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If lies could  **** I'd be long dead by now.
My heart was found guilty
Of witchcraft by my brain
He dragged her and beat her
Spewed his hatred for her
Tied her to a wooden stake

My brain couldn't comprehend
The magic of my heart
Why she never wavered
How she always loved
He started this persecution
Because he couldn't understand

I always felt her growing
Beautifully and powerfully
With every beat she won me over
All I did was want to protect her
But my brain called it heresy

My punishment was to watch
As he burned her alive
I heard the shrieks of hope die
The smell of her love stung
My nostrils and it haunts me still

I walk around pretending
As if nothing had ever happened
My brain condemned me to live
This life without my heart
Without the love and only
With the memory of that night

Every day I burn like she did
As every day I hate like he did
I was unable to convince him
That she just wanted to love
But my brain was too afraid
Of the powers of my heart
Shared on Hello Poetry on February 1, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved

Blah blah blah
Spark Me! Match my flame
Be warned when we burn up I will remain
Scars create patterns unique the stain
Suffering from pleasure transforming pain
Spontaneously combust exposing trust
Create a new definition of touch
All fantasies we can discuss
Tickle imagination till you gush
Harmonize sing ride emotional swing
Sparked no limit to what I bring
Bell goes ding watch me do my thing
Take flight fly high without wings
Extend beyond flesh personalities mesh
Pass every test with answers I am blessed
Been on many quests battled to the next
Phoenix heart explodes from my chest
Spark me! Don't get burned by ego's fire
Start with tongue..taste lips..vocal tone you admire
Stoke my flames..soul's dance in pyre
Set mark provide spark lets take it higher..
Poetry by M.A.N 12-16-15
Will you love me when I'm 80
When I walk and talk real slow?
Will you love my wrinkles
If I let them show?
Will you hold me every night
And kiss me in the morning light?
And when I see my last sunrise
Will you hold me when I die?
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
Bria Grimm
You were the last act,
Now trailing in the wings
You're a carcass
Confined in my hot car

You are all the pain
I now choose to ignore

All you need,
All you need,
Take a look inside yourself
Strip away the seems.

You are a black cloth
Who wants to engross my light
You're just a dog
Weeping in the night.

You only stuck with me
Because you had no others.

All you need,
All you need,
Take a look inside yourself
Strip away the seems.

You're all wrong, but it's alright.
You're all wrong, but I'm alright.
Inspired, of course, but the lovely Radiohead's track "All I Need".
This is "our song" rewritten and now given true meaning. Enjoy.
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
i've heard that love is blind
is that why i see you
everytime i close
my eyes?
short one today.
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
I could write poems
on your neck
and along your chest
with my lips

I could scratch poems
into your back,

I want to breathe
my poems into you.
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
Lizzy Love
Heart swelling with warmth,
a sign of true growth.
Each breath sweeter than the last,
for the past is now the past.

Thoughts never sour,
for I have the power.
Positivity , love, peacefulness...
I shall never regress.
© Lizzy Collins
 Dec 2015 kayy katrice
there will only be two things that will happen to you:

either you end up in my poems of heartbreak, remorse, and sadness,
you end up beside me with my hand in yours.
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