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Misty Eyed Aug 2020
I have lost myself,
Have you seen my soul

Am I in the darkness of night,
With the summer heat?
Am I in the the threads of fabric that
Get tossed in the wash?
Am I in the stretch marks on my skin
Evidence of what my body can do?
Am I in my own reflection,
Deep in the void in my eyes?

Will I feel warmth in my heart again?
Will I feel the flame of passion
Rise up in me again?

Will I ever be whole again?

Misty Eyed May 2018
Take my hand,

Deep breathes and soft lips,
I never thought I’d find a love like this.
With every kiss and quiet moan,
I know I’ve found a love of my own.

Take my whole life too,

I know I’m damaged, this is true.
But you say “show me your scars, I’ll help you through.”
I gave you my heart, and you gave me yours too,
So together we stand, hand in hand.

For I can't help falling in love with you.

Misty Eyed Apr 2018
I feel like a stranger to you,
and you to I.
I can only pray that I will see you again,
with mended hearts and rested heads.
My friend,
I hope this is not the end.

you’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve tried to write a poem about you that fits perfectly, and I never really could. Until now.
Misty Eyed Feb 2018
you are the warmest yellow,
and the coldest blue.

your burnt orange is the blazing fireplace,
in our cozy little home.
your hunter green is the clumps of grass,
that our children's bare feet will touch for the first time.
your pale purple is the dress that I will wear,
on our anniversary date night.
your indigo blue is the 2am,
that I roll over to see your closed eyes next to me.
your maroon red are the blisters on your hands,
when you come home from a long day at work.
your deep grey is the smooth countertops,
that I sit on while you kiss me.
the ash black is the comforter on our bed,
that we lay chest to chest under.

your colors paint our future,
and they are oh so beautiful.

Misty Eyed Feb 2018
Your breaths have turned to
moaning sighs,
your truths to lies,
and your thoughts to outcries.

Why are you so surprised?
After all,
cloudy minds lead to
misty eyes.

Misty Eyed Feb 2018
you still linger
in the air,

and i still care.

Misty Eyed Feb 2018
she has the moon in her eyes,
and the sun in her smile.
she is a walking contradiction,
with no real direction.
unsure of the world around her,
she hides behind clouds and thunderstorms.

she is the lightening and the sunshine,
the night and the day.
she might just let herself slip away.

she has the sun in her smile,
but the moon in her eyes.

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