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51.4k · May 2014
sh May 2014
The only time,

I feel happy..

Is the time

When I feel *lonely..
34.1k · May 2015
haiku: crush story
sh May 2015
i once had a crush
he was a fine young man but
he just crushed my heart
now i hate him lol
29.2k · Nov 2014
ice cream (haiku)
sh Nov 2014
i am an ice cream.
the way you look at me is
just so hot, i melt.
17.1k · May 2014
sh May 2014
the smell of cupcake freshly baked,

is you in my arms the morning im awake

-- *sweet
16.5k · Nov 2014
love at first sight
sh Nov 2014
he saw her dancing
in the night, enjoying
with lights, flickering
to the music, singing

she caught his glance,
smile at him in stance,
so he joined her and dance
because he cant lose the chance

they were so caught up in the night
they fell right in love at first sight
they knew the odds and are ready to fight,
because they know what future holds is bright
just a simple poem
13.9k · Jan 2015
sh Jan 2015
i woke up in the middle of the night
with the sound of my heart calling your name in every beat
11.3k · May 2014
sh May 2014
she was so busy

trying to solve

the worlds greatest puzzles

she almost forgot

she was one of the greatests
7.7k · May 2014
corrupted mind {10w}
sh May 2014
you are the poem my mind can only think of
goodnight ♡
5.9k · Jan 2015
sh Jan 2015
the more i wait for your reply,
the more i realize you dont want to talk
and the more i realize,
the more i want to forget the truth
5.2k · Apr 2014
sh Apr 2014
i was staring
at the mirror
but see no

i tried searching
for it as if
it was some
lost kid.

then i realized
its no mirror,
its your eyes
who cannot
see me
because for you,

i dont exist.
this is weird. I just tried putting my thoughts together so im sorry :(
4.7k · May 2014
stay {5w}
sh May 2014
please stay, i'm begging you
4.4k · May 2014
sh May 2014
you give my life high tides

whenever the moon gives me low tides
srsly this one pfft
4.4k · Jul 2014
sh Jul 2014
ignored, adj.; i am not invisible, neither am a ghost, but u passed through me, wholefully denying my existence.
4.3k · Apr 2014
play fair
sh Apr 2014
people are always like that

if they dont like you,
you deserve to not live

if they dont like your work,
you deserve to stop your hobby

if they dont see what they want on you,
you deserve to not be happy

i cant understand


please stop living with those inequalities

we all deserve to be us
im not sure if this counts as a poem. i just wanna tell everybody this.
4.2k · Dec 2015
your words 10w
sh Dec 2015
Your words make sunflowers bloom in winter - nothing but lies.
4.1k · Oct 2014
sh Oct 2014
you were
the monster,
not under her bed
but inside her head,
slowly killing her mind
mostly with dreadful thoughts
about the human ways, life, death

3.9k · Feb 2015
sh Feb 2015
its funny how
you wanted to
take my heart
away from me
and now you're
just throwing
it away like
your old cds
3.7k · May 2014
sh May 2014
you were so caught up
in the sweet melodies
crawling up the caves
of your pinkish ears,
you cant even hear
my heart crying out
for you
my mind is just.. blank rn ok
3.2k · Jun 2014
sh Jun 2014
i hate it when im sleeping then suddenly i will feel like falling

i hate it when im running upstairs when suddenly my left foot slips and to the floor, im falling

i hate it when the teacher hands me my report card and sees my grade falling

i hate it when im practicing how to ride a bike and yet my body keeps falling

i hate it when people cut trees then it ends up to the ground, falling

i hate everything that falls

but i wonder why i liked this different kind of falling

this thing i called falling in love with you
2.6k · Nov 2014
sh Nov 2014
we had been into the ups and down,
things made us smile and frown
had lost in touch of each other's hand
let our feelings swept in the sand
but still we're trying
to true love, we're still believing
2.5k · Aug 2014
sh Aug 2014
you saw her shadow
in a distant narrow

you saw her tears
falling as she swears

you walked towards her
asked her in wonder

"why?" you asked
still, she just cried

then you walked away
as if you never knew

that you're the reason
she's crying in prison

for starving herself to death
hoping for her heart to heal yet
2.3k · May 2014
sh May 2014
you gave me a rose

I gave you one too

the only difference is that

I planted mine

you bought yours

the only difference is that

mine is real

a fake one is yours
1.9k · Oct 2014
sh Oct 2014
smell of girls' fresh blood
from the fangs digging her neck,
that one vampire's thing
an attempt to haiku. first time writing one. i'll improve myself, so please pardon me if im failed this time.
1.9k · Mar 2015
sh Mar 2015
all i ever wanted
is to see you smile
because of me
1.8k · Mar 2015
sh Mar 2015
someday we'll see each other again and smile as we look into each other's eyes with the thought of "if only i did not let go" written
1.7k · Dec 2015
if u love me
sh Dec 2015
fill my head
with numbers
and x's and y's
so i could pass
the test
not ***** thoughts
that would make
me remember
only the night
we filled
each other
each other
1.7k · Jun 2015
sh Jun 2015
never forget your handkerchief.
inside your pocket, there you keep
you may not see the reason why,
but a time will come that you'll cry

a time will come your eyes will rain,
use the handkerchief, wipe the pain
oh pain, oh pain, please go away,
dont you ever come back again

treat your hanky your best bestfriend,
and never let your friendship end
your hanky will always stay with you,
while people leave and un-comfort you

oh, i will always keep you clean
battle against dirt, i can win
oh just for you, my dear hanky
just for us to be happy.
this is very funny
1.6k · Oct 2014
sh Oct 2014
there is something in my heart that is aching

somewhere deep down.

there were echoes of your name

my head can't stop hearing
1.6k · May 2014
perfect-ception {6w}
sh May 2014
you showed perfection

in my imperfections
1.4k · Jan 2015
13w: unrequited love
sh Jan 2015
a love that does not exist in his eyes but only in mine
1.4k · Oct 2014
sh Oct 2014
To be with her
No matter what weather

To be with him
There's no even a whim

To be with her
And not find another

To be with him
Even in her dream

To be with her
Now and forever

To be with him
How impossible it may seem

1.3k · Nov 2014
sh Nov 2014
i've seen enough fire
of hatred in your eyes
a fire of desire
to burn all of the lies
1.2k · May 2014
people and words {10w}
sh May 2014
people must be understood

and must be felt *like words
1.1k · Nov 2014
touch of ghost
sh Nov 2014
"hold my hand and never let go."

she didnt understand what i meant.

she's still holding me til her last breath.

up until now, even in her death.

1.1k · Feb 2015
sh Feb 2015
every word you say,

is everything to me

just ask me to stay,

with you, i will be
1.1k · May 2014
sh May 2014
just give me a simple hi

and my every problem will say goodbye
1.0k · May 2014
sh May 2014
of all the simple things

that makes my heart happy,

you are the only one

full of complexities
1.0k · Oct 2014
There are no rules
sh Oct 2014
A writer has her own perspective
Her own point of view
Her own way of interpreting things

Never judge
how a writer does her works
You have no right

You are not God
You are just one
of his million creations

Stop putting rules
on how one should write
her own poem

Because her mind is hers
Her heart is hers
And her poem is her
Please, sir. Stop being so immature.
1.0k · Jul 2014
sh Jul 2014
one day you'll be the air people breathe but that day, he'll stop breathing
987 · Jan 2015
sh Jan 2015
we need no swords to fight
just love with all your might
and everything will go right
968 · Jun 2014
climate change
sh Jun 2014
sunshine when you smile

storm when you cry

cloudy when you're down

rainbow when you're hyped

snow when you feel alone

thunder when you're so mad

you change your moods as fast as the wind

but still my love remains the same
934 · Jul 2014
the end.
sh Jul 2014
so this
is where
it ends?

and there
i was thinking
if forever
really does exist.

i guess now
i already know
the answer.

934 · Oct 2014
fairly unfair
sh Oct 2014
life is fair
because it is unfair
not just only on you,
not just only on me,
but to everyone

884 · Feb 2015
haiku: enchanted
sh Feb 2015
the way you touch me
is how you actually touch
my heart―enchanting
874 · Dec 2016
sh Dec 2016
Why can I only write
Sad poems everytime?

Why does my eyes refuse
To look at life with colors?

Why is my mind
Pure of lonely thoughts?


863 · Feb 2015
reset 10w
sh Feb 2015
you set again the boundary i thought was gone already
860 · Aug 2014
sh Aug 2014
but you were not there
when everything was falling down

so dont tell me
that you wont ever leave

because i once believed in your words
but it led me to something treacherous
858 · Jun 2015
sh Jun 2015
to find true love in the ever-expanding universe and never-ending sea
857 · May 2014
sh May 2014
you see,

whenever someone asks me

to compare something to thee,

I only could think of poetry

and its captivating beauty
801 · May 2014
define forever {15w}
sh May 2014
forever is a word i have long decided to share my life with only you.
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