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sheila Jul 2014
my heart, even though u do not deserve it, it still chooses u
sheila Jan 2015
a love that does not exist in his eyes but only in mine
sheila May 2014
you plus me


a beautiful kind of poetry
sheila Jul 2014
if u read my poems, thank you

if u liked it, thank you

if u appreciated it, thank you

if it moved you, thank you

if it saved you, still im thanking you

atleast i know somehow my words can reach u
sheila Jul 2018
just who created
such a masterpiece like you?
too good to be true
sheila Mar 2016
i see you when you take a glance on my powdered cheek
i see you when you try to put your eyebrows on fleek
i notice you when you give someone a playful wink
i see your face when someone ignores you when you speak
i noticed how your expression changed to give someone a kick
i see you everytime you're late and you try to sneak
i see everything
i notice the unnoticeable
you feel awkward
i feel awkward too
you're single
i'm single too
This is just random haha
sheila May 2015
bright eyes, cheerful smiles,
everything started because of you
bright eyes, cheerful smiles,
everything faded *because of you
sheila Feb 2015
she waited
and waited
and waited
to the beep
of her phone
feeling sad
and happy
and nervous
all at once.

she waited
and waited
and waited
til her eyes
had gone to

she waited
and waited
and waited
and died waiting.
sheila Nov 2018
the calming
breeze of the wind -
but it stinks
wrote this when I was beside the pasig river
sheila May 2014
the strong current
flowing within us
whenever we look
into each other's eyes

the spark we create
whenever we cling
into each other's arms

the powerful magnet
that attracts my lips
to your loving lips

i miss them all.
sheila Oct 2014
there was a girl
whose heart was broken
by a boy
whose heart was broken
by a girl
whose heart was broken
by a boy
whose heart was broken
by a girl
whose heart was broken
by her own family
by her own blood
by her first love

she was so devastated
she thought breaking
someone else's heart
would ease the pain.

she was wrong, though.
she never escaped the pain.
she felt more guilty.
she felt more lonely.

she was alone.
had no one to talk to.
she was scared.
not sure if someone
can still save her
from her painful cries.

she was waiting,
patiently waiting for someone,
then her heart gave up
and stopped from beating.

now her heart is free from the pain
I feel sad writing this.
sheila Dec 2015
if love is not for us what are these butterflies
sheila Aug 2014
my mind keeps playing a song about how your eyes shined so bright under that night sky and how your arms locked with mine til the thoughts of you leaving, died, as we kept counting and counting, constantly counting the stars - the millions, the billions, the trillions of stars, whispering into my ears, "do you know when will my love end? if u have counted all the stars, if u have named all the stars, that is when"
sheila Dec 2015
it wasn't
cherry that
tastes sweet
on my lips but
y o u r s
sheila Jan 2015
we choose
to be blind
by choice,
not by fear
sheila Jun 2014
sunshine when you smile

storm when you cry

cloudy when you're down

rainbow when you're hyped

snow when you feel alone

thunder when you're so mad

you change your moods as fast as the wind

but still my love remains the same
sheila Dec 2014
staring into the ceiling
half awake, half dreaming
corner of my eyes, swelling
tears of sadness, falling

in the dark i was roaming
voices keep on echoing
in your cold stare, im freezing
why? why?, i keep on asking

light my world, like the old times
be the reason why i love rhymes
you stole my heart, pay for your crime
your love is enough, no need for dime
hi, long time no posting :D
sheila May 2014
you are the poem my mind can only think of
goodnight ♡
sheila May 2014
the smell of cupcake freshly baked,

is you in my arms the morning as i wake up

-- sweet
sheila Dec 2015
He saw her dancing
Along with the sad music
Find himself swaying
along like a freak

He was enchanted
By her eyes' beauty
Like it always wanted
to tell a story

He was not aware
Of what was happening
No one was there
Was it just him, imagining?

He looked again,
Saw not even a shadow
He was saddened,
He started dancing slow

He looked at the mirror
The girl is back, moving in slow motion
He was happy, he danced once more
With the girl in his imagination
sheila Jun 2015
"love is deadly", he said, slowly killing me with his smile
sheila May 2014
you were so caught up
in the sweet melodies
crawling up the caves
of your pinkish ears,
you cant even hear
my heart crying out
for you
my mind is just.. blank rn ok
sheila May 2014
i love prose
more than your rose

i love prose
more than your horse

make me a prose
and maybe i'll be yours
sheila Aug 2014
you saw her shadow
in a distant narrow

you saw her tears
falling as she swears

you walked towards her
asked her in wonder

"why?" you asked
still, she just cried

then you walked away
as if you never knew

that you're the main reason
she's trapped in a prison

starving herself to death
hoping for her heart to heal yet
sheila Oct 2014
smell of girls' fresh blood
from the fangs digging her neck-
just a vampire thing
an attempt to haiku. first time writing one. i'll improve myself, so please pardon me if i failed this time.
sheila Jan 2015
you got me dreaming about you, night and even day
sheila Oct 2014
there is something in my heart that is aching

somewhere deep down.

there were echoes of your name

my head can't stop hearing
sheila Sep 2014
i tried my best to lock the emotions inside me
ever since my eyes landed to your beauty
but you really have this electrifying grace
that made me fall in love even more
sheila May 2014
you see,

whenever someone asks me

to compare something to thee,

I only could think of poetry

and its captivating beauty
sheila Dec 2016
That one time under the rain,
When fate brought us together,
I always go back to the memory.
sheila Jun 2014
i hate it when im sleeping then suddenly i will feel like falling

i hate it when im running upstairs when suddenly my left foot slips and to the floor, im falling

i hate it when the teacher hands me my report card and sees my grade falling

i hate it when im practicing how to ride a bike and yet my body keeps falling

i hate it when people cut trees then it ends up to the ground, falling

i hate everything that falls

but i wonder why i liked this different kind of falling

this thing i called falling in love with you
sheila Aug 2014
there's only 1 letter that i love, its u
sheila Mar 2015
words just keep on flooding when i think of you
sheila Nov 2018
flowers die
in lonely winter
like our love
wrote this few days ago
sheila May 2014
forever is a word i have long decided to share my life with only you.
sheila Dec 2015
handle me with care
for my heart is very fragile
sheila Nov 2018
strikes your face -
so dazzling
sheila Apr 2014
i was staring
at the mirror
but see no

i tried searching
for it as if
it was some
lost kid.

then i realized
its no mirror,
its your eyes
who cannot
see me
because for you,

i dont exist.
this is weird. I just tried putting my thoughts together so im sorry :(
sheila Jan 2016
it makes me wonder
how do you keep me in tact
with only your words
sheila Jun 2015
to find true love in the ever-expanding universe and never-ending sea
sheila Jan 2015
from sadness, immersed,
a beautiful poem I
wrote thinking of you
sheila May 2015
i once had a crush
he was a fine young man but
he just crushed my heart
now i hate him lol
sheila Feb 2015
the way you touch me
is how you actually touch
my heart―enchanting
sheila Jun 2015
never forget your handkerchief.
inside your pocket, there you keep
you may not see the reason why,
but a time will come that you'll cry

a time will come your eyes will rain,
use the handkerchief, wipe the pain
oh pain, oh pain, please go away,
dont you ever come back again

treat your hanky your best bestfriend,
and never let your friendship end
your hanky will always stay with you,
while people leave and un-comfort you

oh, i will always keep you clean
battle against dirt, i can win
oh just for you, my dear hanky
just for us to be happy.
this is very funny
sheila Nov 2018
how to forget -
tingling sensation
- it still lingers
slowly adapting
sheila Jan 2015
i woke up in the middle of the night
with the sound of my heart calling your name in every beat
sheila Mar 2015
his eyes protested
but was still arrested
for stealing her smile
sheila Jan 2015
no matter how thick a wall you build against everyone,
remember that there will be always someone out there,
who will find a hole to see through your heart
sheila Nov 2019
nights as cold as ice
enough to make the cat sneeze-
let him eat in peace!
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