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sh Nov 6
nights as cold as ice
enough to make the cat sneeze-
let him eat in peace!
sh Nov 3
why did you
tell me
you like me?
all it did was
mess my heart,
my mind,
my life

why did i
tell you
i like you?
all it did was
put you
on a horse

why did you
tell me
you like me?
now i feel
like the greatest
fool of all time

why did i
tell you
i like you?
now you're
gone, not even
a goodbye
I just dislike it when people choose to be dishonest with their feelings and avoid me instead. I never did that to anyone so why. Yep, I think I got ghosted.
sh Sep 22
what they say about love,
i'm starting to believe it's true—
how time slips fast through our lives,
but stops when i'm with you
back at it again with these corny love poems loool

(yes this is a repost bc something was wrong with my account a while ago)
sh Sep 14
love isn't deadly,
longing is.
5 word prose of what i actually feel these days
sh Sep 6
Anger -
     That day, my emotions whirled up
     like the stormy sea.
     I let myself drown in it.

Love -
     That same day, all the memories we had
     appeared in front of me.
     I swam back up the shore.
I will never choose anger over you
sh Jun 18
you left without a warning,
you didn't say anything,
didn't even reach out.

everyday I kept on asking
if there's still something
left between us?

you left me thinking,
left me wondering
if you will ever come back.

but for you, I am willing,
for you, I will be waiting,
because my heart wants you.

and even if it stings,
even if it kills me, I will cling
to your words.

until my heart stops beating,
I will keep on loving
you and only you.
I'm such a loser for making a poem out of my heartache lol but that's what i feel
sh May 13
the way you smile
when our eyes meet
whenever we pass
each other in the hallway

the way you touch my hair
gently brushing my hair from behind
as we sit across each other
talking about our day

the way you call my name
and how your voice
became my favorite song
that i always play

the way you make me miss
the things we always do
but were gone now
because you couldn't stay

how am i supposed to forget
when everything reminds me of you
you're still all i ever think about
but you don't feel the same that i do
i guess i'm a little sad tonight
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