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 Jan 2016 Jessica Leigh
Move. On.
I've heard that a million times
I know they're right
I know I have to forget
those ridiculous 1AM flirts
those long and deep stories
Or should I say..secrets ?
those sweet and comforting words

I'm moving on. honestly
I keep living my life
And smiling even when
I feel like I'm breaking

to *completely
move on?
**It's not that easy
It really is not.
We used to make paper planes
as flimsy as our confidence.
Nothing ever flew the same,
smothered by the thawing sky.
We counted the seconds
until rain ate their bodies,

Too afraid to go outside,
mom and dad are gone.
Hovering hips beside
the holes in our walls.
Staring out the window
as foggy breath falls.

Seaweed salad and water
before we sleep.
Thinking about
if the paper graves
are as deep  
as the cheap cliches
in our head.
 Mar 2015 Jessica Leigh
addy r
 Mar 2015 Jessica Leigh
addy r
i haven't written in forever, and it's not because I don't remember how, but because it pains me to think of you.
you - a spoke on my wheel of life, threatening to break on some days and permanently attached on other days
you - a fire burning, relying on the splinters you tear off from my love
you - evanescent, quaking, waiting for me to change pace
you - a pair of goggles sinking to the bottom of a pool because you are passing out of sight
you - that empty medicine cabinet I open at midnight to find that I've finished every last anti-depressant and the only thing left is my sadness staring me in the face.
raw and breaking
 Feb 2015 Jessica Leigh
High school:
one minute you're gay,
one minute you're straight.
I've been hearing a lot of rumors about my sexuality drifting through my school. Thought that I had about it.

 Jan 2015 Jessica Leigh
Gunshots and poems
is what I dream
as the press into
hearts and pages
of sad lonely
notebooks and people
that just need a
word or a wound
to feel complete
one last time

I dream of
church bells and screams
that drown each other out
as their finest moments
in wailing agony and
peaceful chimes to
let us know that
everything could
change in the
blinking of an eye

Thunderclaps and steak knifes
fill the nightmares
that I dream
creating death-filled settings
full of evil laughs and
clowns to haunt
everything we could
ever want to
ever be

I dream of
the future full
of me and you
with smiles and
giggles of tickle
fights and cheek
kisses galore and
sparkles in two peoples'
eyes of nothing but
pure happiness
 Jan 2015 Jessica Leigh
I tried to smudge your name out of the
playbill of my life, but I couldn't. Somehow,
I'd convinced everyone around me, and even myself,
at some points, that you were nothing but a mere what-if

in my life of absolutes, and I didn't miss you.
Of course, day in and day out, words and lines for unwritten poems
would submerge my thoughts deep in murky, unfiltered tubs of
darkness, and I'd find myself haunted by your existence.

I tried to get over you, but I'm a poet, and the fact
of the matter is that poets don't get over much of anything. So
I'm sorry for this facade that I've so grudgingly constructed,
but I've never been too good at saying goodbye...

..or sorry, for that matter.
NaPoWriMo #1
 Sep 2014 Jessica Leigh
 Sep 2014 Jessica Leigh
Wether it's a peck
Or a long make out session
Under the stars
They all feel the same:
Every time my lips touch any
Part of your body I feel as if I have melted
Into your skin and am pouring into your pores.
I am traveling though your blood stream
Surfing on top of your blood cells and I am
Trying to seep into your heart
To be purified by the beauty and love
That is being made inside of you.

I love kissing you because every time I do,
You reassure me that there is a heaven
Wether it be on your lips or in
The stars.
I love youuuu
 Jul 2014 Jessica Leigh
You can't touch your toes
Or lick your nose.
But you're body still amazes me.
 Jul 2014 Jessica Leigh
you were so beautiful to me.
the curve of your lips
haunts the blink of my eyes.
and the way your fingers ran across my chest
creeks into my memory
at 4:43 am.
and the way you loved me.
it was so beautiful to me.
You are
the ink,
the page,
the poem.
"Surely you must've known, it was all for you." -Pride and Prejudice
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