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Mar 11 · 40
Dream within a Dream
Luna Craft Mar 11
I think the most motherly I've seen my Mother is in a dream
One with high stakes and eager fights
Where she stood fearful
Not for herself but for my safety
Grabbing my hand to protect from an eager fist


I wish I could dream those dreams with conscious thoughts
With ambitious hope that I would outweigh herself
Selflessness towards those you bore, like the movies
But I always know when I'm awake
The lines don't blur as much as they did when I was a child
And I am left with a hole
Longing for a state of reality that could never be
Dreaming of dreams
Mar 2021 · 246
Self Talk
Luna Craft Mar 2021
"I am happy because it is all I can be,"

The just becauses' twisting around your tongue as another statistic sticks in your teeth,

"I'm not alone."

Are words coated in the sweetness of pretense, the inevitably suicidal thoughts of a generation give you solace,

"I'm feeling good today"

Words you use to describe the fact you can't play your favorite video game any more, without the guilt of not know if you'll ever go back.

"I'm tired"

And for once the honesty comes out like a sewage leak; there is a harmony of agreeability in your statement, the words both acknowledged and ignored.


To toss and toil you lay your bones and finally close your eyes, thoughts wildly awake but silence envelopes you.
Jul 2019 · 412
Luna Craft Jul 2019
Sometimes I remember the scorn of my family,
Effigies of bloodlines crossed into a tired face.
I remember my mother,
Her vice was appearance-
Not her own but that of others.
Every day was judgment
She’d pick us before we bloomed and left wilted children
Questioned the lack of fruit
Not with self-deprecation but with scorn
How dare we cross the farmer who sowed the seeds and watered the crops?
How dare we look towards the sky for comfort?
When that cold trowel could dig in our necks.

I remember one time my mother asked me if she was the problem
A lie, I’ve heard that question many times
How can you curse a broken human more than she does herself
And somewhere in my head, I justify it
Consider the kindness built on vanity to be kindness nonetheless
Flowers do not need to be alive to be beautiful
They can be so frailed and dried up they become immortal
A crumbling tombstone of decay
And we marvel at them
And I remember that I am a product of my mother
Jul 2019 · 3.6k
I knew a kid
Luna Craft Jul 2019
I knew a kid in highschool
Rather to say I knew him would be an overstatement,
He was a friend of a friend at most,
The boy that sat directly in front of me in my economics class
Second seat from the right, second to last from the back
The corner of the classroom between the whiteboard wall and the windows
I remember that scene like a diagram,
I couldn’t tell you anything I learned from the class but,

I knew a kid in highschool
He was best friends with my childhood best friend
He wasn’t quiet, wasn’t loud- he was a normal highschool boy
I remember the last words I said to him
Well not quite, I remember the vague idea
Something along the lines of it only gets worse
He was talking about the theoretic project where we role played
Each kid acting out as if they were in the real world
He said he was overwhelmed by the amount of work
I told him it only gets worse

I knew a kid in highschool
He killed himself during the weekend
The Monday they announced in I was sick
I was sick
His obituary isn’t up on the internet anymore
Neither is his facebook, he is nothing but a yearbook page
The page to a book I couldn’t afford
He is a memory on bookshelves filled with dust

I knew a kid in highschool but I had to ask a friend to confirm his existence
That I didn’t just make up a daydreamed suicide
I’m so tired of wondering what’s left of us when we die
I spend most of my life running from evidence of my existence
No photos, no yearbooks, nothing with me or my name
I knew a kid in highschool
Oct 2018 · 956
Luna Craft Oct 2018
Last night I dreamt there was a shooting in my town
At my old high school to be specific;
My and my father drove there, just to see if anyone I knew was dead
The officer was oddly cheerful
He smiled as he said just a few words.

"Only four died"

A handful, not even the double digits, such a small amount meant nothing
I asked for a list of the deceased
On it, I saw my own name
I watched as my father cried and the news vans left
This wasn't a big story, these were just a few lives
A few rounds of ammo, another kid turned killer
Another day for no questions and just bodies
This time it just happened to be mine
I may have outgrown my high school but not my fear
I'm in college now.

I know very well that does not make me safe
So as I wake up in another cold sweat I get ready for my day
Remembering Virginia Tech
Trying to remember the names
Not of the killer but of kids like me

Kids that died before their dreams came true
Kids that died when they left school ******
Physically well but no longer safe

And only then do I remember the killer
I want to ask them if they are happy now
What did we do to **** your mind to the point at which you had to **** others?
And they'll respond simply

"Only four died"

They weren't even frontpage news.
Jun 2018 · 220
Luna Craft Jun 2018
I hate odd numbers, to be more exact I fear them
That is not to say it applies to every facet of my life
Three at the end of the day is my favorite number
It's just in every other circumstance that they seem to haunt me
Like my nightmares only occurring when my alarm is set odd
Something caused by one of my benign idiosyncracies
-Nonetheless, I'm faced with odd numbers when I sleep
When I awake
When another family member has chosen the grave as a resting place
When times seem to change unexpectedly
I'm anxious about many things
But all seem minuscule compared to those numbers that follow me
Unbreaking and ration
They belong; I do not
Feb 2018 · 244
Younger Years
Luna Craft Feb 2018
When I was younger I saw stars in everything
But now my mind has turned to cityscapes,
Angular in design
I look up and see only the glimmer of passing planes
Everything has turned into a product of the unattainable
I miss the stars, the past, the memories
But perhaps this city skyline isn't so bad
Feb 2018 · 224
Luna Craft Feb 2018
Cancerous- that's what she called people like me
Sickly cells, mutations of what is natural
Like alcoholism and angry outbreaks, a familial normal
Bloodlines filled with misuse of all that we are given
Haul me down the aisle on ice, toe tag and all
So I can change my name once I die
So I can change.
Nov 2017 · 443
Luna Craft Nov 2017
I wonder if I ever truly loved someone
Or these memories of past fires are fraudulent
Tiny lies so I can talk to my friends about the mundane
Useless drama, useless talks, little excitements
Little spats.
I'm tired of these tiny lies I tell to myself
Nov 2017 · 263
A little whisper
Luna Craft Nov 2017
Let the hushed autumn wind remind me of finality
Dying leaves, remnants of a dead summer
Things will be over soon
This dull hum surrounds me
Reminds me of upcoming change
Change like a spring can only come from the whisper of death
Forgotten times
Memories, not moments
Sep 2017 · 340
Luna Craft Sep 2017
I miss the shallow tides of life
Those childish whispers we had of careers
I swear we all wanted to be doctors at least once
Now it's just student loans and unemployment rates
Bitterness towards aspirations that were once so mystical
They leave a sour taste in my mouth
Aug 2017 · 248
Luna Craft Aug 2017
I'm a lazy perfectionist
I only accept the best but never work for it
Aug 2017 · 359
Luna Craft Aug 2017
There is a heavy insistence from those close to me that I'm better.
That this dip in my improvement is nothing more than temporary.
After all most flowers must wilt before they truly bloom.
But I am bitter, I feel nothing from these roots.
A shadow of years of practice.
I doubt that I am a necromancer and my talent is dying;
If I try to remain on this path I'll die a failure.
Maybe I should go against my goals for money or fame
Something I can grasp that won't pass through my fingers.
Baby steps towards a future I didn't prepare for but one I'll survive.
Jul 2017 · 243
Luna Craft Jul 2017
I'm a very trustworthy liar
Telling truths of a soothsayer, all my future goals
None will come to fruition
Like a dog; all bark and no bite
Jul 2017 · 251
Luna Craft Jul 2017
Have you ever made a mistake and immediately regretted it?
Like all the contents of your stomach start a rampage of protest.
Where words taste like vile and leave the same impact?

Like your not afraid of the response but that moment
It's painful
Even when you're the one holding the knife

I don't talk a lot, I avoid it like the plague
It hurts my senses- I feel the need to over explain
Compensate for empty space

But I spill out nothing good, my lungs are tar
It drags back any word not harsh enough to break free
Like when you lashed out at your parents as a child

The same feeling of regret but also anger like no one understood
A teenage phase that returns in between breaths
And now you've gutted yourself in front of someone you care for

Because no one is pretty on the inside
I showed that I'm nothing more that maggot filled meat
That I am rotten to the core
Jul 2017 · 454
Little Rose
Luna Craft Jul 2017
Oh sweet little Rose, you act as if I hadn't known
For days, for weeks, of your betrayal

The side words of a horror story- he wanted to die
He said the same words to remove layers of clothes
Said those same words to get a track record of assault

That manipulation would finally see justice
Children would be free of adult hands
But you, little Rose, have killed a damning testimony

Returning to a monster, a ******
I knew it would happen- you return to what gives you attention

I want to know when the lies started
You treated him like a bad guy for so long
Were those all words to assure my comfort

Words to make me think it was fine, that my family could sleep
Yet it appears a court order wasn't even enough to do that
The man that haunted my family was 10 feet from my home

And even then I knew
So enjoy the facade of tonight, it will be the last
Jun 2017 · 272
Luna Craft Jun 2017
Everything that lied between us was fiction;
To me I saw Romeo, begged you saw Juliet somewhere in me
Wrong time, wrong tragedy.
Reliable narration has never been a fact of love
I would give myself up to anyone who could find me
Anyone who would notice, listen, care
I couldn't see, so blind
Romeo died long before our tale
I became your nymphet, a toy of a girl
****** was so pitiful, she's the shadow of my soul
And as we uncoil unknown scars awake
I miss your light, I miss your pain
I miss the things you took away
Jun 2017 · 229
Luna Craft Jun 2017
Seeing unknown shadows pass over the window,
Time has become obscure;
If I sleep in here forever, maybe god will send a cure
Something to sooth my soul
Something to give me rest
Make me remember the lines between the living and the dead
So I'll pray, to a god I don't believe in
Say lines that Sunday school made me believe in
Try to find something to believe in
Because my inability to find reality is dragging down my eyelids
Jun 2017 · 247
Luna Craft Jun 2017
As I am embraced by dawns silent approach I remember a time
One which has no thought, no dire grasps for breath

An emptiness which could comfort the dead and sooth the soul
It's tangled waves of a rising sun dance with me

They sing me wordless songs; those of remembrance,
And the bags beneath my eyes sink into shallow graves

It is the time of rest;
Jun 2017 · 184
Luna Craft Jun 2017
"It's the easy way out"

When have I ever said I'm not a coward.
Jun 2017 · 238
Luna Craft Jun 2017
He told the lord to lay her to rubble
Let the ground grow with her blood
And to allow the oh so righteous to grasp her body
For it was mans arrogant belief that she was an object
And when the lord attempted to lay waste
The elder gods arose with passion
And claimed the land beneath the living
Jun 2017 · 253
Luna Craft Jun 2017
Speak to me my abomination, let your words cry out
For I am the creator of whatever self remains
And I am the destroyer of that same dissolved self
So speak to me, softly, those dead words
The same ones I buried, each with a part of me
For you are my monster, my mistake
And I am your memory, a lover coated in dead dreams
Jun 2017 · 427
Luna Craft Jun 2017
A goodnight kiss
Sing me a whispered lullaby
Let moonlight be our only cover
And sink with me into slumber
So brief, let our thoughts fade to one
Until our embrace silences the world
Jun 2017 · 265
Luna Craft Jun 2017
Binocular vision
Let me see double
Let me connect with the unseen
A cause for speculation
Question emotions like a lie

I can't read a dead mans face
Jun 2017 · 458
Luna Craft Jun 2017
God I wish for something more
Empower me until said power sours me
Bitter poison, take a bite
Give me a reason for an extra step
I don't care if the stairs lead me no where
I just need something to climb

I'm not in the position to be wasting others time
You see I am simply a being of habit
Let me run, let me soar
The world can't bind expression
So give me something new
Give me more
Jun 2017 · 326
Luna Craft Jun 2017
A dash of color to express
Phase against a monochrome body
I dress in black
Perhaps out of convenience
Or a sign of financial insecurity
My nails are all that sing
Colors that are oh so bold
So light to the touch
May 2017 · 444
Luna Craft May 2017
My voice is much more hoarse now
Whether from overuse or under-use I can't quite tell
As each word connects, the progression of my voice slowly fades
Like a shouting whisper I return to silence
Breath has become a dire marker in my attitude
Strangely it speaks like that of a slow moving drop despite it all
Calm and quite, as was I, as was the breath
May 2017 · 470
Luna Craft May 2017
Another 'never again' stems from your lips
As I drip
****** nose and feet bound by tired eyes I can't escape
They bind me with a poor mans history
As my body changes its hues
Foundation, layered on so thick
If they ask I'll say it was a love bite-
They'll either get it or they won't
I am just a piece of meat being slowly torn
Please just break the remainder of my flesh
May 2017 · 264
Liver Failure
Luna Craft May 2017
Take a sip
You only need a little more to seep over the edge
A fermented drink, bubbles and fruit
Let a restless sleep take over you

Black out.

Take another glass, take another drink
A little powdered drink made of matter
Dark matter, emptiness just a high purity
Let the alcohol content drive your inability

Inhibited. Like a salted glass.
Your distasteful without a bit of liquor inside you
Breathe too much, too little
The world is never ending


Let the caution of a free drink fade
It's just little powder now
A quicker way to embrace a quick slumber
Sacrifice your body for another sip
May 2017 · 188
Luna Craft May 2017
A lifeless grasp towards the son as I sing in my spiral
A decent; falling
Shattered cliffs and rocks
Let a mountain of earth break my fall
Contemplate and revitalize
Write letters in the air
God will listen in your final embrace
May 2017 · 434
Luna Craft May 2017
Once again I have become self ruinous
I face atrocities made by my own engineer
Lifeless; like a lovers suicide
Just me and my procrastination by me
We leap
Waves become the earth as we slumber six feet down
Like seafoam
Watch as I collapse and fade with the water
May 2017 · 512
Luna Craft May 2017
The most beautiful thing is a star just prior to dying
As a final breath it expels fire
Leaves a trail of future galaxies
It cuts scars upon the universe
A legacy that will remain for a millennia
Stars; they are most human when they die
May 2017 · 786
Growing Pains
Luna Craft May 2017
The cracking pain of a bone
A body far too young rises
It aims to the sky as skin tears
It's time to grow up
See beyond the present
Even if you bones shatter
Growing pains.
May 2017 · 207
Luna Craft May 2017
Starting breath with pain
As the lungs revert back to a nocturnal state
Let it slow, let my air return to the night.
Finally a simple sleep
A hush.
Apr 2017 · 223
Luna Craft Apr 2017
Please come back I miss you
Apr 2017 · 223
Seen Tue 4:34am
Apr 2017 · 622
Luna Craft Apr 2017
Hey Sunshine, please look into my eyes
I'm glad you found someone other then me, please smile
I know things are hard right now, but please don't forget
We'll laugh about it soon.

Sunshine, thank you for being so bright
I knew I couldn't keep your light, please stay alive
I'm sorry I couldn't answer you, I hope you know I'm doing fine
We'll talk about it soon.
Mar 2017 · 197
Luna Craft Mar 2017
God I wish what's left of my breath would entrap you
Mar 2017 · 234
Safe Space
Luna Craft Mar 2017
Non-existent and non-functional; these digital walls are faux
You can't live through upset motions, triggered by disgust
Create something new, something that will not save you
Something that will make you want to save yourself
Mar 2017 · 382
Luna Craft Mar 2017
Come one, come all, see the resurrection of the self-victimizing *****!
See her weave a noose out of others sorrows!
See her cry wolf before a crowd!
See her grasp to the comfort strangers comments can give!
Yes! Come one, come all, see the destruction of the self-victimizing *****!
See her become the leech she is**.
Love you bae but we've been through this.
Mar 2017 · 368
Luna Craft Mar 2017
Go to them,
Tell them everything you love about them,
and if they allow it, grasp to them as if they were life itself
Feb 2017 · 204
Luna Craft Feb 2017
I got plastic surgery the week following the attack
Give or take, I could complain, I've never looked the same
My eyebrows tend to look... furrowed, like the needles weren't used right
Like the needles didn't need to hurt
Ask me what is pain and I'll tell you it is the removal of a lie
That's it- nothing of negative consequence, simply an unavoidable thing.
They make consequence too complex, over analyze little words until it spells out a disorder.
Treat nonexistence like a nightmare as if anyone would care if you disappeared.
Treat the world like a tragedy, tell yourself that you lied again and you should just die, try to gouge out your eyes before awaking and repeating
Yet why is it wrong to feel self deprecating thoughts
Feb 2017 · 222
Luna Craft Feb 2017
You dragged my corpse through countless sheets
Watched your image projected through my eyes
You took silence as an answer
Practiced vivisection with my thighs
You let shadows over take you, told god you were done
Then continued a cycle that filled a quiet morgue
You watched bodies spill from constant torment
Let a virus loose inside them
You killed all those within your grasp
Feb 2017 · 684
A Cure to Cyanide
Luna Craft Feb 2017
Re-oxygenate my body
Push air throughout my lungs
Poison the rest of my body, let it soak in my vessels
Break my crumbling bones
Please, understand my needs
There is no cure for cyanide
Let my blood boil;
Allow me to sink into the floor
Let your breath be my last
Jan 2017 · 188
Luna Craft Jan 2017
Our ignorance is something even gods cannot forgive
Jan 2017 · 215
Luna Craft Jan 2017
I enjoy the fact that yelling racist slurs is freedom but worshiping a god you believe in is a terrorist activity
Jan 2017 · 206
Luna Craft Jan 2017
You changed yourself to become someone everyone else but you would love
Jan 2017 · 208
Luna Craft Jan 2017
Stop comparing yourself to a flower if you don't want to wilt
Jan 2017 · 212
Jane Doe
Luna Craft Jan 2017
Say no more words, just softly fall asleep
Rain will wash the blood away, you'll finally be porcelain
You'll finally be what you were born to be
Statues always live on in history, these blood stained dolls lost memories
Never to be named, a stone with no dog tags
Jan 2017 · 211
New Year
Luna Craft Jan 2017
With each tick on the clock we near the end of the year; of this moment; of our futures
This timeless state between a number and that which follows
A new year
A new chance to breathe
Something either nostalgic or entirely new is approaching
It all starts and ends at midnight; but this is not a fairy tail
It is a time of reality where things feel unimaginable
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