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  Mar 2018 Amy
unspoken words,
years of silence

it is time
to spread my wings

to embrace;

i am transgender
Amy Feb 2018
I feel trapped.
My hands shake as I wash them over and over
The freezing water drips from my fingers
I have to be clean

I flinch away.
My friend backs off, her eyes wide
I don't like the contact, it scares me
I must not get touched by germs

I'm tired and awake.
The stars outside my window are bright
I can't sleep because of them
I need darkness

I'm terrified.
I've been told I hoard things
Apparently, I need to get rid of my things
I can't lose anything

I want everything to end.
But I can't do anything
I want to end myself but I can't
I don't know what to do

Obsessive. Compulsive. Disorder.
I need help.
I had to do a drama performance at school about OCD and I had to research about it. I guess I wrote a poem as well *shrugs*
Amy Feb 2018
So what if I'm different
Maybe I like girls and boys
Yeah, I'm Bi, is that a crime?

So what if I'm strange
"Kid shows" bring me joy
In the end, it's just pixels on a screen

So what if I'm annoying
I'm just being myself
It's better than being someone you're not

So what if I'm awkward
People just don't understand me
I don't understand them either, so your point is?

So what if I'm ugly
It doesn't matter
My looks don't define me, neither should yours

So what if I'm still a child
I have feelings too you know
I can understand some things adults will never know

These are the questions I will always ask
Because the diversity of the human race is great!
It doesn't matter who you are under the mask
Human is whatever, black or straight
If anyone has a problem with it,
Are you gonna run crying, back to your cot?
Or will you give them a smile and say;
"So what?"
This is sort of like a rant poem...? I don't know, this just came out of me XD
Amy Dec 2017
I remember the moment this all started
I had fallen in love, but with whom I did not know who
The scratches in my throat, my lips parted
The first blue petal fell, and I knew

It was the curse of one-sided love, the Hanahaki disease
Then after a while, I found out it was him
But he was the one I could never please
I gave up knowing my untimely demise would be grim

Yet I didn’t blame him for my death to come
I couldn’t be angry at him for me falling in love
I was mad at myself for being so dumb
It wasn’t his fault that when I saw him my heart soared above

When I choked on the last black rose, his face was in my mind
Little did I know he loved me, I was just too blind.
Hanahaki (definition): The Hanahaki Disease is a fictional illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up flower petals. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear (or memories) along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.
Amy Dec 2017
(You read it from top to bottom and bottom to top)
When we all have to live in it
The world is a bad place
So don't tell me
Right from wrong
Not everyone knows
The right thing
There is no such thing as
People who are both good and bad
But there are
People who are full of hatred
There may be
People who trick and deceive you
Unfortunately, there's
Only negativity
It is not
Okay to cry
The strongest find it is
Best to hide your emotions
It is not
So I got ideas for this from the poem 'Refugees' by Brian Bilston.
I have no idea what to say now XD

— The End —