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Rb Sep 2016
17 days passed by,
I guess that you're completely over me now
When you passed by,
my hands reached out for an embrace
but those eyes were not looking at me anymore–
it gazes deeply into another girl's eyes
I guess she's the one,
the lucky one.

17 months passed by,
but I couldn't seemed to move on
everyday I waited for you to show up at my door
but then the bitter truth stay crystal clear
yet these tears could not change anything.

It has been 7 years,
since the day you bid farewell
but here I am in my room—
taking my coffee as usual;
to fill this emptiness,
to fill this longing of missing you
with another dose of caffeine.

Time has filled me, with words unsaid
Rb Sep 2016
How world would be without hate
how easy will unity can be created?
And how many deaths could be avoided
by the bullets and grenades?

How world would be without humanity
will it be so peaceful as it should be?
with explosions, cries and irrationality
it is *how it should be?
Rb Sep 2016
It was very tragic. We got into a big fight about silly thing. At that moment, I saw you were taking your steps and fading away. I was very lost, lost in a world of darkness and dull. I was trying to get myself out, I felt so weak as half of me was gone and no where to be found. I was shouting out your name, real hard so you could get me out, and you didnt come back. I felt so weak and lost and I got paranoid. I cried so hard then a voice consoled me.

"Sweetheart its okay, I am here, wake up, it is just a nightmare."
and you hold me tight.

Then I realized that it was really just a nightmare, and my worst one, because the worst nightmare is always be *losing you.
just a gentle reminder that you might give me a worst nightmare anytime, sweetheart, please dont be so cruel
Rb Sep 2016
All the things I saw were in black and white. Very dull, very sad. Then suddenly everything changed one by one, they turned out to be in various of colours. Then I realized, you came.

for you, sweetheart
Rb Aug 2016
Just when you thought you could leave,
Your eyes still search for her when you
walk on by her house

Just when you thought you had moved on;
You heart beats faster
at the slightest mention of her name.
Rb Aug 2016
Loving you is never easy
Never easy like it seems
Anger and cries
But we act like we are doing fine.

Loving you is never easy
Never easy like it seems
Most girl use your picture as their lockscreen
Because you are their real dream
That they want it to be reality.

Loving you is never easy
It is so exquisite as it should be

loving you is never easy
As long as you beside me
I will always can handle it.
You are the cure
of the pain of losing you.

I miss you so bad. and the greatest pain of loving somebody is that you afraid of losing them
Rb Aug 2016
I am your yin
You are my yang
and we will forever be.
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