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ari May 2022
The joke was a fruit/crushed beneath the hand of the teller/in a surge of joy/it’s rich, ripe juices of spring flowing ceaselessly/raw bliss/ shimmering with mirth/and we don’t have to lower our bodies/and bite down to the core/to know it’s done it’s purpose on this world
ari Apr 2022
i am composed
of rotten pomegranates
a rich stench of sweetness emanates from my pores
i am glistening, in my prime, about to free fall into my own undoing, like a flower slick with nectar
just waiting for the bees to swarm
reaching towards the sun
and, in vain, turning towards you instead

and i'm crumbling into desecration,
my honeyed blood churning
tripled suns
I swear my body is illuminated
I swear that i smell of flowers
and i know that i have reached the point of no return

so tear me,
your slender fingers
severing me from everything
everything i'm rooted in,

tear me away from the dark musk of earth

and fill your senses with my loosened aroma
as i fall away from grace
crumble into fire

and turn away from the sun one last time
ari Jan 2022
my rage weeps from my pores,
it ruminates from my skin like the stench of *******:
the red blur,
the fire,
the girlhood,
the wound.
i am
spitting up sparks,
exhaling crescendos and
flailing; a dying fish/girl
a frenzied howl, screaming herself into existence
because the noise in her head is too loud,
because a dozen things are being pushed into her mouth
and she'd rather puke
that sit and swallow
ari Dec 2021
i met you
in waves of song
a collective harmony that your heart played just for me
i stepped through the choruses sloshing across my feet
and saw you standing on an island alone
i stayed in the water watching your island
and at night we watched the same stars
burning brightly across the sky
and now i'm on dry land
and i'm the one with the SOS
  Dec 2021 ari
Dear Academia;
I took the adderall
because I thought
you wanted me
to be a machine.  I didn't
understand that
amphetamine tasted
like candy once you
got used to the way
your jaw locked and your
ears rang.  Dear
academia, did you
see my face when you
read my GPA, did
you see the way I stayed
up too late after my
after school activities
trained me to live with
anxieties?  Dear academia,
why am I afraid of the mirror?
Why did you teach me how
to write a perfect paper but
never prepared me for
the look in his eye when he told
me he didn't love me either.  Dear
academia, i'm ******* and you're
swallowing me, does the sting
of your impulses feel better
when you know you're eating
my hard earned money?  
Dear academia, why
do you give me empty promises?  Why
should I spill my blood with
this diploma, list
my ethnicity and birthdate
next to the insignificance
of what you think makes me
worthy, do
these details feed your
impending due dates or
are you just getting off
to the idea that
only the educated few
know how to
think straight?  Dear
I tried my hardest
to let you fool me, I
can feel your ego fattening
beside me as I watch your
children scramble for their
ideas of monetary
gluttony.  You're increasing
our wage gaps, do my late night
tears fuel your addiction to epistemic
poverty?  Dear academia, you
taught me to think critically.   I am on fire
with the matches you forgot
you hatched within
me.  Scorpions occasionally
eat their parents and I hate
to admit that this ****
has me hungry.
  Dec 2021 ari
Antony Glaser
Autumn is forgiving.
Its gentle gullet sways,
still as a water closet
withholding the wind.
Its nostrils flare
but never shudders.
Its brittle soil yields at first touch
It takes in tubers and roots
an enveloping kindness,
and lets the rain pour,
gushes into the all clear.
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