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Apr 2018 · 264
my evening
luq Apr 2018
today i decided to look at nature
accept the hot and humid temperature
with my jacket, plain as always
i succumb to the calming melodies
apparitions destroying the futile soil
put to countless decoys
climbing up my sorry deceit

flowing gusts of air fill my lungs with
new inspiration
as the trees thistle and leaves crinkle
i sit down and look at the ants being blown off

there was an awkward moment when
i stood and faced my sins in the face
there i was, stood idle, left to rust

the sun makes my uncomfortable
with a comforter beside me
a bag filled with my incentives

my evening glistens
Sep 2017 · 328
luq Sep 2017
The mountains of glory block the sun's rays
from lighting the aftermath
of a stormy situation
that wreaks the emotions of the weak
Death has taken his toll
and souls of the decapitated roam free
as the earth rumbles and spits fire
while the wind hustles and spins
Engulfing everything in sight,
the nigh apocalypse commenced.

Leaves rustle, trees begin to brittle.
Little by little shall the earth be acquittal.
The end was near,
The end is here.
Jul 2017 · 274
luq Jul 2017
You changed, so drastically
I thought you were a symphony
Of happiness and joy
And friendliness and monstrosity
But now you're different
I understand
That your changing your life one by one
But now i think you don't remember
The broken moments at all
I don't know if you're faking it
But now i think i'm breaking myself by
Tearing these letters
But now i think that you only know me
Through screen.
what went down
Jun 2017 · 265
i retain
luq Jun 2017
i retain the troublesome mind
i retain the honest soul
i destruct joy of all means
yet i find clarity with loathe
my envy as companion
and eyes as witness
to many dangers
and rancid crime
i retain
less wonders as time eludes
no longer clean; i suffice
the horrid horrors
nightmares, terrors
at world's end
shall stop i pretend
as soul is broke
and humanity cracks
luq Jun 2017
if your father smokes
let him be
he's releasing from the tension and stress
but don't forget to let him realise
his ever loving son
gives a **** listen to all his rants
but he still smokes
one puff till the end
'goodbye papa' i say
for i know my lungs are filled
with smoke of decay
i smoke cigarettes too so i'm just a ****** hypocrite
Jun 2017 · 402
luq Jun 2017
i am fathomed by the cold
a slow fatigue by the unknown
i wish i was brave enough
to face the challenges
but i plague myself with my own words
will this be another wasted night?
what will i do when i'm sober?
even a zephyr blows me down
i will now stay idle and stay disenchanted
even if my desire acts like dynamite
my heart will keep wailing for help
but a silent voice is never heard;
and will never be, until expiry.
why am i here again?
Jun 2017 · 203
luq Jun 2017
i never thought it come to this,
all of you; each one of you betrayed me
stabbed my godforsaken back
was it my fault, what did i do?
did i wreck your lives?
did i steal your trust?
did i fake my sincerity?
was all of this fake?
why did you do this to me?
i never thought it would come to this
but all of you talked about me and
i feel the abyss of nothingness
tempting me to dive inside
and now i have no purpose
because you were the only ones i had
and now i shall not trust anyone
what did i do?
i feel
luq Jun 2017
It surpasses the sane mind
to think of actions after death
How stories start and how it ends
Thoughts through tangents of memory
indulges the imagination of the lucid
Our eyes see truths seldom fake to mind
but truths of ours we trust inside
We feel emotions but never of others
because we are true only to self
and not once for foreign type
We lie as well we hide our insecurities
Try to prance around a world of sensibility
But when the raven rests on one's head
it's time for time to end
Until the world restarts
and there'll be nothing to tend.
why do we live when we'll just die in the end?
Jun 2017 · 221
did you die?
Jun 2017 · 544
foreign contaminant
luq Jun 2017
i am of white skin
i am not akin to the norm
an otherworldly experience
i sit by the door;
trembling of omnipotence
and i fall guilty
of the differ
yet i judge them
with a scissor
Jun 2017 · 644
break of dawn
luq Jun 2017
i can see that the sun arose
after the creaking of earth,
light enters my room
after a diligent pose;
and i still wonder if
there is a saviour
for it will only appose
the offended and prideful

avarice we perceive; dissipates  
as light touches earth
as virtue replaces sin
the midnight heroes run to help
the wallowing poverty down beneath
while apathy slowly falls into
a slight daze
the break of dawn fills me with haze
after subuh
May 2017 · 353
ouch and aches
luq May 2017
i don't know what to do,
i have just ended my life,
hope was never here, at home,
i never thought this would've scarred me;
this hard,
ouch that hurt,
you hurt me forever and there is no remedy
to the tragedy you've created,
just leave me alone, let me die,
******* die, with no one to help,
i don't know anymore,
i want to name you, but i can't,
thank you for this plague, nothing worse;
than this.
it's a waste of time apologising. just, let me die.
May 2017 · 706
luq May 2017
I am putrid in all forms
Layers of disgust and angst,
I back out on any occasion; and yet,
I feel enjoyment behind the vex
Nevertheless, it is natural to blame the suspect,
While I blame the victim, whose sin is odious
The foul causalities, abnormalities,
Are part of a play by the master of puppets,
We dance around in the shadow they cast,
It was nice until it lasted, until love evaded,
I became apathetic and prone,
Until I became rotten, behind the phone.
Should I care for you, now that you're heartless? I always thought we could be friends. Where did this go wrong?
May 2017 · 275
luq May 2017
Is there something waiting for me?
Because everybody knows I'm missing,
Each effort, gone and lost,
Until I remember my loneliness,
Wasn't this what I wanted?
I fill myself with regret, every single sip,
As I lay down on a bed,
Agonised and prosaic,
Watching through a screen, white light,
Scrolling down, tears abrupt,
Should I notice the uneventful latter?
Of people that unintentionally empathise,
I, the melting melancholic maniac,
They care and look out for.

A phobia, too frightening and aghast,
I hold in secret locked inside,
A fear of sociality, interaction, discussions,
I decide to bury within.

All I wanted to be was adored,
But my pupils dilate as they appear,
I never think of compassion and love,
I abhor and think it is fake,
It ruins me, every single emotion,
Is that why you decided to discard the past?
So you can forget the meaning of love,
But we are alike and the same,
But you ripped the hope out of my mind,
And I will hate you ever since,
And will pay for the crime of sin.
Thank you for channeling the hate
May 2017 · 197
When Clouds Form
luq May 2017
I never thought the sky could turn red,
I never knew that the wind was never fed,
I cannot see the unseen; nor taste and smell,
I'd be there, I'd see it often too.

The feeling of raindrops on skin,
Drop by drop;
Trickling and prickling my cells,
Washing the stains;
under my shoe,
The lightning and thunder, still makes me wonder,
If there would be a rainbow, right after.

A moment that I'll never see, is myself;
being so secure;
Because I cry like the coming storm,
I wonder why, the birds still fly,
As storm goes abide, the cloud starts to die.

But soon as the plant on my grave;
starts to bloom;
My legacy lives on, as the storm whom brought doom.
I rarely recognise my incoherent behaviour. This is a piece where I realise my putrid self.
Apr 2017 · 240
luq Apr 2017
My eyes, they lie;
an awful lie they tell,
My brain trembles;
by this sinful spell.

My mind, it splits;
bipolarity and depression,
My teeth plaques;
from witty perception.

Let my sight be blinded;
by love whom existed none,
Hell awaites my hollow chasm;
my life pointed by a gun.

— The End —