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Faith Sep 2018
you fly with broad shoulders
stuff your mouth full of Wonder Bread
and call yourself a saint
strum a note and make it
discord - breath swirls like wind

2. look deep into the cracks of your skin -
could you please stop calling me that!
if anything could phase you
it would have to be a plane,
only they can cut through clouds.

3. my first collector edition model
placed on a desk near my window
i see birds flying through your hair outside.
you picked one up and
tossed it in the river

4. do you find it easier to steal from a child
or do you think adults fall harder under
pressures you put onto others?
either way, a hurricane is coming
and we all hope you are being safe
Faith Aug 2018
flecks of sugar could be
found in your taste buds
as I search them with my
tongue, you begin to open
Faith Aug 2018
I guess I could've
stopped the end of the world -
left in rotting and
tumbling into cheeto dust,
licking the residue off my fingers.

but I didn't want to
I flicked my tongue and
pieced the shapes back together,
destroying my own form
in the process

it was worth it
because I knew that
the butterflies would fly again,
you see
Faith Jun 2015
My true love has my heart in his hand, mine.
Faith Jun 2015
Singing to myself,
rain thuds on my roof.
All by myself,
I get lonely at night.

I can only imagine
your soft touch,
or even inhale
the scent of your hair.

The biggest mistake I ever made
was accepting the hatred you had for me.
Whenever I should have taken your hands,
I cut off my own.
Faith Jun 2015
Loose strands of hair fall over his thigh.
It's not a metaphor.
I am giving myself to a guy I love.
Tell me it's okay.
I'm hoping to fall into more than just your lap.

Rolling hips and bruised lips.
Have I been before?
Dignity seemed to be more of a factor then.
Maybe if I drown myself in hatred,
I'll look more lovely.

I'm only begging for you back;
the way I'm doing it is necessary.
You loved me once,
so what's the difference now?

Don't be blind, my love.
It's so obvious that she can't
love you like I do.
Faith Dec 2014
It is not supposed to be like this.
The tears,
they're supposed to disappear.
And I told myself
it would not end up like this again.
I promised myself that I would not let it get this bad.

This is all wrong,
and I can not bring myself to tear away from your gaze.
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