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luq Jun 2017
i retain the troublesome mind
i retain the honest soul
i destruct joy of all means
yet i find clarity with loathe
my envy as companion
and eyes as witness
to many dangers
and rancid crime
i retain
less wonders as time eludes
no longer clean; i suffice
the horrid horrors
nightmares, terrors
at world's end
shall stop i pretend
as soul is broke
and humanity cracks
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
Why is that confusing?
Is my poet dying?
A lot of chaos, I'm surrounded
Never believed I will lose hope

I had tutors directing my path
I derailed, and now I'm lost
Searching for a shortcut
To get to the highest mount

The path I chose will show
The reality of hard work
The strain I should bear
Through the forest path
I've been doubting my skills... :(

— The End —