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Shruti Atri Jul 26
Slowly open yourself
To that blinding pain...

You're scared
Of removing the bandage;
That quick fix of dissociation-
A welcome escape
From your crashed reality.

It terrifies you
That you might bleed out,
Or find something worse;
A festered wound
Incapable of healing...

You've closed your eyes
But the world hasn't fallen away;
The clock still ticks
And you need to heal and move on,
To the next chapter waiting to be read...

Overcome the pain you fear,
Find yourself in your darkness
And breathe--

Open yourself,
To the balm of healing...
Take the time and space you need to heal
Shruti Atri Jul 26
Why don't we have scars
For feeling too deeply?

No broken ribs
No punctured lungs
And yet, not an easy breath...


I want to blink out the stars
And let the blackness fall upon me

To forget this crippling despair
And breathe freely again...
For those who need a reminder: Mental health is important
Prathiksha Jun 2020
Walking down the memory lane,
I remember my good old days,
When I would never go to sleep in the afternoon
And my mother would scare me
To take a nap.
Down the memory lane, I go,
Relishing and living each moment,
When I would wake my parents at 3 in the morning,
And tell them that I was hungry!
Poor mum and dad.
Remembering these little things,
Make me laugh at myself,
When I used to think that
Mount. Everest was in America
And my sister would think that I was insane.
Life is all about memories,
And the moments that you make,
So make life worth living
And don't forget to take
A trip down the memory lane.
Don't forget to press the "PAUSE" button in life.
Mrs Anybody Apr 2020
my eyes
stare into
the void

my mind
is no longer

my body
hurts a bit
with every move

i am just
so exhausted
remember to take breaks folks

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luq Jun 2017
i can see that the sun arose
after the creaking of earth,
light enters my room
after a diligent pose;
and i still wonder if
there is a saviour
for it will only appose
the offended and prideful

avarice we perceive; dissipates  
as light touches earth
as virtue replaces sin
the midnight heroes run to help
the wallowing poverty down beneath
while apathy slowly falls into
a slight daze
the break of dawn fills me with haze
after subuh
Light House Feb 2017
He finally understood why he slept...
He assigned his mind a task, & too much.. had he focused.
...Till the sides faded; till everything tunneled in.
...Till nothing ..outside of his project & vision... made sense.
...Till he walked as a zombie, moving about as if awake,
yet his muscles looked a bit too tense.  So, only deeper...
his soul traveled....  into..  an unreachable ...unconsciousness.

— The End —