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Belinda Aug 2019
feels scary
trying to picture
the future

what else is scary?
walking down
the memory lane

reconnect to the past
making sure
all the hurts
are healed

to be brave
to see
'us' as a possibility
Belinda May 2019
like you're
just a supporting cast

when you're
the main character

get up
dress up
change the world
Belinda May 2019
She is the sunshine
Between the mountains

She is the calm
Before the storm

She is the cloud
On a rainy day

She is the dream
in your reality

She is
who she is

and not
everyone understands
Belinda Jan 2018
One footstep at a time
I think I’m getting closer
to where I belong
Is this it?

I just saw the most beautiful garden
Can I stay here?
I know I want to

When people ask me
Why don’t you just pick the flower and go
I said, for what?
It’ll be dead in the next few days

I love this place
I want to see those flowers grow
Stand tall

Little did I know
Turns out the garden is mine
It’s a gift
From above
Belinda Jan 2018
i l o v e y o u
because it’s you.
Belinda Nov 2017
Dear Love,
I hope
you will
catch me

Love always,
Your Mrs.
Belinda Apr 2017
Heart pops
Tear drops
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