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s Sep 2022
cat hurriedly leapt
towards the computer screen-
can't be late on zoom
s Sep 2022
i still haven't let
my friends
read these poems
because if they do
they'll know
i still write
about you
s Sep 2022
you were consistently inconsistent
so i did myself a favor and
built myself a wall
from you
s Sep 2022
you said
you love me
then used
wrong timing
as an excuse
s Sep 2022
when does the getting to know each other ends?
to me, it's when we never talked again
s Jun 2020
She is that piece of art
hard to make
a meaning of-
too shallow, too foolish.

She is that piece of art
not aesthetically pleasing
even at closer look-
plain, dull, ugly.

She is that piece of art
nobody would dare
tell about anyone-
a total waste of time.

She is that piece of art
in a blink of an eye
gone with the wind.

She is that piece of art
easily praised by everyone
yet nobody would dare display,
instead, kept hidden at the attic
until it has turned into nothing
but complete dust-
not even in anyone’s memory.
Just an old piece
s Jun 2020
summer bids goodbye-
the cat returns to its dream
on the sound of rain
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