say "hit me" and it does
It hits every corner of my guts

Takes my chips, and my luck
I should have known they'd catch the bluff
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