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rica  Jan 2017
rica Jan 2017
it hurt her;
every single bits
and pieces of
flowers she vomits;
they tasted like
they hurt like
the feeling of
being stabbed in
the back by the
person you love
the most (both
physically and
but what hurt her the
most is that
he wasn't really
worth dying for—
but she was afraid
of losing him;
of forgetting the
feeling of loving him.
posted this on my ig first hehe
nia Apr 2018
which the victim coughs up flower petals and suffocate
when they suffer from one-sided love,
an unrequited love.

as interesting and
unique as it sounds,
if it was a real disease, it must hurt.

because he will make flowers bloom in my heart,
and as beautiful as it sounds,
it will suffocate me and it will hurt.
zahra  Mar 2018
hanahaki disease
zahra Mar 2018
often written
is a condition
they call it
the “hanahaki” disease

the details are
that you shall fall in love
it shall be unrequited
and you shall cough up flowers
until you die

i had always wondered
why i never caught
the coughing flower disease

not that i
wanted to die, of course
it’s just

i thought my feelings for you
were stronger than any wind
wider than any land
deeper than any ocean
and my dear
it was a fact
that you did not love me back
not the way i thought
i wanted you to

time passed
and i came to realise
the reason my love for you
did not **** me
was not because it wasn’t strong enough

the reason i had not died
death my the flowers growing in my lungs
is because my love for you was not “real”
because you were not “real”
not really

you were an idol
on the other side of the screen
and no matter how much i supported you
adored you
loved you

we would never be anything more
than an idol
smiling for a living
and a fan
whose smile you saved

and deep in my heart
perhaps, that, i already knew

if i were to cough up flowers
stained with one-sided love
it would be a rose
made of plastic
not “real”
not really
but it would last forever

just like the love
between you
and me
(it wasn’t real to everyone else,
but it was still “real”, in a sense, to me
after all,
who said that romantic love
was the only “real” kind of love?)
Cosmic Dust  Mar 2017
Cosmic Dust Mar 2017
See me in a mountain of petals
That I push under the rug
Just like the feelings I hide
To save me from falling further

I'm muffled coughs and aching chests
A personification of the spring
Heart blinded and suffocated
By the beauty that is you

Dawns are spent in bathroom stalls
My heart worn on the soles of my feet
Cursing the ache of what cannot be
For loss and longing, entirely

He loves me not, the law repeats
For what it's worth,
Don't spare me the humanity
Only in death shall I forfeit

Forever my heart in camellia sheets,
Forever for you it tries to beat.
Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease characterized by coughing out flower petals, caused by an unrequited love.
Elyciren Oct 2017
I'm choking, flower petals fall into my hands. Blood puddled up, followed by more couphing. My hands stain crimson as I attempt to catch the petals and blood. Red dribbles down my chin and flowers break through the skin on my neck. Vines and flowers continue to grow in my lungs. Causing my disease to only worsen. Is this one sided love. Have you lost feelings for me.. Have I gone mad. My thoughts are again interrupted as a hack up more flowers. My chest is hollow.
You say you love me and that you care? But are you even really there?
astraea  Dec 2018
astraea Dec 2018
your name on my lips,
a whisper in the night
-ten thousand enunciations,
do you even know my name?
what’s my name?

they fall like rain
white and pink and red and blue,
fluttering wings, little butterflies
you call them pretty,
as they cascade to the floor,
little whirlwinds,
tiny storms.

roses, roses,
they all fall down,
pick up my petals
i’ll be ashes in the ground.

in my dreams,
you twirl me around,
soft hands in my hair,
eyes on mine,
golden mornings and moonlit nights.

each morning, morning i wake in your arms,
every night we’re under the garden’s bridges,
a soft waltz,
for softer caresses,
and yet the petals fall all around.

roses, roses,
they all fall down,
pick up my petals
i’ll be ashes in the ground.

i don’t dream anymore,
all my days i lay in the sunlight
-dreams of mornings fill my head,
as i grasp rose petals,
strewn like dreams all around.

summer turns to winter,
spring won’t come for me,
the last spring i’ll ever know,
there are rose petals on top of me and i’m six feet below.  

roses, roses,
they all fell down,
you didn’t pick up my petals
so now i’m ashes in the ground.
Kit  Apr 2015
Kit Apr 2015
petals everywhere.
flower petals.
they flood my stomach, overfill into my throat, and spill out of my mouth.
i wretch.
i heave.
i grip the skin on my legs for purchase.
the petals just don't stop.

petals everywhere.
in the morning, when i first wake up, petals.
in the evening, when i'm settling in and feeling lonely, petals.
at night, when i'm alone in the dark with my thoughts, petals.
more wretching and heaving.
the petals just won't stop.

petals everywhere.
when i see your face, petals fly out of my mouth.
out of my mouth and onto the cold, unforgiving concrete.
my knees buckle.
you whisper in a soft voice that could lull me into a blissful slumber.
"are you alright?"
i wretch.
i heave.
why won't these petals go away?

petals everywhere.
my stomach has become a garden.
has become your garden.
your smile blooms inside of me.
your voice blossoms like a morning glory.
i could get the surgery.
i could get it and forget about you.
about the wretching.
about the heaving.
the petals could go away.


petals nowhere.
petals no longer litter the ground i walk.
the bed i sleep in.
the clothes that itch my dry skin.
the sight of your face is now a reminder to me.
a reminder that you are a person.
a person who never appreciated gardening in the first place.
no more wretching.
no more heaving.
no more petals.

i found out what "hanahaki disease" is today.
it's the most animu thing ever, so i decided to write about it.
wren  Feb 2019
wren Feb 2019
flowers bloom in our heart
i bloom eternal tulips
but in You, only periwinkles can grow
why am i always back to you
Amy  Dec 2017
Amy Dec 2017
I remember the moment this all started
I had fallen in love, but with whom I did not know who
The scratches in my throat, my lips parted
The first blue petal fell, and I knew

It was the curse of one-sided love, the Hanahaki disease
Then after a while, I found out it was him
But he was the one I could never please
I gave up knowing my untimely demise would be grim

Yet I didn’t blame him for my death to come
I couldn’t be angry at him for me falling in love
I was mad at myself for being so dumb
It wasn’t his fault that when I saw him my heart soared above

When I choked on the last black rose, his face was in my mind
Little did I know he loved me, I was just too blind.
Hanahaki (definition): The Hanahaki Disease is a fictional illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up flower petals. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear (or memories) along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.
Winter Child Jun 2018
only if it wasn’t fictional and i got infected,
don’t even bother thinking about
my plan to remove the flowers i had
in my lungs-
if that means i’ll have to feel
completely numb
towards your presence afterwards.

because you are
someone whose all my senses
have always been so familiar with,
and as much as i can barely breathe
through the roots that planted deep
in my soul,
i am more than willing to be able to live
with this feelings for you.

though you really are the reason
that suffocates me,
i am afraid that i can’t differentiate
whether it was flowers or happiness
that clogged up my neck.

then i’ll choose to keep them growing
and even water them gently
with many endearing thoughts of you

until the time will come
and the flowers finally drowning me in,
i won’t ever blame you
for making this love
becomes the death of me
- to love without asking anything in return
valentine  Jul 2018
valentine Jul 2018
You left me to die
I believed in love one day
while petals hushed me
a : hanahaki disease is a fictional illness where one dies of one-sided love. ;
The Wild Rake Aug 2019
ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳˢ ᶦⁿˢᶦᵈᵉ ᵐᵉ
ᵃˢ ᵗᵒˣᶦᶜ ᵃˢ ᵗʰᵉʸ ᵐᵃʸ ᵇᵉ
ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ʷᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵗʰᵉᵐ
|  |
|  |
  |  ☾
★  .
Hanahaki is a fictional disease in which flowers grow in the lungs of a person who suffers from unrequited love.

— The End —