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zahra Jul 2019
"i am an adult"
are the words that escape her tongue
sixteen, barely seven
she thinks she is an adult

still reaching the top shelf with her tippy toes
laughter loud
she thinks she is an adult

speaking about politics
social justice
her life
she thinks she is an adult

one day soon
the weight on her shoulders will heavy
feeling the responsibilities
eyes dim
soul tainted

she will realise she does not want to be an adult
zahra Mar 2019
as a children we were taught
that boys were not supposed to "pretty"
they were supposed to be handsome,
manly as well as tough,
and a bit rough around the edges

as a children we were taught
that boys were not supposed to be "pretty"
but as you looked at me
glossy lips stained the color of cherries
and laughed as a child would

the sparkle in your eyes had never faded
a smile playing at your lips, you asked
"but i am pretty, aren't i?"
zahra Aug 2018
perhaps love makes you blind
unable to see

for if it doesn't
why couldn't i see
that he was hurting me
more than he was healing me
that he was ruining me
inside out

and i was letting him?
love is blind
but nor always in the way you want it to he
zahra Aug 2018
to walk through oceans and fly through skies
those were only a small fraction of the things she would do
in order to gain the chance to meet him

as simple as getting the two of diamonds
as complicated as walking through an everlasting maze
were the odds ever in her favour?

no matter if they were or weren't
she'd persevere
if only for a glimpse, a possibility
of seeing his smile, his laugh, his love

for love, she'd give it all
zahra Aug 2018
she is not good at poetry, she says
as she writes stories of love
from orion to scorpion
speaking in the language of the stars
as she tries to close the gap the universe has made between them

everlasting, ever so sweet
though unsure if they'll ever reach him
her tales of affection shall last
till the world's last breath
zahra Aug 2018
the feelings i bear for you
feel like deja vu
perhaps we met once in a dream, for i feel
i've kissed these same lips
met these same eyes
held these same hands

have i lost you before and found you again?
zahra Jul 2018
i do not write much anymore about how much i appreciate you
for a long time perhaps i've forgotten to
or i've lost the words
but now i shall say once more
i love you

when the skies as well as my heart have greyed and the raindrops have fallen
your smile shines like the sun, bringing light into my life
when the nights are lonely and dark clouds rise in my mind
your laughter clears the fog  and opens a new way

no matter the time or place
rain or shine
i'll love you

no matter if worlds tear us apart as they always have
if our chances are slim and the heavens have dimmed
i'll always come back to you
no matter what i do, i always come back to you
even through the days where i feel lost from you, disconnected from you
i always come running back to you

messy, but that's love, right?
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