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Zavid Mar 2016
She is laughed at
As they grab away
Pinching at skin
And tearing at clothes
But no one will stop it
Because no one can see
The warrior she's meant to be

She cries when they don't stop
And just leave her alone
But alone she always was
For friends she had none
Because no one can see
The warrior she's meant to be

In a world full of love
She was the one hated
No one ever said hello
As they were to busy saying goodbye
Because no one ever saw
The warrior she was meant to be
Zavid Mar 2016
sleep fears me
this is why i can't find it
hiding and taunting me
with hopes of having a dream
but with satisfaction of knowing i won't
it whispers to me that i am tired
yet it will never come
to put me out of my misery
Zavid Mar 2016
From the teen that died in a car crash
To the solider who died in a violent flash
From the drag a depressed teen takes
To the suicide decision a loved one makes
These are my people

From the mirror a beautiful model sees
To the honey of the sweet bees
From the trees in the wind
To the way aluminium bends
This is my world

To the stock market crashing
To political parties bashing
From taxes full of hate
To a presidential debate
These are my politics

From breakfast in the early morning
To a funeral full of mourning
From the way I sing my sad song
To the night for it is long
This is my life

From the people
To the world
From the politics
To my life
This is my religion
This is just a way I see religion and I do not wish to offend anyone. I believe that everything around us control religion because, for a decent sized group, religion controls how they act and such.
Zavid Feb 2016
A red orange blossom, on a tree it grows
Over my head as the wind blows
The sweet less scent, being carried away
The last cold of the year, beings to fray.
Zavid Feb 2016
Frost bites at an empty hand
Snow covers and empty land
Hats cover hairless heads
Tombstones cover the freshly dead
Familiar faces wear stranger's smiles
I've been lost for many miles
My old home forever lost
A new one found, but at what cost?
Zavid Apr 2015
an aglet bouncing
to an unheard beat
those fingers tapping
on her phone
a baggy shirt
flapping in the wind
hair everywhere
following her head
she is dancing
like no one can see her
Zavid Apr 2015
nothing hurts more
than my lover's dying wish
of putting together the puzzle

death is only the beginning

a baby's crying
is the happiest moment
to see that new life

birth ended it all

her mother is gone
she has her eyes
to remind me everyday

life laughs at me
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