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Misty Eyed Feb 2018
Your lips,
Your hair,
Your cheeks,
Your eyes,

And your heart is mine,
Forever and always.

Misty Eyed Feb 2018
the stars collect little pieces of you,
they rain down on me,
and glide into the empty space
next to me,
and sing me to sleep with your
steady breaths.

Misty Eyed Jan 2018
some people
are only meant to be
in your life for a
little while.

i hope you are not
one of those people.
i hope
you are in my life
for a very long

Misty Eyed Jan 2018
Alone in my dark room I sit,
as the spiders build their web,
trapping these brick and mortar walls
inside of it.
The wolf lurks outside my window,
his mouth waters as he is peeping in,
just waiting to sink his teeth
into my skin.
Creeping shadows
I mistake for burglars
are at the windows,
every time I pass them.
The wind whispers of danger,
as it hits the house with a running start,
it's murmurs seep through the cracks,
disturbing my fragile heart.
I hear the clash of broken glass
falling to the floor.
Who or what could that have been?
The wolf has broke down the door,
the spiders have made their way in,
and the man with the knife,
has just took my life.

Misty Eyed Jan 2018
I still look for you
at the grocery store.
I still search the cars
at gas stations.
I still hope that we will
bump into each other
at the movies
or in a restaurant.  

I hope,
and I wish,
and I imagine.
I play it over
and over,
again and

But every time
I make it back to my car,
I realize you are still
so far away,
and I will just have to
visit you
in my dreams.

Misty Eyed Jan 2018
It is you I envy.

who holds their hand as you walk
the breakfast isle at the store.

who sees their eyes crinkle up
as they laugh at something they heard
in the next room over.

who walks them to their car
and kisses them goodnight.

who listens to their soft breathing,
as they fall asleep in their arms.

Oh, how I envy you.

i wrote this on 6/23/17. i no longer envy you, because now i have what you have.
Misty Eyed Jan 2018
An ode to the good times.

An ode to the late night giggles
that never seemed to stop,
and the scrambled eggs the next morning.
To the cold hardwood floors in your bedroom
that were decorated with blankets and shoes.
To the cake and ice cream
at every birthday party,
and every grain of sugar that Grandma let us
pour onto our cereal.
To every early morning coffee,
and every late night brownie.

To every note passed back and forth in church,
and every soda,
t-shirt, and piece of jewelry bought at the mall.
To every time we laughed,
and every time we cried.
To every time we sang in your car,
or in mine.
To every time the tv cast a soft glow
on all four walls.

To every time I knew you'd be there.
To every time we hugged,
held hands, or put our head
on each other's shoulders.
To the words that you wrote so neatly
on my 18th birthday card,
"You are my role model."
To all of the good memories,
which are far too many to count.

To every **** time that you said
I love you,
and every **** time that
I said it back.

An ode to the good times,
that are now few and far between.
Times that I'm not sure I'll have,
ever again.

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