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Sep 2016 · 472
Rb Sep 2016
17 days passed by,
I guess that you're completely over me now
When you passed by,
my hands reached out for an embrace
but those eyes were not looking at me anymore–
it gazes deeply into another girl's eyes
I guess she's the one,
the lucky one.

17 months passed by,
but I couldn't seemed to move on
everyday I waited for you to show up at my door
but then the bitter truth stay crystal clear
yet these tears could not change anything.

It has been 7 years,
since the day you bid farewell
but here I am in my room—
taking my coffee as usual;
to fill this emptiness,
to fill this longing of missing you
with another dose of caffeine.

Time has filled me, with words unsaid
Sep 2016 · 236
How world would be without
Rb Sep 2016
How world would be without hate
how easy will unity can be created?
And how many deaths could be avoided
by the bullets and grenades?

How world would be without humanity
will it be so peaceful as it should be?
with explosions, cries and irrationality
it is *how it should be?
Sep 2016 · 258
Untitled 2.0
Rb Sep 2016
It was very tragic. We got into a big fight about silly thing. At that moment, I saw you were taking your steps and fading away. I was very lost, lost in a world of darkness and dull. I was trying to get myself out, I felt so weak as half of me was gone and no where to be found. I was shouting out your name, real hard so you could get me out, and you didnt come back. I felt so weak and lost and I got paranoid. I cried so hard then a voice consoled me.

"Sweetheart its okay, I am here, wake up, it is just a nightmare."
and you hold me tight.

Then I realized that it was really just a nightmare, and my worst one, because the worst nightmare is always be *losing you.
just a gentle reminder that you might give me a worst nightmare anytime, sweetheart, please dont be so cruel
Sep 2016 · 175
Rb Sep 2016
All the things I saw were in black and white. Very dull, very sad. Then suddenly everything changed one by one, they turned out to be in various of colours. Then I realized, you came.

for you, sweetheart
Aug 2016 · 192
Rb Aug 2016
Just when you thought you could leave,
Your eyes still search for her when you
walk on by her house

Just when you thought you had moved on;
You heart beats faster
at the slightest mention of her name.
Aug 2016 · 1.5k
Loving you is never easy.
Rb Aug 2016
Loving you is never easy
Never easy like it seems
Anger and cries
But we act like we are doing fine.

Loving you is never easy
Never easy like it seems
Most girl use your picture as their lockscreen
Because you are their real dream
That they want it to be reality.

Loving you is never easy
It is so exquisite as it should be

loving you is never easy
As long as you beside me
I will always can handle it.
You are the cure
of the pain of losing you.

I miss you so bad. and the greatest pain of loving somebody is that you afraid of losing them
Aug 2016 · 477
Yin Yang
Rb Aug 2016
I am your yin
You are my yang
and we will forever be.
Aug 2016 · 185
Rb Aug 2016
The clock ticks
and the time passed by
when I am with you
everything seems so fine
Old poem dedicated for you, i miss you bad I miss to be with you all the time
Aug 2016 · 308
Exquisite poem
Rb Aug 2016
my most exquisite poem
is the one
that i write
with my lips
on your skin.

May 2016 · 314
Rb May 2016
I want to walk in the empty streets
at night with you
go on a ride late at night;
we can talk about anything
we can lay down
and talk about the Moon
how the stars cannot shine without darkness

and I could tell you that I love you
I could tell you how you made me
so happy with my life

and how you could be
the best thing,
I have ever had

i love you so much that just the thoughts of losingyou scares me to death
Apr 2016 · 325
Rb Apr 2016
he broke her;
she thought he would colour her life
with various types of colour

she forgot,
black is also a colour

broken hearts that can not be mended
Apr 2016 · 373
Rb Apr 2016
they said if you love someone
never let them go

if you let the best part of you go
would you be able to survive?

if you stop doing things you love
would you be happy?


if you were to let someone you love go
for the sake of their happiness

would you breathe?
would you live?

drown in thoughts of losing someone
Mar 2016 · 629
Rb Mar 2016
All the things we used to do
had become a daily basis-

you should know how sad it is
to miss you now

that a year ago;
I don't even have the chance
to miss you
as I was looking into your eyes
and we were laughing so hard-

I miss you,
I miss you;
I miss you so bad
for you rabiadw
Mar 2016 · 379
Rb Mar 2016
She paint rainbow and blood
in the same piece of paper

that later on turns into
an exquisite portrait;
full of scars

But nobody knows that side of her

Mar 2016 · 240
Rb Mar 2016
If you asked me about love
I don't think I can ever answer

The question you asked before you left
dwindle in my mind

'Do you love me?'
I stay silent for a moment
You left without good-bye
no last words,
no looking back.

My body fails and I am on my knees
With much regrets, I answered-

'I love you more than the saying "I Love You",
I love you more than words can tell'

Mar 2016 · 238
Rb Mar 2016
like the colour of the sky,
the colour of the ocean
that perfect colour portrays
my feelings at the moment
is it possible that ones grieve over nothing?
is it possible that ones feel that extremely sad feelings just because they're afraid
of what the future holds?

Because I am so **** scared.
Not of the past,
nor the present
but the future

Mar 2016 · 172
Rb Mar 2016
he said i am an exquisite portrait
so beautiful yet so colourful
but he did not know i was made up of scars
so pathetic yet so sad

Dec 2015 · 379
Rb Dec 2015
You said you loved me
my imperfections
my red curly hair
And the way I smile at you

But then; after I gave you
my fragile heart
as I believe you to
handle it with care
You simply left without looking back

It has been a year since youleft
But tonight, you are on your knees

But I-
I won't smile at you anymore
I won't trust you anymore
Despite the fact that I still want you
as it was so hard to erase you from my mind

I still love you
but darling
My hands are bleeding poetry tonight

and i cant accept u anymore
Dec 2015 · 257
Rb Dec 2015
Is it my fault that
you're no longer here
by my side?

Is it my fault that
now our love faded away
like an old portrait?

Is it my fault that
we're now acting like strangers
though we really knew each other?

All the pain I felt
Fake smiling without complaining
Why is it my fault
When I am hurt and scarred?

i rly do
Dec 2015 · 293
Rb Dec 2015

I was standing under the exquisite sky
Tending to reminisce
about the memories we made
I smile vividly as if feeling felicity
But deep in my heart
I was feeling deploraly bad
As if there was an ocean of sorrow inside of me

I always hated you for the way
you promised me anything like it was real
I always hated you for the way
you made me believe
I always hated you for the way
You made me love you

Because at the end of the day,
you'll leave me like I was nothing
like we were nothing
And I can't never get over you

how could i?
Dec 2015 · 320
Rb Dec 2015
The sky cries as if to wash
the pain away
11:11, you left me without any mercy
saying it's over like I was nothing

And I'll cry myself to sleep
no one to wipe my tears
when you're already gone
You'd kiss me goodnight everynight
but yesterday you kissed me goodbye

I sat at the corner of my room
with tears streaming down my face;
I made a wish
and you are
my wish

& leaving is not the game
Dec 2015 · 432
Rb Dec 2015
I try to rewrite our story
In a piece of blank paper

Confessing the truth that often cause
physical and mental pain
You said you have a great affection for me
You promised to put a smile on my face
You promised everything

But you gave me nothing except pain
You gave me a journey that has no end
And yet-
today i thought of you
and it hurts so bad to miss
someone so miserably

But darling;

How stupid of me
to believe you'd give a rainbow of happiness
That is just an empty promises
well made and said

you promised me forever
maybe forever never really exist
Dec 2015 · 246
Rb Dec 2015
He has that radiant azure eyes
Everyone said they are pools of lies

His lips is an adept
Seems there is no apocryphal when he orate

When he is around
Her angst will fall to the ground

He fills her days with all his alibi
Until she does not need to watch TV

She agigated for his love
That is atrocious and mysterious

He suddenly left without adieu
And let her feels so blue

Now, she is just a book with no happy ending
Because he is the one who writes everything

Write this one, few months ago because someone ask me to. xo.
Dec 2015 · 746
Rb Dec 2015
And so she wrote about
the most exquisite pain
he caused;
the way he said 'i love you'
the way he kissed her
and then a bit later on,
the way he left with a simple 'sorry'

She wrote about every tears
that has been shed
and yet she wondered,
was it all that easy
was it worth it
was he worth it?

She told the world about him
She turned him into a poetry
And she wrote wholeheartedly
Hoping someone could understand
How cruel he was to break her

But deep inside, she wanted him
to read it out loudly
and finally find his way back to her
and she wanted to hear the phrase
'i love you', once again
but this time-
she wanted him to not tell her a lie

sad thoughts
Dec 2015 · 698
Rb Dec 2015
was longing the feel of being loved
and envy all the lovebirds
at the coffee shop

created bruises
cut on her wrist
and told everyone that
nobody loved her

ever wondered why everyone
has the rainbow
but only her had
the grey clouds

tried to find out
how to be loved

then realized
the first step of being loved
was loving herself first

Dec 2015 · 249
Rb Dec 2015
They said we would never be together
I said we would be together
But not now
Just not now
As our age can't bear the pain
of losing in infinity of darkness

We almost fall in love
But we didn't
As almost is the saddest word
in the universe
And love is just too fragile

x amy
just a message for you
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
Rb Dec 2015
December has arrived
You promised me a million things
You said you'd make me happy
And always be there

December has arrived
you promised to love me even harder
and make me the happiest girl alive

December has arrived
Your promises were undistorted
but I was totally wrong
Those were just lies

As December has arrived;
Mirthless smile was drawn on my face
you promised to fix
the broken pieces of mine,
you left me a little emptier than before

They said december is the happiest month as ppl are enjoying their holidays, but then why is it the saddest month for me?
Dec 2015 · 756
Rb Dec 2015
She is that kind of girl
who burned herself in order
to give others light

She is that kind of girl
who never fails to make
others' laughter shows
although she is bleeding inside

She is that kind of girl
who falls in love
with a guy who alters his mind

She is that kind of girl
who always put a smile
despite the fact that she is fragile

She is the girl
with a million stories untold
but you can't never guess
Because she put a good disguise

midnight thoughts
Dec 2015 · 221
On Rainy Days
Rb Dec 2015
On rainy days,
the scent of reminiscences
remain in the memory of thoughts
forever and always;
your absence is unconditionally felt

Considering the fact that
the aroma of rain mixes with
the pleasant smell of your presence
I turn up the corners of my mouth
to show pleasure amusement
up to the time that I fail to remember
the pain you caused

I was tortured thoroughly
As you walked out of my life
I cry myself to sleep everynight
Hoping to smile as the daylight arrives

And I hate it when the sky cries,
on account of the fact that
it reminds me of you

On rainy days,
I stand still under the unhappy sky
And I hate the provable truth;
I love you so much it hurts.

my fav piece& i hate the society
Dec 2015 · 206
Rb Dec 2015
I was just a blank paper
No one sees me for who I am
No one cares for who I am to be
'till one day you came
and painted the rainbow to my sky

Never without your consent;
I am sketched wholeheartedly
from a blank paper
of undescribable emptiness,
You turned me into a vivid painting

You coloured me passionately
Up to the time that your crayons broke
You were amid the ocean of sorrows
Nothing could inspire you to keep
on painting anymore as you thought;
You ruined the exquisite portrait

But my dear,
How I wish you knew that;
even broken crayons still colour

you are still someone's everything eventhough you thought you failed to keep them happy. At the end of the day, it's all about the one who stays till the very end
Dec 2015 · 208
Be Happy
Rb Dec 2015
Just look forward a better day
be happy
it's the blue sky thinking at its finest

just let the past be the past
outside, the sky is bleeding slowly
toward the dusk

forget everything that would make you sad
Dec 2015 · 246
Rb Dec 2015
I could've wished upon a star
for a little thing called hope
but I know-
hope is a fragile thing
so brittle people could drop it
anytime, anywhere

I thought
Your promises was undistorted
but I was completely wrong
All that ever came out from your mouth were
fake hopes and empty promises

Dec 2014 · 3.8k
If heartbreak
Rb Dec 2014
If heartbreak cannot be healed
Will many people commit suicide on the hill
Because of the pain that they feel?

If heartbreak does not has a cure
Does there any people will be having fun at the seashore
Even during the snow?

If heartbreak does not fade
Even the time is the aid
To heal the pain that you create?
How people will tolerate
The pain that stay remain behind the rib cage?

If heartbreak cannot be avoided
Are people will get paranoid?
Or drown in a flashflood

Of their tears?

— The End —