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Jan 6 · 105
our end.
sh Jan 6
and up until the end, no one dared to go against the current.
Dec 2019 · 32
Winter flower
sh Dec 2019
She was a flower that lives only in winter. A flower that never saw the sun, a flower whose lived through the cold and dark. He, on the other hand, was the opposite- so warm and bright. One day, a strong wind caused their lives to intertwine and for the first time, she felt warmth. Every day, he would bring her the sun to make her forget the cold and dark, that she also forgot how she was a flower that lives only in winter. And so, she let him bring the sun to her- too close- that she died.
Nov 2019 · 58
hungry cat
sh Nov 2019
nights as cold as ice
enough to make the cat sneeze-
let him eat in peace!
Nov 2019 · 232
sh Nov 2019
why did you
tell me
you like me?
all it did was
mess my heart,
my mind,
my life

why did i
tell you
i like you?
all it did was
put you
on a horse

why did you
tell me
you like me?
now i feel
like the greatest
fool of all time

why did i
tell you
i like you?
now you're
gone, not even
a goodbye
I just dislike it when people choose to be dishonest with their feelings and avoid me instead. I never did that to anyone so why. Yep, I think I got ghosted.
Sep 2019 · 52
with you
sh Sep 2019
what they say about love,
i'm starting to believe it's true—
how time slips fast through our lives,
but stops when i'm with you
back at it again with these corny love poems loool

(yes this is a repost bc something was wrong with my account a while ago)
Sep 2019 · 169
sh Sep 2019
love isn't deadly,
longing is.
5 word prose of what i actually feel these days
Sep 2019 · 52
Love and Anger
sh Sep 2019
Anger -
     That day, my emotions whirled up
     like the stormy sea.
     I let myself drown in it.

Love -
     That same day, all the memories we had
     appeared in front of me.
     I swam back up the shore.
I will never choose anger over you
Jun 2019 · 75
where did you go?
sh Jun 2019
you left without a warning,
you didn't say anything,
didn't even reach out.

everyday I kept on asking
if there's still something
left between us?

you left me thinking,
left me wondering
if you will ever come back.

but for you, I am willing,
for you, I will be waiting,
because my heart wants you.

and even if it stings,
even if it kills me, I will cling
to your words.

until my heart stops beating,
I will keep on loving
you and only you.
I'm such a loser for making a poem out of my heartache lol but that's what i feel
May 2019 · 82
for you
sh May 2019
the way you smile
when our eyes meet
whenever we pass
each other in the hallway

the way you touch my hair
gently brushing my hair from behind
as we sit across each other
talking about our day

the way you call my name
and how your voice
became my favorite song
that i always play

the way you make me miss
the things we always do
but were gone now
because you couldn't stay

how am i supposed to forget
when everything reminds me of you
you're still all i ever think about
but you don't feel the same that i do
i guess i'm a little sad tonight
May 2019 · 206
The reality of us
sh May 2019
Flowers bloomed that chilly night,
On our way back home,
under the moonlight,
The stories fill the open air,
We were laughing
like no one else is there,
I tried to keep my heart in check,
Beating fast,
it was going wreck,
But I know things won't stay this way,
And I know you're going
to leave someday.
Finally, I was able to make a poem. I've been doing haiku for the past years and forgotten how to compose even a short poem like this hahaha I guess I'm the kind of person who needs to feel it before i can write about it
May 2019 · 541
summer has come (haiku)
sh May 2019
a bath on the pool,
another one from my sweat -
summer has come
just dropping by!
Dec 2018 · 353
the sound of rain
sh Dec 2018
the sound
of rain outside -
the cat is back
cats will always be funny
Dec 2018 · 111
staying up
sh Dec 2018
light shines
across the dark room -
let's talk more
it's already morning but who cares right?
Dec 2018 · 184
is it summer?
sh Dec 2018
deck the halls -
my ice cream melts
before my tongue
it's really hot here in PH
Dec 2018 · 343
sh Dec 2018
bird chimes -
let me go back to bed
and dream
Still working my way on the proper way of English haiku. I hope people will realize it's not what it is.
Nov 2018 · 190
beside the river
sh Nov 2018
the calming
breeze of the wind -
but it stinks
wrote this when I was beside the pasig river
Nov 2018 · 91
full moon
sh Nov 2018
strikes your face -
so dazzling
Nov 2018 · 309
sh Nov 2018
words may
not come soon -
but sunrise
Nov 2018 · 73
flowers die
sh Nov 2018
flowers die
in lonely winter
like our love
wrote this few days ago
Nov 2018 · 761
sh Nov 2018
how to forget -
tingling sensation
- it still lingers
slowly adapting
Nov 2018 · 605
lonely day
sh Nov 2018
glass of wine, sparkling
tonight, i just wanted to
fill my empty heart
while i listen to some lofi mix
Nov 2018 · 110
sh Nov 2018
stars shining so bright -
i can see the universe
when i look at you
Nov 2018 · 95
sh Nov 2018
dark clouds above me,
my skin waiting for your touch,
come, pour now, dear rain
there are times i want to write
Jul 2018 · 314
rainy morning nostalgia
sh Jul 2018
i miss the birds that
          wake me up in the morning
rain, rain, go away
Jul 2018 · 109
sh Jul 2018
just who created
such a masterpiece like you?
too good to be true
My heart is in cloud nine these days that I keep on writing about love lol
Jul 2018 · 531
That night
sh Jul 2018
City lights flickering,
The stars above, glowing,
The leaves on the trees, swaying, dancing,
As if its favorite song is playing.

That night, they were standing,
Standing still, quietly waiting,
For someone to break the silence,
And speak out the words they've been hiding.

Under the moonlight they were facing each other,
Palms sweating, trying not to falter,
Slowly, and gently, he spoke,
"Your eyes are beautiful."
"You are too," she answered.
Jul 2018 · 441
sh Jul 2018
It was a staring contest.
All of a sudden,
you were smiling and I lost.
Today, I decided to start writing again.
Dec 2016 · 875
sh Dec 2016
Why can I only write
Sad poems everytime?

Why does my eyes refuse
To look at life with colors?

Why is my mind
Pure of lonely thoughts?


Dec 2016 · 528
sh Dec 2016
That one time under the rain,
When fate brought us together,
I always go back to the memory.

Aug 2016 · 658
sh Aug 2016
scream like the thunder
let go of the storm tonight
sunny days will come

Jul 2016 · 501
sh Jul 2016
things we should've done,
we realize all too late—
now it's just regret

Jul 2016 · 476
lips (10w)
sh Jul 2016
your lips were the prettiest when it says my name

May 2016 · 644
haiku 'fight'
sh May 2016
step it up, your game;
play with life's unfair—soar high;
you can win this fight!
May 2016 · 724
the poet
sh May 2016
i was a slave
a slave for love
a slave slash poet

a poet
who writes none
none but love

a poet who loves
a lover who writes
writes poem full of love

full of love in the past
nothing in the present, but past
in the present full of nothing

nothing but sadness
sad poems
a sad poet
May 2016 · 339
thank you
sh May 2016
it was music who saved me
from the pain of reality

it was music who told me
it is not okay to worry

it was music who gave me
the reason to continue living

it was music who decided
to never leave me alone

Mar 2016 · 800
sh Mar 2016
i see you when you take a glance on my powdered cheek
i see you when you try to put your eyebrows on fleek
i notice you when you give someone a playful wink
i see your face when someone ignores you when you speak
i noticed how your expression changed to give someone a kick
i see you everytime you're late and you try to sneak
i see everything
i notice the unnoticeable
you feel awkward
i feel awkward too
you're single
i'm single too
This is just random haha
Jan 2016 · 691
glue {haiku}
sh Jan 2016
it makes me wonder
how do you keep me in tact
with only your words
Dec 2015 · 461
fragile 10w
sh Dec 2015
handle me with care
for my heart is very fragile
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
if u love me
sh Dec 2015
fill my head
with numbers
and x's and y's
so i could pass
the test
not ***** thoughts
that would make
me remember
only the night
we filled
each other
each other
Dec 2015 · 371
Dance along
sh Dec 2015
He saw her dancing
Along the sad music
Find himself swaying
along like a freak

He was enchanted
By her eye's beauty
Like it always wanted
to tell a story

He was not aware
Of what is happening
No one was there
Was it just him, imagining?

He looked again,
Saw not even a shadow
He was saddened,
He started dancing slow

He looked at the mirror
The girl is back, moving in slow motion
He was happy, he danced once more
With the girl in his imagination
I dont know if I made sense but yeah
Dec 2015 · 4.2k
your words 10w
sh Dec 2015
Your words make sunflowers bloom in winter - nothing but lies.
Dec 2015 · 296
sh Dec 2015
He sang me sweet kisses to sleep
Left my heart floating forever
He did not tell me, not inform me,
That was the last song, **the last time
Dec 2015 · 603
butterflies 10w
sh Dec 2015
if love is not for us what are these butterflies
Dec 2015 · 630
sh Dec 2015
Some say we cant be
I wasnt sure for myself
But you stayed beside me
Fix everything on my shelf

You always give me that smile
It was deadly, poisonous, hot
And I just die inside every while
But its alright, I mind it, not

But at the end of the day
I know hearts cant lie
You dont feel the same way
But I love you, But goodbye
Dec 2015 · 371
kiss 10w
sh Dec 2015
my pain
your lips
and mine
Dec 2015 · 319
sh Dec 2015
your gaze is inviting
your lips are seducing
your skin is glimmering
your smell is addicting
your hands are comforting
your body is a wonderland
worth getting lost forever
your love is a dream
worth sleeping til my eyes
wont open anymore
Dec 2015 · 638
Rainy day
sh Dec 2015
It was a rainy day
when we first met,
when we thought we wont
matter to each other

It was a rainy day
when we first talked,
sitting beside each other,
trying to not disturb the class

It was a rainy day
when we first walked home
talking about our past,
laughing & dreaming at the same time

It was a rainy day
when we first held hands,
feeling each other's skin,
trying to control our hearts

It was a rainy day
when you told me you like me,
everything about me,
and the same goes for me to you

It was a rainy day
when we had our first date,
acting like we've known each other
for a long time

It was a rainy day
you told me about her,
you said you haven't moved on,
you said your heart still aches

*Today, it's a sunny day,
today, the flowers around us
started withering,
and died
Dec 2015 · 659
sh Dec 2015
his eyes were dead
his dead eyes locked on me
his eyes were locked & i cant move
his dead eyes, locked on mine, i died inside
-- so hot

Dec 2015 · 757
sh Dec 2015
it wasn't
cherry that
tastes sweet
on my lips but
y o u r s
Dec 2015 · 303
sh Dec 2015
i poured my heart and soul
in cooking the recipe for love
but i failed as i did not look
at the measurements carefully
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